Hayden, Burnett among those unable to practice today


Cornerback DJ Hayden and linebacker Kevin Burnett were among the players unable to practice for the Raiders on Monday, though coach Dennis Allen managed to get all 90 of his players to attend the voluntary session.
Hayden and Burnett are nursing ankle injuries, Allen said. Both were on the field Monday, but neither participated in any of the full-team drills. Hayden’s right foot is in a protective boot.
Second-year running back Latavius Murray, guard Lucas Nix and defensive lineman Anthony Smith were the only other players unable to practice.
Burnett is a returning starter and a well-experienced veteran, so his absence from practice isn’t viewed as a big concern.
Hayden, however, is competing for a starting spot this season for the first time, so he can’t afford to miss much time.
Hayden missed almost all of the offseason workouts last season, and he was limited for part of training camp, while he recovered from a surgery to repair a ruptured vein that he suffered in his final collegiate season.
Hayden talked last week about how much stronger he feels and how his confidence is much higher this year as a result of being healthy enough to practice on a regular basis.
Allen said Hayden rolled his ankle during practice last week. The injury doesn’t appear serious enough to keep Hayden out of practice for very long.


Steve Corkran

  • Rico Stifler

    The fact that you didn’t know that shows how stupid you are.

  • Back-N-Black

    I hope the NFL forces Raiders to do Hard Knocks… this board would be insane!!!

  • SilverandBlack666

    LOL yeah injuries do happen so McFadden is normal and we should not be worried he will play all 16 games?

  • nolimits3333

    The Raiders are too boring for that.
    Pick the Pats. They had a tight end that murdered three people.

  • SilverandBlack666

    No you are just angry and Schaub’s man juice is acidic and giving you heart burn.

  • ZBS relies on PA fakes on those stretch plays.
    Will be interesting if he is effective at it in a new offense.

  • SilverandBlack666

    Very cool pre-school styled response…..I am not….you are!!!!

  • Back-N-Black

    Press conferences beginning on Raiders.com

  • Rico Stifler

    I could care less about what you think.

  • SilverandBlack666

    But DJ Hayden put on muscle and got hurt (oh yeah he is a Reggie guy)

  • SilverandBlack666

    Then why do you reply to all of my posts?

  • Rico Stifler

    You are just an sad angry lil man who can’t tell his a$$ from a hat….

  • Steve Corkran ‏@CorkOnTheNFL 57s

    As expected, #Raiders projected offensive line starters are Donald Penn, Khalif Barnes, Stefen Wisniewski, Austin Howard & Menelik Watson.

    Good for Menelik.
    No Jackson yet, I think he is plan B if Watson isn’t ready, to slide over Howard to RT

  • Rico Stifler

    I still expect us to be a run-first offense to set up the PA.

  • JLofty

    No, injuries in sports esp. football at all levels is normal. Getting bent over a sprained ankle is seriously lame. Grab a coffee and take a peek at the calendar (hint early June). Football won’t be played in anger for fully 3 months. A quarter of the year….
    If he’s hurt by October THEN I’ll get pissed….

  • Rico Stifler

    Cuz I am bored right now and you’re an easy target….

  • JerryMcDonalds#1Fan

    Khalif starting at LG over Kevin & Gabe?

  • BigBenRexor

    New Toilet, Same old $h!t

  • SilverandBlack666

    I don’t wear hats. If I was unhappy I would take more vitamin B

    Who told you I was small…..it was cold outside dammit!

  • Rico Stifler

    Just like Costanza?

  • SilverandBlack666


    McFadden “Injured every year”

    Jacoby Ford “Injured every year”

    Chaz Schilens “Injured every year”

    DJ Hayden about to be put in that category is all we are saying. No one is getting twisted about it just pointing out the facts.

  • marks hair

    new post

  • SlvrnBlck478

    Dj Hayden just rolled his ankle.

  • SilverandBlack666

    I don’t know who that is sorry. I was trying to make a joke

  • Boothe is our backup Center, IMO.

  • Rico Stifler

    George Costanza from Seinfeld. It’s a famous episode where a friend of his GF walks in on him after he was in the pool. His GF breaks up with him after that.

  • SilverandBlack666

    I am easy like Sunday Morning

  • SilverandBlack666

    okay that sounds funny as hell. I never watched Seinfeld I heard it was pretty funny.

  • SilverandBlack666

    ..and I just rolled a joint!

  • willy91137

    Jacoby Ford is a jet he is not on the Raiders anymore

  • willy91137

    Good for you

  • Twinkie defense

    Good lord Hayden. This guy is cursed.

  • R8drTahoe in SF

    JV wasn’t exactly “let go”… he was signed by another team because he wanted more money to sign with the Raiders. I strongly doubt that this had anything to do with his injury history (or lack thereof) and had more to do with his level of play being average.

  • People in here think he is Fine China….

  • Lawrence Jahn

    Yes, he can play Center but he is more of a Guard, always has been for us initially and for the Giants, He can probably play any spot on the line.

  • ComptonRaider

    D.J you are god awful during press conferences. Hope your play is better than your speeches.

  • DJ Johnny

    Minus the 5 straight 90+ rating seasons, 2 pro bowl’s, and playoff victory of course.

  • Blackholepriest

    Wasn’t hired to give speeches. When will you people learn these kids come from every walk of life. They didn’t major in English nor are the most of them have any desire to be great orators. They want to play football which does not require special command of the Kings language.

    It’s football not a board room……

  • Blackholepriest

    Not that there’s anything wrong with the being well spoken but if you’ve ever spent any amount of time around pro athletes. They’re rarely well spoken. Coaches included.

  • Howard Benner

    Murrray’s ankle injury worries me; is this on his surgically repaired ankle?!

  • turf toe

    Hayden hurt his ankle bending down to rub his scar which in turn opened up when he fell on his shoulder which aggravated his right rotator cuff and he screamed so loud he tore his vocal cords.