Raiders work on stamping out bullying, hazing


The NFL kicked off a campaign today designed to promote better working conditions among for its 32 teams. Representatives from the NFL will meet with the Raiders later this month.
By the time the NFL contingent arrives in Alameda, Raiders coach Dennis Allen said it will be evident that he already is doing his part to help stamp out things such as hazing and bullying
“There’s been some things that we’ve done to address (bullying),” Allen said. “That was one of the first things that we talked about when we got this group together.
Allen said that he has been vigilant about creating a safe and comfortable working environment since he joined the Raiders in 2012.
To that end, Allen said he banned the kind of hazing practices deemed humiliating, especially during training camp.
“We really limited the rookie hazing as part of our culture and the way that we do things,” Allen said. “I don’t believe in that.”
The Miami Dolphins in particular and the league in general came under a ton of scrutiny last season when former Dolphins offensive tackle Jonathan Martin – he now is a member of the 49ers — walked away from the team after he felt as if he had been bullied non-stop by teammate Richie Incognito.
The Raiders haven’t had any reported issues with bullying or outside-the-lines behavior during Allen’s and general manager Reggie McKenzie’s tenure.
“We’ll continue to monitor that locker room on a daily basis,” Allen said. “That’s a never-ending process. But the thing is, … you want people to be comfortable in their work environment because you want to be able to hold people accountable for doing their jobs.”


Steve Corkran

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    lst as usual.

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    For once I agree with Dennis Allen. Hazing is stupid. It doesn’t help the team.

  • dB

    Every off season I would hear about some new idiot on the Raiders squad getting arrested for DUI, gun charges, drugs, something stupid….unless I missed something, I haven’t heard squat since Reggie took charge, and if there was someone involved in that sort of nonsense, they’re gone. Love it.