Raiders add three free agents


Wide receivers David Gilreath and RashaanVaughn, along with kicker/punter Michael Palardy, were signed by the Raiders Thursday.

Gilreath (5-foot-9, 170 pounds) originally signed with Indianapolis as an undrafted free agent out of Wisconsin and in 2011 set Big Ten records for kickoff returns (135) and kickoff return yards (3,025). He has also had camp stops with Tampa Bay, Buffalo and St. Louis.

Vaughn, an Oakland native who played at Washington High in Fremont, College of San Mateo and at Oregon, was signed as an undrafted free agent by the Jets last season and eventually added to their practice squad.

Palardy, undrafted out of Tennessee, was 37 of 50 for his career on field goal attempts and averaged 42.9 yards on 117 punts in four seasons.

To make room on the roster, the Raiders waived San Jose State wide receiver Noel Grigsby, Stanford punter Daniel Zychlinski, and wide receiver Jared Green.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

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    Great article. Thanks for posting the link.
    Madden is one of a kind. I always hoped that someone would write a really fair but thorough biography of Al Davis, one which covers his professional life and personal life. Madden is probably the one person who is key to being able to discuss Al the man and Al the football mind and IF there is anyone out there who is researching/writing about Al, I hope they have interviewed Madden extensively.

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    Your point?

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    Too bad no one will read it…

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    I know.

    And just think how folks tripped because I wanted to trade him for a 2nd rd pick or just let him walk outright.

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    Good writing. How did this get on Bleacher Report? Madden is such a great guy

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    Detroit Lions CB Chris Houston just hit the free agent market. Lions took a a huge dead money hit so that they could sign first round pick Ebron. Reggie has $9 million in his pants pockets. Go after Houston??

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