Live chat: Inside the Oakland Raiders, Wednesday at noon


Steve Corkran will answer your questions and provide insight on the Raiders during a live chat Wednesday at noon PDT.


Jon Becker

  • IVRaider

    You are right. He threw a TD with 3 minutes left to win the game. but in Oakland, if he had 4 picks and 0 TDs with 3 minutes left, we would be down by 20+ and everyone would say he was just padding his stats.

  • I heard that!!

  • PlunkforHOF

    Still not showing up for me. refreshing like 6 times

  • 2romes

    I watched it a few times. It’s a pretty good show. I am just not a regular viewer.

  • 2romes

    Nice analogy.

  • 1960AutumnWind

    Wasn’t Flynn like in at 32 last year?

  • mikeschoice

    Oakland High product!

  • Twinkle

    There is a rumor circulating that JFB is a closet Raider fan but you know the rumor mill…….woot!

  • Twinkle

    I rang …….woot! Dude 4 and 12 is our middle name……get over it! We are all here cuz we love this team and our off season is one of enduring hope and we are not stupid enough to believe we are going to a SB anytime soon but a few little steps in that direction is a massive improvement on what we are used to.You are young ….don’t sweat the small stuff after all you could be a Browns fan.

  • Twinkle

    Look I agree but when it comes to roster moves we can all just cross our fingers and hope.This is the best time of the season for us when hope springs eternal and is not clouded by the realities of getting our behinds kicked by all and sundry.Enjoy it.

  • Twinkle

    I’ve found that putting the bottle down and grabbing some sleep helps in that regard …….just kidding.

  • _Mista_

    Stay on topic Pedro this is a Raiders blog.

  • SnBG

    Didn’t Reg propose that deal so yes he would do that. Have a little more coffee this morning. It will get your thoughts straightened out.

  • Que

    Im here The Real season about to start and I can’t wait to read peoples thoughts today. Am I the only one who saw the title ” Janikowski admits trust issues with king” Dude shut up and kick the damm ball. Your a kicker and you’ve had a nice comfortable career with the raiders. He missed some very important kicks the last few years and last year after getting his Reward contract for someone we are supposed to be able to trust and be dependable. He miss some kicks. And at first like many on here I thought ahh damm his security blanket shanes not there but damm dude. when the showed the replay of those missed field goals. It was Jano! Shut up and make the field goals dude! We all have to work with someone close that we aren’t close with yet but we do the damm job!

  • mufti kifayatullah

    The Raiders need an offensive line to protect our quarterback. Go and spend some money on defense.Listen Mark Davis. Put the word out, if you want to make this ball club you’d better come prepared to”fight!! for a position. And I mean physically fight.The Raiders need to get lean, green, hungry, and mean.Hit them in the mouth from the very start and get after people. Intimidate your opponent open up a can of pure whip!@#$*!!.And play a full 60 minutes of football from start to finish. If this coach has a losing season, go and get, Coach Jon Gruden.