Training camp looms on horizon


Summer vacation is nearing an end for the Raiders, which means it’s time to get up to speed on what to expect in the coming days.
The Raiders report to training camp in nine days, though they don’t practice for the first time until July 25. The first two days will be spent checking in at the Napa Valley Marriott, getting acclimated and meeting with coaches before the whistle blows to signify the start of on-field work.
The Raiders won’t be in Napa long, however. They break camp Aug. 11, three days after their exhibition opener against the Minnesota Vikings and the day before they head to Oxnard for two days of joint practices with the Dallas Cowboys.
The Raiders return to Alameda on July 17, where they will resume practice in the run up to the start of the regular season. Of note, all the Raiders practices in Napa this year are from 3 p.m.-5:40. In the past, the Raiders practiced in the morning most days.
Therefore, most of the news will come in the early afternoon and into the evening. Jerry McDonald and I will be on hand to chronicle the events, be it on Twitter, Instagram, Tout, the blog or in the paper.
The Raiders are expected to have all of the 90 players on their roster on the field the first day of practice. Cornerback D.J. Hayden and defensive tackle Antonio Smith are the lone question marks.


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    Not my top 5… Just the messenger. Penn, Schaub, and MJD curious choices while leaving off Brown, Tuck, and Jones? I guess Penn was better than I thought… LOL

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    Man I hate those sites with a list of something where you have to click to get to each item.

    Anyway yeah I would go with Tuck, Brown, Schaub, Woodley, Mack (taking just this year into account)

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    James Garner great Raiders fan. RIP Mr. Garner.

  • Man I hate those sites with a list of something where you have to click to get to each item.
    Me too. When on the work laptop I usually get through about 2 or 3 before the next when is blocked.

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    This time of the year blows if you don’t like baseball. The “news” around the NFL right now is so lame. Yes, I’m in withdrawal.

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    When the Raiders do very well this year some of you folks will have to bow to the alter of SnBG for forgiveness for slandering Reg, DA and a host of players.

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    Vegas, I think I remember reading that you got “NFL rewind” before. If so, would you recommend it and how long before you get to watch the game after it takes place?

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  • Never had it. Always buy Sunday Ticket, not sure if it included with that or not.

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    #Raiders Sebastian Janikowski says “trust issue” improving with Marquette King


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    Have you garnered enough votes to get the public funding for the shiny new Raiders stadium in Oakland yet JFB?

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    Maybe Seabass and King need to go golfing in Napa together.

  • Have you greased the politicians enough to not allow it to vote so they can keep the pet projects that got them elected in tow?

  • I will be the first one to say “You were right and I was wrong” if we can win more than 6 games with Schaub at QB.

  • Scroll down I posted some pics of Garner with some Raider players.

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  • I just hope the people get a say, one way or another.

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