Carr saying, doing all right things as first training camp nears

Raiders rookie quarterback Derek Carr makes no pretense about where he stands on the depth chart as he embarks upon his first training camp.
“I’m starting to learn how to be a NFL quarterback and those things,” Carr said a few minutes after he reported to training camp in Napa on Wednesday, “but I still got a long way to go. So, I’m going to rely on my coaches and the team to help me get through my first camp.”
The Raiders selected Carr in the second round of the NFL draft in May. He is projected as the primary backup to Matt Schaub, with Matt McGloin and veteran Trent Edwards also in the mix.
Coach Dennis Allen and general manager Reggie McKenzie said during the offseason that they envision Schaub being the starter for this year and beyond. Yet, it’s no secret that they’re also high on Carr as the long-term answer at a position that has been in flux since Rich Gannon retired.
Even so, Carr isn’t getting too far ahead of himself for now. He is saying and doing all the right things, falling in line the way veterans expect from an unproven player.
“Hopefully Matt (Schaub) doesn’t get too annoyed at me for asking too many questions,” Carr said, “because I’m going to ask even more now. I’m going to try and pick his brain as much as I can.”
At some point, Carr will get an opportunity to use what he learns in a regular-season game.
There are those who wouldn’t be surprised to see Carr replace Schaub at some point this season, though that’s unlikely if Schaub reverts to the form he displayed with the Houston Texans prior to the 2013 season, when Schaub struggled.
Last season, Matt Flynn arrived at training camp as the presumptive starter. Third-year player Terrelle Pryor beat out Flynn for the starting job based on a strong training camp.
For now, Carr said, he’s just concerned with “rookie questions” such as, “Where do I park when I get here?”


Steve Corkran

  • Purvisman/Eternal Optimist

    I think it’s Gumby. He’s pretty slow.

  • seymour bush

    New post zeros, losers and shut ins.

  • Blackholepriest


    Only every Oline in the league could boast such #’s

    I thought you meant truly bigger than most. That’s average………period

  • This is where you and I agree. I like McGloin and I bet we see him this year.

  • 5.5 is the over under

  • mikeschoice

    impressive was the words and we need him starting was said=pacifier till housecleaning and we could get an interior (line) which pryor doesn’t use anyways

  • friendship220

    McGloin sucked – they kept him. He went 1-5 with losses to 3 teams that didn’t make the playoffs. Pryor beat one playoff team and lost one game to a team that didn’t make the playoffs. What playoff teams was Pryor supposed to beat? If the Raiders go 7-9 this year, they’re on the pace that Pryor set. If they fall behind that, whatever QB is losing to non-playoff teams is doing worse than Pryor.

  • friendship220

    McGloin played the easy part of schedule and lost. Lets see how Schaub does. If he loses to non-playoff teams, he’s worse than Pryor, and the Raiders were stupid to get rid of Pryor, who did win a game over a playoff team.

  • friendship220

    The oline and the defense are improved. With the oline and the defense worse last year, Pryor had the number of wins as teams he played that didn’t make the playoffs. That’s the benchmark for improvement. A 7-9 record is the same as Pryor did last year, with a worse oline and defense.

  • friendship220

    The Raiders oline got bigger in the offseason. If the Raiders oline isn’t big this year, it was too small last year. I think that the Raiders do have a line on the big, heavy, road grader side, and that line should be able to open holes for the backs. They have backs who can thrive when holes are opened in the lines, and big oliners who can open those holes. If they had kept and played Pryor, the rushing offense would easily have been top 5, as it was when Pryor was the starter last year. Now, well, it’ll be better than the 21 it was when McGloin and Flynn were starting. The problem with a road grader, run blocking line is more sacks. A run blocking line is a great match for Pryor, but not clearly for a pocket passer.

  • friendship220

    Pryor won games – beat 1 playoff team, lost to only 1 non-playoff team. That’s because he’s the best running QB. That means wins.

    Schaub was good at one point and could be again. The defense is improved, the rest of the offense outside of QB is improved. We’ll see how much worse (or, possibly, better) the starting QB of the Raiders is than Pryor by looking at the record. Basically, 8-8 is equal to Pryor. Because improvements have been made everywhere, with a better defense and a better offensive line, Pryor might’ve won those close games against playoff teams last year.

  • The Pine Tree Demon

    i guess the comments for the other article were closed…i don’t think arcade fire will have an effect. I am not the biggest fan of them but i loved their first album – almost bought on vinyl thats scary…would i see them? yes! in bangor probably not

  • mikeschoice

    Pryor doesn’t use the line or a playbook so it doesn’t matter

  • friendship220

    Well, the 93 yard td record run was on a standard read-option play. With Pryor, the more you have good blocking up the middle for the running backs, the more the defense won’t want to cheat to the outside to stop Pryor. It’s not like a powerful up the middle running game requires a super fast great running QB, but it certainly helps. It’s almost as if you’ve never seen a college game with a run-first offense like Auburn’s.

  • thebumpnrun

    God you’re stupid.

  • friendship220

    You think that barely beating the worst team in the NFL with a last minute goal line stand and losing to everyone else is good? Pryor started against 3 teams that didn’t make the playoffs last year and got 3 wins. At the end of the 2014 season, we’ll see who made the playoffs, and who didn’t. Whatever Raider QB doesn’t win as many games as teams he played who didn’t make the playoffs didn’t do as well as Pryor. You didn’t realize that Pryor did well, and McGloin sucked, and you probably now realize that Schaub and Carr are likely to do worse than Pryor did – because QB running means more in terms of wins than you want to admit. We’ll see what happens. The Raiders made improvements on defense and offensive line, it should be easier for Schaub to win than it was for Pryor – yet Pryor won the winnable games. Let’s see how Schaub does. If Schaub goes 7-9 and 9 games were against non-playoff opponents, he did as well as Pryor, with a stronger team to work with.

  • Purvisman/Eternal Optimist

    I’d be surprised if Pryor makes the team in Seattle with their QB corps,but maybe Carroll sees what he could be in a few years. Carroll’s pretty savvy!