Woodson: Hayden needs practice if he’s to make impact


The Raiders are counting upon second-year cornerback DJ Hayden to make a bigger contribution this season than he did last year, when abdominal and groin injuries limited Hayden’s practice and game time.
For that to happen, Hayden needs to be healed enough from the ankle injury he suffered in an offseason workout to the point he can practice, veteran defensive back Charles Woodson said Wednesday.
“The way you get better at this game is being out there on the field,” Woodson said. “There’s only so much being in the film room, or looking at the film or studying the plays, there’s only so far that’s going to take you.”
Coach Dennis Allen said late in the offseason that he expected Hayden to be back at full strength in time for the first training camp practice Friday. That remains to be seen.
Hayden wasn’t spotted during the players check-in period that the media was permitted to observe Wednesday. He also wasn’t available for comment.
Woodson, entering his 17th NFL season, missed some time early in his career as a result of turf-foe injuries. He speaks from experience when he talks about the importance of practice.
If Hayden misses significant practice time during training camp, Woodson said, it’s going to be a “big setback.” Hayden was limited during training camp last season as he recovered from a May surgery to remove scar tissue in his abdominal region.
“You need to be out on the field,” Woodson said, “and, along with that, other guys are going to be getting reps. If you’re not out there, proving what you can do, how do you ever get back into the lineup?
“That will be the test for him and hopefully it’s not nothing that’s going to hold him out the whole camp and he doesn’t have to worry about being on (physically unable to perform list) or anything like that, because he’s a guy we feel he can help us out around here. It has the potential to be a setback, but hopefully it’s not.”


Steve Corkran

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    It was pretty epic. One of our posters started calling him Jame Gumb so Mista started trying to make fun of his dead mother and the fact that he has cancer. We all jumped on Mista about it and he started crying for Becker to save him. Now every time he gets on we all gang up on him until he leaves 15 minutes later.

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    its all about depth-look what percy harvin did last year.

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    You can’t. He’s a public figure,and BSPN carefully skirted the legal edges. Thus the term ‘Yellow journalism’.

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    No I didn’t, I hope to see it though.

  • timetojam

    Woodson scored last year. Don’t worry, there will be several this year

  • disqus_yeZNegncsV

    I’d like to know if the stress fracture was of Hayden’s foot or his ankle. I’d prefer it to be the latter, better chance of predictable recovery.

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    Yeah, I’m sick of ’em. Guys not taking care in the offseason. Jeeeeez.

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    Good secondary guys hard to pick up–they’re scarce.

  • Raider_Riff

    Thank you.

    Kinda funny how the apologists just gloss over this fact.

    This reggime has burned thru 3 QBs in 2 yrs and considering that, Shaub & Carr will be numbers 4 and 5 on that list.

    U can keep blaming the QBs until forever but it won’t get u results. Crap is crap. 4-12 is 4-12. And we’re likely looking at 5-11 this year. I wonder what the excuses will be next year. Cause there are non left.

    They deconstructed a program and rebuilt their own. And it hasn’t/won’t come close to what Hue was accomplishing.

    Face it, Hues Raiders (2010 & 2011) would destroy Reggie’s Raiders.