Raiders’ coach Dennis Allen identifies the bright spots in 10-6 loss to Minnesota Vikings in preseason opener

Coach Dennis Allen acknowledged Saturday the Raiders had better get used to the way games will be officiated this season but saw enough good things in a 10-6 road loss to the Minnesota Vikings to be encouraged.

“The penalties were the biggest thing we had to deal with, and a couple of those things at this year’s points of emphasis with defensive holding or illegal contact downfield,’’ Allen said in a conference call with local reporters.

A facemask penalty on Brian Leonhardt also fell into that category, Allen said.

“I don’t know that in the past you would see some of these things called, but with the rules and points of emphasis, we’re going to see those things,’’ Allen said. “It was good for us to get out, play a game and see how officials are going to call those things.’’

The Raiders finished with 13 penalties for 94 yards, including five pre-snap penalties. The offenders were Menelik Watson (false start), Pat Sims (neutral zone infraction), Tony Bergstrom (two false starts) and Erle Ladson (false start).

Allen said positives from the loss included the running game and the pass rush.

Darren McFadden ran 23 yards on his only carry, Maurice Jones-Drew had two carries for 10 yards (not including a 7-yard run called back by penalty) and Latavius Murray had seven carries for 28 yards.

“I think we’re going to have an effective run game,’’ Allen said. “You saw some good things up front with guys being able to move people off the ball.’’

Defensively, the Raiders sacked starting quarterback Matt Cassel once, backup Teddy Bridgewater twice and third-string quarterback Christian Ponder three times.

Allen said he was “not displeased’’ with the performance of starting quarterback Matt Schaub, noting three potential first down passes that were dropped. Schaub was 3 of 7 for 21 yards.

“We obviously need to play better and be more consistent, but there were things to build on,’’ Allen said.

Allen said getting rookie quarterback Derek Carr work with the first team was “not part of the plan right now.’’

Rookie starting strong side linebacker Khalil Mack, Allen said, was able to cause “disruption’’ on a couple of pass rushes but overall “ I think you saw a guy playing in his first NFL game.’’
Rookies who flashed at Allen with solid play included defensive end Shelby Harris and cornerback T.J. Carrie. Both are seventh-round picks who look as if they will not only make the 53-man roster but potentially make a contribution sooner rather than later.

— Other than defensive tackle Justin Ellis (concussion), the only other player to come out of the game injured was safety Jansen Watson with a toe injury of undetermined severity.

— The Raiders took Saturday of and return to practice Sunday at 3 p.m. They break training camp with a Monday morning practice then travel to Oxnard to practice against the Dallas Cowboys on Tuesday (4 p.m.) and Wednesday (9 a.m.)


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer


    Ballin right now, not against the starting D though

  • He has a fire in him


    JF already been coached up to slide, something DA is inept at

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    Do coaches often have to slide?

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    Other than that guy who got his leg broken last year.

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    Cards on their way to a 5-11 season imo.

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    We have a guy that just competes and has plenty of naysayers also
    I know he is a UDFA
    So he is no good

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    He will destroy Melenik, need to put Kasa or Leonhardt on his side and chip him hard.

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    This whole blog is like a Tool song!

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    Man is this announcer a homer.

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    Johnny making big plays already. He has a quick release

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    9 wins easy

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    Not as bad as the Viking one… Guy thought it was the Super Bowl.

  • Mcgloin is definitely a fighter, no doubt about that.

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    I was on the JF wagon
    Wanted RM to get him
    I am with you IMO he will be a star

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    True.. I had to listen to that ish too.

  • Yes he will


    Watson will shut him down.

  • so true


    Just needed to take yet another shot at DA thats all, no reasoning behind it, just pissd

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    In a way you gotta give DA some credit for the fact, he keeps trying different colors and shades of lip stick, to apply on the pig..

    But, in the end. It’s still a pig..

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    Dam why didn’t RM make a trade when he kept falling
    Even after we grabbed Mack

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    No he won’t, he sucks!! You know why he sucks???

  • “Boom…goes the kickoff!!!!!!!!!!”

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    Would have been so much better listening to our own homers. At least the homer talk would be about a subject I actually care about. Also likely wouldn’t have to deal with their mic’d up, idiot home-town, return man.

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    Always matches his bra

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    haha that was great.

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    DA may need to this year

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    Need to keep in mind that Raiders are scraping the bottom and need some time to resuscitate.


    Papa was pretty bad yesterday. But i hear u.

  • You can’t deny how far behind we are right now from even the lowly teams like 4 win Cleveland and 5 win Minnesota. You don’t want to be that far behind right now its hard to catch up.

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    If the autumn wind is a raider.. Then tonight is the bridgewater..

    I almost took my own life after that one…


    You will see.

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    DA is responsible for the pig. No separating him or his coaching. Not with a full draft class and $60 million in cap space to get free agents. Tired of his worthless excuses.

  • He will only suck when he plays us

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    It was horrible.

  • WTF was that??? Not only did it not make sense, he started with it, got interpreted and didn’t pay attention to the sign and still rolled with it.

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    How many years are you going to patient?

  • Bergs with two false starts?

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    Also didn’t know how to read Roman numerals..

    That topped it all off.

  • Hey now guys its okay the regular season is coming and we are going to magically pull it together, and if we don’t its okay year 4 rebuild is when we really start playing well….lets be patient and see what year 5 with Reggie and DA bring.

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    Yeah, I’ll see Watson trucked on his azz


    At least it looks like we have some depth at CB.

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    That was last years excuse bro.

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    I dont give a flying crap about preseason wins/losses, or Art Shell 2.0 was on the way to a superbowl and football really had not changed in 20 years.


    That game needs to be a wakeup call and even if coaches suck I wanna see vets rise up and say No Fing way. do better or gtfo

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    You, my friend, are a tough negotiator. I say just based on the media overkill that he sucks when he plays us and any games that are televised in my area. And any primetime games as well.

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    Need to play on artificial turf in order to get the most out of JF. Wouldn’t be nearly as fast and elusive on the below sea level real grass of O.Co.