Allen gets across message, players respond with sharp practice


Rookie defensive end Shelby Harris provided one of the bright spots for the Raiders in their exhibition-opening loss to the Minnesota Vikings when he sacked the quarterback on a play that resulted in a fumble.
Yet, that’s not enough collateral for Harris to be immune from a scolding. On Sunday, Harris was the target of a tongue lashing by coach Dennis Allen for a perceived lack of effort on a particular play.
“Just a reminder about the way we want to practice,” Allen said afterward.
Allen’s brief outburst was directed at Harris, yet he no doubt raised his voice so that everyone got the message that there’s a standard expected of everyone at all times.
“It means don’t get comfortable,” Harris said afterward. “We came out here to work. That’s what he wants us to do and that’s what is expected of us to come out here and work. I respect him for that. He’s willing to get on anyone.”
The Raiders failed to meet Allen’s standards against the Vikings, be it the 13 penalties, the interception, the several dropped passes and the inconsistent defensive play.
“They are things that, through my experience, I’ve seen them happen in the first preseason game,” Allen said. “You don’t like it, it’s not acceptable, but that’s why we play preseason games, so that we get a chance to work on these things.”
The Raiders conclude the Napa portion of their training camp Monday morning. They then fly to Oxnard, where they will take part in joint practices with the Dallas Cowboys on Tuesday and Wednesday.
On Friday, the Raiders host the Detroit Lions at the Coliseum. In other words, there’s limited time for the players to get things worked out before their next dress rehearsal for the regular season.
Allen put his players through a fast-paced practice that featured extensive work in red-zone offense and defense, the two-minute drill and field-goal operation.
“It was good to get back out here after playing a game, get a chance to make some corrections, get out and get some more work in,” Allen said. “We got better as a football team.”
Harris, a seventh-round draft pick in May, feels as if he gets better every day. In fact, he said, he has seen enough to know that he belongs in the NFL.
“I can definitely play at this level,” Harris said. “There’s no doubt about it in my head. I can go out there and be an impact player wherever I’m needed.
I have the confidence to play in this league and I have the skill to play in this league. Now it’s just to show everyone else that I have the skill to be able to play every day.”

— Cornerback DJ Hayden jogged lightly under the watchful eye of a team trainer Sunday. He hasn’t practiced since late May, when he suffered an injury to his right foot that required surgery.
“I still don’t have anything to where I can give you an accurate timeline,” Allen said of Hayden’s return to full-team practice. “It was encouraging that he was out here on the field and able to do some things on the field. Hopefully the process can begin to speed up. A lot of that is going to depend upon how he responds after a day’s work.”
Hayden was Oakland’s first-round pick in 2013. He missed the final eight games last season after he suffered a groin injury.

— Rookie cornerback Jansen Watson, who suffered a toe injury against the Vikings, voluntarily left training camp. A Raiders spokesman said Watson is contemplating his future.

— Defensive tackle Justin Ellis (concussion), linebacker Justin Cole, cornerback Neiko Thorpe and guard Lamar Mady also missed practice.
Linebacker Kaluka Maiava practiced Sunday for the first time since he injured a hamstring early in camp.

— Darren McFadden, TJ Carrie, Latavius Murray, Jeremy Stewart and Denarius Moore returned kicks in practice.

— Backup quarterback Matt McGloin worked on holding for extra points and field-goal attempts early in practice. Punter Marquette King handled that role last season, and he remains the leading candidate for this season.

— Sebastian Janikowski blasted a 56-yard field goal at the end of one of the two-minute drives. The kick sailed over the perimeter fence, went through a tree and landed in someone’s backyard. He later hammered a 48-yarder into the same yard.

— Safety Brandian Ross intercepted a Derek Carr pass that hit off the hands of wide receiver Greg Little. In fairness to Carr, the ball was catchable, even though it was off the mark.
Little had a rough day overall, despite making a nice fingertip grap of a Matt Schaub pass midway through practice.
On one play, he landed hard after he attempted to outjump Carrie for a deep throw at the goal line. Little jogged it off and returned to practice. A short time later, he dropped a pass on a crossing route in which no one was near. The ball hit him in the hands.

— The Raiders will practice about 30 minutes shorter than usual Monday morning. Then it’s on to buses for the ride to the airport so that they can get to Oxnard for the joint practices.
The plan is for the Raiders and Cowboys to practice Tuesday afternoon and Wednesday morning. Allen said he and Cowboys coach Jason Garrett worked out the details in advance. The coordinators for both teams are scripting their game plans accordingly.
Allen said he is looking forward to his players getting another opportunity to challenge themselves against another team. It comes at a time during camp when the players can use a change-up, too.
“Anytime that you can do to change up the schedule a little bit, to get the guys a little bit of energy, is a positive,” Allen said.


Steve Corkran

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    You’re pulling my leg right…Tracy porter

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    sorry – they both suck

  • happens to all of us. no worries muh’doood. but yeah pretty sure Schaub’s been clean in practice.

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    Really you are saying with a straight face that brown and rogers are upgrades..come on that is ridiculous

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    You mean like Pryor did. Right? Your credibility to evaluate QB’s is suspect.

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    Here’s my optomistic post of the week: Art Shell 2.0 team practiced well and finished 4-0 preseason record… week after week we got kicked in the nuts that year. First time I ever took a break from following in season.

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    Hmmmmmmm… Most important preseason gm 2 EVER? Why is this? Does the winner get an automatic playoff berth?

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    That’s the reason Gruden teams were so good THAY practice hard and fast and he was out there cracking the whip and giving them encouragement I never heard what DA what he does at practice I don’t know if he yells at them

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    SnBG: I was all for getting TP out of town asap, but in all fairness to him I watched him the other night against the Donkey, and he looked semi decent. Now mind you he’s 3rd string against 3rd string, but if nothing else his receivers caught the ball as it was thrown their way.

  • Relativicus

    I would agree with “Meh, whaddya gonna do? It’s the first preseason game” if not for the fact that everything that went on in “the first preseason game” was exactly what went on in the last regular season game of 2013; most every game in 2013; and most every game in most every year for much of the last two decades. Oh, and Schaub’s arm.

    And didn’t we actually start last year’s first regular season game with a false start? Or was that consecutive off-sides penalties?

    Of course, it’s still “the first preseason game.” So we’ll see…

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    I’d prefer a futile discussion about trading for Andre Johnson.

  • Relativicus

    I’m a Schaub well-wisher, not a hater. But there’s no denying his passes lacked zip on Saturday.

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    According to that story DA gets after them once in a while I think he should do it more you should praise them when they do good and yell at them when they don’t that’s how you raise children and make them good

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    Shift happens

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    PT will never be an NFL quarterback

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    I’ve never understood it. Hate the best players and follow them weekly after they leave praying they fail.

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    this is the first preseason game let’s not get all of our patties in a bundle DA does not show anything in preseason he is so vanilla it almost makes you sick but, regular-season remember last year that in preseason look absolutely terrible and we could have beat Indianapolis if we would have a quarterback which we do this year so hang on it could get better and it could get a lot better keep the faith

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    You’re right nothing like experience shob has many years of experience we should put it on field

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    Are you saying that he is lying that that’s his opinion? That doesn’t make any sense. I don’t think you know what the word (or the expression, if you will) “bullshit” means. It doesn’t mean “you are wrong”, it means “you are lying”. He may be wrong, but he is almost certainly not lying.

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    He played one game how many pick di he thorough none practice does not not count probably tying the receivers to get in position to catch the ball in tight coverage and that they get intercepted then the defense turns into offense

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    Believe it or not this was the best thing that could have happened for the NCAA. Now the athletes have an incentivve to actually stay in college for 4 years!! The athletes will compete even harder for that spot, to make the team. Teams will actually get better longer. Why? Now they can make money. Now you and I botrh know the colleges are going to nickle and dime it so they don’t get too much money but even that little bit will be a huge incentive.
    Now what I would do is:
    1.Give every player whether he makes it in the pros or not guaranteed 4 or 5 years to get a degree.
    2. Place his money he earns in college in a trust or some interest drawing accoiunt and award it to him upon graduation or until he leaves the program or their 25th birthday. If he goes to grad school then release it but only for tuition, room,and board. This keeps young minds from just needlessly throwing away their money. (and they will). NCAA likes it because they get to “use” the kids money for about 4 -10 years before they pay it back so they are virtually never out of pocket.

    The rookie wage scale brought this to a head. Players were being squeezed by both ends. I would say if the CBA was actually working for the players that the next contract negotiations would be about scrapping the rookie contracts but knowing they are in the pocket of he players I would not be surprised to see it extended from 4 to 7 years.

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    That was the worst season ever all we ever watched on game day was our quarterback and a seven step drops and being sacked on eight steps

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    Nice. We should make that a separate thread though….

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    It should be painfully obvious to everyone by now.
    DA as a defensive guru is a creation of luck and fiction.
    He lucked up to be on the Saints and Von Miller fell into his
    lap at Denver. He is a typical middle manager. You can pretty
    much guess what he will do just by thinking of middle management
    Dilbert. He will last a long time in the NFL. Not for any talent at all
    but because he does the corporate lick butt pettypetty little man
    role so well.

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    2. Ru his mommy?
    3. He knows exactly what I mean, we’ve been talking to each other for 3 years.
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    5. “Bullsht” has a lot of meanings, in the real world and here.
    6. Fck off.

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    My panties aren’t in a bundle. But I have the strangest sense of deja vu. Every time they come in flat in the preseason someone says not to get our panties in a bundle- and the regular season rolls around and it’s clear that panties should have been gotten in to a bundle. I’d love to be wrong.

  • Return

    Been saying this for the last 3 years. And guest what?
    It’s going to be the same wholesale turnover team wise again next year.
    This is why even before a season begins I know it’s going to be a losing season. No team ever has and ever will survive this much turnover.

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    Now list the defensive line
    the linebackers
    the quarterbacks. Oh god, the quarterbacks!!!!!
    the offensive lines
    The only stable set has been kicker Tarver, and DA.

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    We can all hope but I think the Mack you saw is the mack you will continue to see. Again, go back and look at some of his college games. I’ve said it a couple of times, he just can’t match up against strong linemen. Linemen can handle him easy…unless… he out quicks them. He can’t out muscle or out move them. This is why I’m so PO DA replaced Sio with Mack.

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    So much ish going on both sides of the field. Scrimmage still hasn’t started. Teams doing separate drills. Interesting to see Magic Johnson here patrolling the sidelines. Blog keeps giving me an error saying my pics are over 2 MBs and won’t let me post em. Don’t know how to shrink em on my iphone. I’ll figure something out later.