Raiders wrap up training camp portion of their preseason in Oxnard and will reconvene in Napa upon return


The Raiders ended the training camp portion of their preseason Wednesday, getting out of a two hour and 10 minute joint session with the Dallas Cowboys in relative good health and a sense of confidence about the direction they’re headed with the scene shifting to the club facility in Alameda.

With 15 days of practice sessions, 12 of them in pads, there has been only one serious injury. Tight end Nick Kasa, injured in Tuesday’s practice, has what coach Dennis Allen believes is an ACL tear, which would end his season.

There were a few more scuffles during the Wednesday sessions, but both Allen and general manager Reggie McKenzie thought the Raiders got enough out of it to do it again next year.

The joint sessions helped break the monotony of working against teammates every day.

“Number one, you’re tired of it. Number two, you’re trying to come together as a team and you don’t want to beat them up too bad. (Against Dallas) it doesn’t matter. We want to beat them up.’’

There is no score in practice, but it was clear the Raiders offense got the better of the Cowboys defense. Starting quarterback Matt Schaub was sharp both days.

Running backs Maurice Jones-Drew, Darren McFadden, Latavius Murray and Kory Sheets all had good gains. Allen believes the Raiders are forging an identity.
“I like the direction our run game is headed. I think we have to make some strides in the passing game in time,’’ Allen said. “There are a lot of new pieces in that part of our offense. I think defensively, I’ve been impressed with our ability to rush the passer. Those are some signs that this team’s getting better.

— Brian Leonhardt, who spent last season on the practice squad, has been taking first-team reps at tight end along with Mychal Rivera. With Asuberry and Kasa out, Allen said the Raiders could be looking to add another tight end to the roster.

— Cornerback Chimdi Chekwa was on the field to start practice after missing the previous day, but didn’t finish because of a sore knee. Wide receiver Juron Criner was out with what Allen called a “hip or groin’’ injury.

— Wide receiver Denarius Moore got caught a pair of touchdown passes during the team sessions. Wide receiver Greg Little had a conspicuous drop during drills on a perfect fade throw from Schaub in the end zone.

— The Raiders first team defense forced three incompletions and had an deflected interception by linebacker Nick Roach against Cowboys starting quarterback Tony Romo during one sequence.

— Middle linebacker Rolando McClain, looking noticeably thinner in the face than when he was a first-round bust with the Raiders, has impressed the Cowboys and could up being a starting middle lineabacker.

McClain said he still has a lot of friends on the team and interacted with Allen and defensive coordinator Jason Tarver.

“Me and D.A. said what’s up. JT and I walked off together,’’ McClain said. “It was two years ago, two-and-a-half years ago. It’s all in the past. I wish them nothing but the best.’’

— Practicing against the Raiders brought back memories for Cowboys coach Jason Garrett, who played for Dallas under Jimmy Johnson. The Raiders would have joint practices with the Cowboys in Austin, Texas.

“They had Ronnie Lott, Eric Dickerson the greatest players to ever play their position ended their careers with the Raiders,’’ Garrett said. “Quarterbacks were taking 11 step drops and throwing 42-yard comeback routes. It was like, `Where the hell are we right now?’ Jimmy Johnson would have smoke coming out of his years and Al Davis would be in his white sweat suit in 110 degrees.’’


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • JerryMcDonalds#1Fan
  • Back-N-Black

    why???? lol

  • JLofty

    F Dakota!!!!

  • Howard Benner

    Luck is an elite QB. . .many consider him the fifth best QB in the league. . .he will improve over last season’s performance. . .

    Houston will not be able to “saddle up” on Foster, returning from back surgery. . .Johnson will probably be even more injury prone than he was last season. . .

    Their secondary is pedestrian @ best. . .max protect & put the onus on their secondary. . .the defense will get worn out while the offense consistently surrenders the ball to the opposition. . .

    Oh, & Fitz is a turnover machine himself. . .the Texans will ahve three QB’s rotating throughout the season, unless they trade for someone like Brian Hoyer, if he becomes available. . .

  • FourMoreYears

    Haha, right? We were trying to look at Sio Moore’s snaps specifically.

  • Elliot

    Orlovsky nullifies any significance in this game for our D….

  • Cespedes doesn’t make or break a lineup though. He is a .250 hitter with above average pop.

  • JLofty

    Get back to work!

  • JerryMcDonalds#1Fan

    hopefully he’ll makes our 2’s look good.. JFB’s MUP (B Ross) with a Pick 6 ?

  • FourMoreYears

    No way. Be in the right place and make a play on the ball, no matter if it’s Ryan Leaf throwing or Peyton Manning. Fundamentals are fundamentals.

  • Elliot

    I disagree and I understand his stats after the 7th inning. Still he got moss and Donaldson pitches to hit

  • FourMoreYears

    Bold prediction time: Andrew Luck makes his first appearance in the Super Bowl this year.

  • Back-N-Black

    I watched frame by frame slo mo of the o-line on each of Schaub’s possessions and checked out if Schaub was getting the ball off at the top of his drop and things like that, but didn’t watch the defense. 1st Vikings drive told me enough.

  • Elliot

    I would be happy to see branch make a good decision for once in his life

  • JLofty

    Hey if any of you guys missed the article on James Jones coming back to his (homeless) roots in the Bay you should read it. Link in the box on right above.

    Might restore some faith in humanity lost by reading comments in here. Or Roger Goodell still being on planet earth earning $10mil/yr….

  • Softball and beer?

  • JLofty

    Not if you believe their coach is the 33rd ranked HC in the league. Yes even behind the questionable Dennis Allen….

  • Back-N-Black

    not that bold.

  • FourMoreYears

    It’s not bold to pick the best team in the AFC after the first preseason game?

  • Howard Benner

    Certainly you’re not blaming Olawale for Carr’s pick. . .he was going full bore & Carr, who was merely attempting a long handoff fired the ball high. . .Olawale didn’t have a chance. . .

    I agree with Brown, Little & King. . .Watson will calm down; will have to realize he can’t go all Tazmanian Devil for the entire season. . .composure. . .Branch was NOT the culprit on the long pass to the TE; Mack was going through growing pains. . .he’ll get it figured out. . .the Raiders have put a lot on his plate. . .Rivera will improve. . the Raiders do need much more from Leonhardt. . .

    You should add Matt Schaub to that list. . .oh, & the entire punt coverage team was atrocious. . .

  • Back-N-Black

    lol… that part is bold. Just meant that I don’t think its too far out there to see the Colts as a Super Bowl contender

  • Only team to beat SF, Sea and Denver last year.

  • Return

    All good points except Luck being fifth best.
    1st tier :Brady, Peyton, Wilson, Cam, Rodgers, Brees,
    2nd tier: Luck, Kap, Big Ben, Eli, Smith, Ryan, Foles(?)

    I just see Houston’s defense being too dominant. You do not want or need a gunslinger. Just a body to hand the ball off to a back.

    Watt and Clowney is what Suh and Farley should have been.

  • FourMoreYears

    I sure don’t think so. Beating Denver and coming from behind in the playoffs against KC were proof that team has arrived.

    Still though, it takes some luck to make it to the big game. Oh damnit, I did it didn’t I?

  • Cam is not 1st tier. And Flacco is definitely 2nd tier, along with Romo.
    Agree with the rest.

  • Howard Benner

    Good, clean fun when one considers the visceral tempo they have already set/ / /

    Even Shaun Merrriodman & the little gal on NFLAM have had ice water dumped on them. . .

  • FourMoreYears

    Another bold prediction before I go: 49ers will not finish any better than third in their division.

  • JLofty

    Signed some nice contracts. Hard to argue with those decisions…

  • Elliot

    That is true…can’t argue with that

  • Aaron Wilson ‏@RavensInsider 6m

    Raiders removed Shelton Johnson and Marshall McFadden from injured reserve with injury settlements

    Deuces, hardly knew the two of you anways.

  • Return

    Forgot about Flacco and Romo. Agreed

    Cam is 1st tier. Talk about carrying a team. He has otherworldly numbers considering what he had to work with.

  • ForHundred8

    Cheers to that.

  • I think Cam had a better team around him then any of those other 1st tier guys you listed.
    I would put him in 2nd tier, on the backend. Has to win when it counts, hasn’t done so yet.

  • disqus_yeZNegncsV

    With his infectious, large smile, moving his head back and forth like Steve Wonder, Magic said when his son “came out”, “We always knew he was a kid would do his own thaaaang.”
    You will notice one important personality trait in father and son: extroversion and a strong proclivity toward showmanship and flamboyance.

  • BigBenRexor

    We’ve already addressed Reggie signing bums off the street.

  • ForHundred8

    The San Jose native! I’ll be cheering for the guy.

  • BigBenRexor

    Marshall took one for the team, he protected Darren from the McFadden Curse.

  • BigBenRexor


  • ¿Ès Oakland Raderios ès contesto en UC Berkeley ès Oakland A’s ès play en ès Supremo World Serès?

  • Seems Ravens Insider is always on top of the Raiders news

  • RediaR

    Ugh, why would someone do that to us?

  • BigBenRexor

    You will feel the wrath of Dakota for that one. DMC will be our leading rusher this year.

  • The Machine

    And it is preseason, no scheming, limited reps, so whatever happens it is meaningless. People will over react about it and try to confirm their silly biases anyway, no matter how it goes.

  • DutchRaid

    Hit Olawale in the hands? Tough to expect a FB to catch like a WR…would have been a very nice catch/highlight worthy for a big man.

  • Howard Benner

    I don’t think you meant to post to me; my contention, if I am allowed to quote myself was “he didn’t have a chance;” Carr addressed teh issue accordingly. . .

  • Que

    He physically wasn’t but he played like a TE. Blocked good enough and caught everything until the end of his career. Rivera has to be willing to give up his body.