If Raiders quarterback Matt Schaub is struggling because of a less-than-overpowering arm, it’s news to Dennis Allen

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The problems with the Raiders’ first-team passing a game go far deeper than a perceived lack of arm strength by starting quarterback Matt Schaub, coach Dennis Allen believes.

Allen was asked Saturday in a conference call with local writers if he was concerned about what appeared to be a lack of arm strength from Schaub and said, “I haven’t seen that, so I guess the answer to that question would be no.’’

Schaub completed 13 of 27 passes for 110 yards in a 31-21 loss to the Green Bay Packers Friday night. There five consecutive three-and-out possessions in the first half and Schaub lost a strip-sack fumble.

In his 11th season, Schaub does not throw with the kind of velocity of third-string quarterback Matt McGloin, who was 10 of 17 for 162 yards two touchdowns to Brice Butler against Green Bay, or backup Derek Carr, who sat out while recovering from a concussion.

When it became apparent after the third preseason game a year ago that Matt Flynn’s sore arm wouldn’t allow him to execute the offense, the Raiders began the process of transitioning to Terrelle Pryor for the regular-season opener.

Schaub, however, didn’t thrive in Houston because of a strong arm. He has long been a rhythm and timing passer who relies heavily on hitting receivers in stride with room to run when an offense is executed properly.

Against Green Bay, as well as Detroit and Minnesota, the Raiders have had breakdowns all across their passing game.

“It’d be a lot easier if you could narrow it down to just one particular area,’’Allen said. “All positions are a factor. We’ve got to make sure we’re precise on our routes. We’ve got to make plays in a contested environment. We’ve got to do a great job in protection and make the throws when we have an opportunity to make the throw.’’

Allen also cited dropped passes, the most notable coming when normally sure-handed fullback Marcel Reece dropped a would-be touchdown pass on the opening drive of the third quarter.

While conceding that it’s more difficult to shore up several areas of concern in the passing game rather than isolating one problem, Allen said, “I’m absolutely confident we can get that fixed’’ before the regular season opener against the New York Jets on Sept. 7.

— Linebacker Sio Moore, who left on a stretcher with a neck strain, came home with the team, was feeling better and would face no additional tests.

“The good news with Sio is we ruled out any real serious injury and so well take that day by day and see how he responds,’’ Allen said.

Before the injury, Moore appeared to be holding off Miles Burris for the starting job at starting weak side linebacker.’’

— Carr was cleared medically to play following a concussion but held out by the coaching staff against Green Bay as a precautionary measure. Allen expects Carr to face Seattle Thursday night at O.co Coliseum.

Although Carr remains the projected backup to Schaub, Allen said of McGloin, “I’m not surprised Matt’s gone in there and performed well . . . I wouldn’t have any hesitation about putting him in a game and giving us an opportunity to win.’’

— Middle linebacker Nick Roach and cornerback Tarell Brown will go through the NFL protocol for players who suffered concussions. Allen was unsure about the availability this week of right tackle Menelik Watson, who left with a hip injury.

Allen said he didn’t expect Watson’s injury to linger into the regular-season. Khalif Barnes moved from left guard to right tackle to replace Watson, with rookie Gabe Jackson taking over at left guard.

— The staff has not determined if or how much starters would play at Seattle in the last preseason game. Allen hoped place kicker Sebastian Janikowski (right quad) would be available but if not would concentrate on getting him ready for the opener.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • Return

    Didn’t say Shaub looked good.
    IMO he looked ok.

    I don’t know what game you were watching but
    76 owned Mack.

  • inonewordraider

    he has the power to hold the point at de, but regardless him and sio will be a dynamic lb pair for years, they’ll both be pro bowlers eventually

  • lefty12

    He isn’t out for any length of time.He might miss the final practice game which he wouldn’t play much to begin with.Maiava has looked really good whenever he has played.

  • inonewordraider

    maiava looks much better than last year (health?), good against the 2’s at least

  • Return

    Ok. I hope. Probably.
    But Mack at DE is insanity.

  • Purvisman/Eternal Optimist

    Damn.Are we still cross posting? We need to stop that.

  • DJ Johnny

    ..and that Cornell guy is still around? Hope that changes.


    You said he looked OK and that equals good.
    As to Mack, like I said, it was a pre-season game and he’s a rookie.

  • JV.

    Yea health being the main concern… He’s solid at MLB but him being out all last year and most of the beginning of camp idk how reliable he is.

  • lefty12

    Ask him how are things in West Sac?

  • JV.

    New post.

  • Return

    ok is mediocre in my book
    Don’t want too argue over semantics.
    IMO he didn’t look like he had a noodle arm.
    That’s my opinion and that’s subject to debate.

    Mack on the other hand?
    Got annihilated. No debate.

  • DJ Johnny

    Josh Johnson is in at quarterback for the #49ers. Blaine Gabbert did his job, got the lead. It’s up to Johnson to close out the victory.
    Sounds like you really hope so.

  • Purvisman/Eternal Optimist

    He’s not smart enough to be MR, if that was your meaning.

  • inonewordraider

    also I was very disappointed with schaub, but still think he’s ahead of mcgloin, just barely. when receiver is in tight coverage I want to see him lead the receiver a little let em go get it. body language isn’t good either. he took some more chances as the game went on he needs to take some more. he’ll have a chance again v seattle, would be surprised if he didn’t play and I think that game will determine who will start

  • aig-raiders

    Some on this blog wanted him too.


    The big problem with Schaub is that he only seems to work well when he’s got a very good OL.
    The last time we had that was maybe when cable was the offensive line coach.

  • plunkhead

    I think he lives in a lagoon down south

  • Dakota

    New post

  • Return

    When it comes to the qb’s I’m not too concerned about any of them but Carr. Save Carr for last. Let him sit as long as possible before putting him in the meat grinder. Whether it’s McGloin or Shaub who get’s chewed up 1st is somewhat meaningless. You can stave off putting Carr in sooner than later if you start Shaub. McGloin is going to get killed. I think Shaub has a bit longer survival rate.

  • Return

    Agreed. Again I’m not waving a big Shaub flag. (well maybe a little one) But just like last year (and I was right) I’m saying we will have to go qb by committee. We need every qb we can get.


    Roach had a concussion right?
    No reason why he shouldn’t be there game#1.

    Jeeeeze, Matusak couldn’t play unless he a had a concussion.

  • lefty12

    He hates the Raiders.

  • r8ter4evr

    Of ex Raide rplayers and coaches
    Shonasty playing OLB?
    Wish we ran some. 3-4 we have the personal to do it

  • r8ter4evr

    Pick six Carson

  • Their first team D is getting burned like ours

  • Howard Benner

    They will be all right once teh regular season begins. . .well, until their offense can’t stay on the field because their WR play will be so poor. . .

  • I’ll be alright as well , as soon as the season begins

  • Howard Benner

    LOL. . .& the start of the three day weekend looms brightly. . .