Raiders trim seven from roster to get to 83 players, must be at 75 on Tuesday


The Raiders got a head start on getting to the 75-player maximum Sunday by releasing seven players from the roster.

Those released were tight end Kyle Auffray, tackle Emmett Cleary, linebacker Justin Cole, wide receiver Mike Davis, defensive tackle Torell Troup, wide receiver Rahsaan Vaughn and cornerback Jansen Watson.

The Raiders need to trim eight more players from the roster by Tuesday at 1 p.m. to be at 75 players.

The roster must be at 53 players on Saturday, Aug. 30.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • Myopinion

    I thought brown was regarded as our best fa signing. But Thorpe looking good. Carrie looking really good for a rookie. And Chekwa looked real good before injury.
    I’m not worried about McGill yet either, he missed a lot of camp and is a rookie.

  • xraided

    i like your thinking. i want Carr to be our starter day 1. he can be called his brother all he wants… it’s as clear as day he’s got WAY more game than Derek could ever dream of…

    if i were DA, i’d have Carr start and force Olson to rollout and bootleg a lot with him.

    simply because A) he is most accurate down field at any range while on the move B) his confidence will be sky high from not getting hit in the pocket all game


  • DJ Johnny

    ..just throwing out some crazy speculation for fun. I’m easily entertained.

  • DJ Johnny

    I assume that’s what he meant.

  • xraided

    schaub was compared to palmer at one point.

    people are wrong all the time

  • Rico Stifler

    Brown has been burnt more than any of our DBs I think… Rogers has been pretty solid tho.

  • DJ Johnny

    Just odd cuz the passing game needs work..per the coach. Odd way to get about doing that by not having your starting QB practice.

  • xraided

    here’s hoping your right about McGill… he can be a great press CB… give one of the other two a rest on any given play…

    if all 3 of the CB’s from this draft work out, that MORE than makes up for the pick for Hayden… that’ll be forgotten very quickly

  • xraided

    it could be more scheme than ability with Brown. once he settles down and trusts the guys around him(even though it’s hard to trust Branch or Woodson covering receivers over the middle)… he could make a comeback.

    if not it’s backup role for him

  • Return

    Mack played most of the game at DE
    Who were the LB’s?

  • Dakota

    Reggie traded for Flynn….so moron gms are out there.

  • Dakota

    New post

  • Purvisman/Eternal Optimist


  • Raider O


  • Huh lol?