Raiders QB Matt Schaub and coach Dennis Allen believe sore elbow won’t change plan regarding Week 1 starter


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If all goes according to plan, a few days of rest will be the cure for what ails the right elbow of quarterback Matt Schaub and he’ll be in the starting lineup when the Raiders open the regular-season on Sept. 7 against the New York Jets.

Schaub missed his second straight day of practice Monday and although coach Dennis Allen hasn’t ruled him out of the preseason finale against Seattle, the likely scenario will have rookie Derek Carr getting the start and Schaub watching from the sidelines.

The Raiders host the Seahawks Thursday night at 7 p.m. at O.co Coliseum.

Unlike last season, when Terrelle Pryor was essentially auditioning for the starting job against Seattle while Matt Flynn rested a sore elbow, Carr’s work will be developmental unless Schaub’s elbow doesn’t respond to rest and treatment.

“We’re going to take him day by day and try to make sure he’s ready to go,’’ Allen said.

Asked if he expected to be ready to play in the opener, Schaub said, “Absolutely. One-hundred percent. Absolutely.’’

Schaub was non-specific about when his elbow began to bother him.

“It’s just something that’s kind of come up,’’ Schaub said. “It’s lingered a little bit. But it’s come up and we’re dealing with it. It’s something we want to take care of and get out of the way now before we start the regular season.’’

Neither Schaub nor Allen were interested in the coincidental nature of how the Raiders changed quarterbacks a year ago at this time when Flynn played poorly, missed the preseason finale with elbow tendonitis, and then lost his starting job to Terrelle Pryor.

“I don’t know what happened last year. I don’t know what happened with anybody who was here last year,’’ Schaub said. “I just know myself and what we’re going through right now to get ready for Week 1.’’

Said Allen: “I don’t see those two situations as the same.’’

Indeed, while the Raiders were beginning to distance themselves from Flynn and give credence to the possibility that Pryor could start, Allen is still publicly backing Schaub and answered in the affirmative when asked if he expected Schaub to start the opener.

Even with confirmation of elbow soreness, Allen doesn’t feel it’s played a role in some of Schaub’s difficulties in the passing game. Neither does Schaub.

“It hasn’t’ really affected it,’’ Schaub said. “It’s just bothersome. It’s just something I noticed and something I want to take care of and get out of the way.’’

Allen has maintained the Raiders’ struggles with the first team in the passing game were because of mistakes in all areas ranging from protection to route running to dropped passes and some missed throws.

With all that to work on, Schaub has missed two full days of practice.

“Obviously that’s something you’d like to have, but you’ve got to have a little bit of foresight in getting ready for the opening game, and that’s what’s the most critical,’’ Allen said.

Carr appeared as unconcerned as Schaub and Allen about the condition of Schaub’s right elbow.

“Schauby’s going to be fine,’’ Carr said. “There’s no doubt in my mind. He is fine. I’ve seen him every day, I’ve seen what he is doing every day in the weight room, the meeting room, the field. He’s just fine.’’

— The Raiders must trim eight players from the roster to get to the NFL-mandated 75 by 1 p.m. Tuesday. Four of those spots could be cleared by placing cornerback DJ Hayden and guard Lucas Nix on the physically unable to perform list and running back Kory Sheets (Achilles) and tight end Nick Kasa (ACL) on injured reserve.

Allen said, however, the Raiders would probably wait until Saturday’s deadline to make the call on Hayden.

— Linebacker Nick Roach (concussion), linebacker Sio Moore (neck strain) and tackle Menelik Watson (hip flexor) did not practice. Cornerbacks Chimdi Chekwa (knee) and Taiwan Jones (knee) are being targeted for Week 1. Tight end David Ausberry (knee) was moving well while working with the training staff.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

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    Again I keep saying be careful what you wish for.
    Is Bergs or Watson any better at LT?
    In fact Watson is out and Bergs is most likely cut.
    So you got Boothe and Barnes left.
    Barnes is serviceable in a pinch.
    Boothe is pushing it.
    Not saying Cornell ain’t crap.
    I’m just asking what are viable alternatives.

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    That boot has been a really good predictor.

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    when his mother pass a away he will have to sell it to pay the taxes he gets to be a big shock for a few years well mommy still alive that’s the reason he wants a new stadium but team will go up in value and if it gets to moves to LA this team could go to be worth $1 billion

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    Not one word about Winston being overrated? I guess we are in agreement on that. lol. Either way, I wouldn’t want any of those QBs over Carr.

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    Take the talent away from Winston & what to you have? Not that he can’t be an effective NFL QB but I don’t consider him elite. . .or the top QB in next year’s college crop. . .

    The thing about Bortles is he is a genuine football player; QB’s like that don’t come out very often; neither of the Mannings are football players; either is Tom Brady. . .not even my favorite QB, ARod is what I call a football player. . .

    What I mean by that is a QB who will take on the defense head on; relishes contact & that is a wild card that is difficult to contend with. . .”Big Ben” is a football player. . .Andrew Luck is close to that definition but just a bit short. . .Kap falls short as well. . .

    When Bortles runs he wants to inflict pain on the defenders. . .certainly he will have to pick his battles in the pros but when a QB is in that category they are a “pros pro. . .” 40 times don’t define them. . .they just go on with their business,

    That type of behavior really inspires teammates to play hard. . .usually they play above their talent levels. . .Bortles possesses a quiet confidence; his “crash Davis'”demeanor adds to it. . .he is a student of the game, processes the defense well & is a playmaker. . .he can make all the throws & so far has implemented the footwork changes to improve his accuracy. . .the guy is a gamer. . .& clutch. . .2-0 in bowl games for a school that classically was under the radar. . .he’s nails. . .

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    But I will still take Derek Carr over any of them. lol. I think he will become the next great QB….

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