Raiders-Seahawks televised live in Bay Area


For those hoping to get a last look at the Raiders before their roster is pared from 75 to 53 players, you can do so.
The Raiders exhibition finale against the Seattle Seahawks on Thursday night will be televised live locally on KTVU-Ch. 2. The game starts at 7 p.m. PDT.
This is the last game before the Raiders are forced to remove 22 players from their 75-man roster. Teams are required to be at a maximum of 53 players by Saturday afternoon.
That makes Thursday’s game against the Seahawks all the more important for coach Dennis Allen and his staff. The final exhibition game typically is when players not assured of roster spots play the most and get their best opportunity to make a case for inclusion on the 53-man roster.
The Seahawks game also figures to be an ideal time for young quarterbacks Derek Carr and Matt McGloin to get plenty of playing time.
Projected starter Matt Schaub isn’t expected to play, according to Allen, because of a sore right elbow. Therefore, Carr and McGloin are the only other quarterbacks on the roster — Trent Edwards got released Tuesday.
The Raiders regular-season opener is Sept. 7, against the New York Jets. In that game, the Raiders face off against Jets quarterback Geno Smith, who is just as much of a threat to run the ball.
As a result, Allen and defensive coordinator Jason Tarver said, Thursday’s game will provide a solid pre-test against whoever the Seahawks use at quarterback.
Russ Wilson, Tarvaris Jackson and former Raider Terrelle Pryor all are adept at running the read-option, which gives them the freedom to keep the ball and take off running.


Steve Corkran

  • Raider O

    I hate that draft. So many PB and HOF players in that draft, we have the 2nd pick, and we end up with an avg OG. One of the worst if nor the worst draft in our history.

  • Howard Benner

    I hope Neiko Thorpe develops. . .then you have two relatively big. physical, aggressive press corners who also can force the run. . .then if the pass rush progresses Tarver can dial up all his exotic “mad scientist” schemes, like the NASCAR package. . .love that moniker. . .return to a Raiders defensive force! Force du jour. . .

    Ironically in a year many teams aspire to emulate the Seaslugs “legion of Boom” defense the league is monitoring that like North Korea looking for the Dali Lama to just cross their border by a toenail; instant infraction!

    Still, the league has to give some leeway; the rules governing the passing game have turned it into just south of flag football. . .

  • Howard Benner

    You are correct. . .seems somehow the Raiders will have to juggle the seven CB’s currently on their roster. . .of they relinquish any of them they will not last long; i wonder if Rogers could become a castaway?!