Raiders 21, Seahawks 7 — end of first quarter


Things just got a whole lot more juicy in Raidersland. And it took all of one quarter of play Thursday night to turn the Raiders season on its head, just as its about to kick into high gear.
Rookie Derek Carr torched the Seattle Seahawks starting defense, for the most part, in the first quarter as he directed the Raiders on three touchdown drives.
Two of those drives culminated with Carr touchdown passes, one to Denarius Moore, the other to Mychal Rivera. Running back Latavius Murray got the Raiders on the board with a 5-yard run.
The night began with the Seahawks marching 80 yards in four plays for a touchdown. At that point, it seemed as if Raiders fans were in for another long night of watching just how far the Raiders have to go before they reach elite status in the NFL.
Then Murray and Carr ignited the Raiders offense and the Coliseum crowd with big play after big play. In particular, Carr played as if his job hung in the balance.
Before long, it became apparent that the one who should be worried is projected starting quarterback Matt Schaub.
Schaub sat out tonight with a sore right (throwing) elbow. Carr got the start in Schaub’s place, and he made the most of it, to say the least.
Carr completed 10 of 12 passes for 132 yards and two touchdowns for a 152.1 passer rating. The crowd fed off the inspired play and created a buzz that lasted throughout the quarter.
Rookie Keith McGill set up one scoring drive with a forced fumble on a Seahawks kick return.
Rivera made a nice catch on his touchdown, hanging with the play despite the ball being tipped and knocked off course by linebacker Malcolm Smith.


Steve Corkran

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    Pryor SD

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  • kenchun24

    I like Murray, Sio, Butler, Rivera…but Hayden and Watson better do something asap…for the team, not us folk on the blog 🙂

  • Raider O

    A crack monkey could have made that pick.
    We needed a QB
    He was the best QB available in the 2nd and he was the best player available

  • Mike_Trail

    KC–The McFadden Game.

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  • RaidO

    New post

  • r8ter4evr

    35 Points???


    Thats just dumb, McGloin doesnt “got it”, Carr maybe, but if Carr gets hurt the season is doomed with Mcgloin

  • Ubermensch

    Moore is good, mcgee? the rest haven’t played and then of course the name you forgot to mention was the worst 1st round pick since 07

  • Back-N-Black

    yep… that was THE HC on his azz. Not a position coach. If Allen didn’t like the guy, he would have just walked away.

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    I still think Thorpe makes the 53 man. You guys are too impulsive lol.

  • mikeschoice

    nope- cant hit on every move-overall grade. 9ers GM tried singletary

  • Ubermensch

    wouldn’t even agree with that. TP is why we HAD MCG nutriders here before tonight

  • JV.

    The media is going to come down HARD on raiders if DA starts Schaub..

    Lots of media guys said they were watching this game to only see Carr.

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    Delivering my new Talyor Made Driver to me on Tuesday driving a Big Brown Truck….

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    I still hate DA…I still think all we need is a new GM and HC

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    New post nut sacks

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    RM. not so much DA yet. his arm and accuracy makes him special

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    Keep him around to help the young guys with the playbook and get them coffee.

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    Manzie looks TINY…..He is going to have a short career.

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    yeh but he got 2-1 because talent was light so menelik could save him

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    made GO look like a play-calling genius on all 4 of his drives though..

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    who cares about the media, its all about the Raiders and us fans