Raiders 35, Seahawks 21 — halftime


Matt McGloin replaced Derek Carr at quarterback early in the second quarter for the Raiders. But not before Carr delivered a third touchdown pass for the Raiders.
As was the case with Carr’s first touchdown pass, he connected with wide receiver Denarius Moore on a back-shoulder throw. Moore did a nice job of turning in time, making the catch and getting down both feed before he stepped out of the end zone.
Carr departed with a 152.1 passer rating, after he completed 11 of 13 passes for 143 yards and the three touchdowns.
Carr passed the torch to McGloin, who struggled matching Carr’s high level of play.
McGloin had one pass intercepted and returned for a touchdown. He had another pass intercepted, but it was overturned because of a Seahawks penalty. He had a third pass that almost was intercepted.
On the bright side, he bounced back after the near miss and connected with wide receiver Brice Butler for a 15-yard touchdown. That marks the fourth time McGloin and Butler hooked up for a touchdown in the past three games.
Make no mistake, this is Carr’s night. There’s nothing McGloin or anyone else can do to shift the spotlight off Carr, who was spotted with a huge smile on his face on the sideline.
Coach Dennis Allen did the wise thing by yanking Carr early. Why not? With Matt Schaub sidelined by a sore right elbow, Allen might need to start Carr against the New York Jets in the regular-season opener.
Then again, the way Carr played tonight, it might not matter how Schaub is feeling in the coming days. Allen just might opt to scrap his original plan and go with Plan B, as he did last season.
Last year, Allen pushed Matt Flynn as the opening-day starter. Then Flynn was sidelined with a sore elbow and Terrelle Pryor earned the starting nod. Flynn was released early in the season after he started only one game.
The Seahawks cut the lead to 35-21 when former Raiders quarterback Terrelle Pryor hooked up with receiver Phil Bates for a 33-yard touchdown with 8 seconds left in the half.
Bates ran past cornerback Neiko Thorpe and awaited Pryor’s throw as Thorpe raced to close the gap. Thorpe wasn’t able to recover in time.


Steve Corkran

  • The Big Banana

    Nobody’s getting woody. I just get a kick out of the guys that you just know are tuned in right now for the sole purpose of hating on the guy. Heck, we had a Pryor update in here last week from someone. I mean, really? Watching Seattle garbage time just to give us a report? Lol


  • marks hair

    We’ll have to spend big somewhere

  • RaidingTexas

    So you think execution matters in the NFL?

  • lefty12

    They won’t be wrong.

  • r8ter4evr

    For sure
    Saw the highlight reel
    Am a believer

  • pcraider

    Quote from Seattle beat writer.
    “@TerryBlountESPN: Nice TD drive by Oakland against the defensive starters for the Seahawks. And no way I’d start Schaub over Carr if I’m the Raiders.”

  • Rico Stifler

    Yeah, but Suh better than both. I am high on Jelly too.

  • JV.

    For a rookie 7th round pick… He’s been solid.

  • scinfidel

    and his returns have been $$$

  • Kamikaze_Sensei

    How do you know who their beat writers are? TRAITOR!

  • 0ak R8rs

    He’ll give us all we need when he gets cut Saturday. And I don’t hate him. I just don’t care because he isn’t a Raider and he sucks.

  • r8ter4evr

    A boy named Suh

  • disqus_yeZNegncsV

    Yeah, he’ll learn little tricks of the trade like letting his body barely bump him he runs.

  • Rico Stifler

    For sure. I’d also look to see what DEs are in FA and the draft next year.

  • mikeschoice

    I think 1 pick in 1st two rounds until this year says it all

  • SkoreLord

    Amazing the progression of Carr in the preseason, 1st game: decent, 2nd game: pretty darn good, 3rd game: wow.

  • The Big Banana

    New post

  • 92101_Raider

    Yes please

  • marks hair

    No central Cal

  • lefty12

    Not really.

  • Rico Stifler

    Jelly is big and strong enough to require two blockers and same with Suh. Take two on Suh and Jelly will pancake whoever is in his path…..

  • Umrao32

    Our hope that he stays steady like this and CARR becomes that MONSTER we need to build the Raiders around.

  • pcraider

    I always look up what other writers have to say to get an unbiased opinion.
    Only when we’re winning of course.

  • 0ak R8rs

    Yea. Not happening. Waste of energy thinking about it. No way he’d wanna come here. And Reggie wouldn’t pay him even if he did.

  • Back-N-Black

    might have a little to do with it.

  • lefty12


  • Rico Stifler

    Holmes lazy as a blocking in the run game despite his size….

  • RaiderReloader

    Please spend money on WRs and playmakers

  • Nobody is tuned in right now for the sole purpose of hating on him. he’s a joke. we all put him behind us. the only reason he gets brought up negatively in here is by the people who make teh stupid argument that he should still be here starting. and Pryor on bubble to make that team.

  • 0ak R8rs

    Atkinson doing what he does best.

  • Que

    Oh wow , I remember a d linemen last name scott for the raiders years ago ( your avatar)

  • Que

    Reggie ( everytime I see something like this)

  • stucktrader

    The O-Line seems to be gelling…

    I think if there was one spot i noticed… it was that even with pressure, there was still a pocket for Carr to sit in… and on running downs, the O-line held their blocks… I especially noticed the rookie LG…

    Did they play vs Seattle’s first team on their 1st touchdown?

    Anyway, looks like Carr should get the start…


    This time its a legit NFL QB making noise, not a project like TP