Raiders switch to Derek Carr at QB goes smoothly as Matt Schaub lends his support and promises to stay prepared


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A decision to switch quarterbacks in the week leading up to the season opener apparently went more smoothly than a year ago.

When Derek Carr went to his first quarterback meeting as the newly anointed starter of the Raiders, Matt Schaub greeted him with his hand extended.

“He said, `Hey, congrats, man,’ and shook my hand,’’ Carr said during a Tuesday press conference. “I started asking how he was doing, how the family was doing. Nothing has changed. In fact, I think he’s probably helped me a little more this week because we’re game-planning.’’

Rewind to the days following the Raiders season-opening loss in Indianapolis a year ago when Terrelle Pryor was asked about the mood of the quarterback room and Matt Flynn, who he supplanted as the quarterback.

“I can’t really think or worry if guys are still dwelling on stuff,’’ Pryor said. “My butt is on the line.’’

Whether Carr’s ascension spurs the Raiders to greater heights remains to be seen, but it’s clear it won’t have an affect on how he, Schaub or Matt McGloin go about their business.

After being deposed, Flynn didn’t talk to reporters until he was forced into a starting role when Pryor missed a Week 4 game against Washington with a concussion. Flynn played poorly that game, and then was released.

Schaub, by contrast, answered questions with no trace of bitterness, promised to be contribute any way he could and extended his support to Carr.

“I’m definitely disappointed but it wouldn’t do me or the team any good if I just stood here and felt sorry for myself,’’ Schaub said. “I only know how to handle things one way. That’s to move forward, stay productive and get myself ready each do so I’m prepared if called upon.’’

Carr brings a different energy that has to do more with personality than youth. He can be excited and emotional, while Schaub has always been measured and deliberate.

“I just try to be the most passionate teammate I could be,’’ Carr said. “When we score I’m so excited. I’m excited bedcause one of my best friends caught a touchdown or one one of my best friends ran for a touchdown. Those are the things that get me excited because I like to see others succeed.’’

Carr said he was so intent on learning everything he could about the position he never concerned himself with whether or not he would start.

“I was really focused on learning this offense the best that I could so when I got on the field, whenever it was, I could help the team win,’’ Carr said. “That’s all I care about _ the Raiders winning. It was a surprise because I wasn’t thinking about it.’’

The fourth quarterback selected in the draft, and the only rookie starter, Carr shrugged off any feelings of vindication for teams that didn’t take him in the first round.

“As a competitor every kid wants to go in the first round,’’ Carr said. “Some people didn’t see it that way. I’m glad they didn’t because I ended up in a great spot, the exact spot that I wanted to be. I can’t be upset at it at all.’’

Allen believes he and general manager Reggie McKenzie have assembled a team that won’t be fazed by a switch in quarterbacks.

“Our guys are going to support whoever we put back there,’’ Allen said. “Our players’ responsibility is to go out there and perform at a high level, but I do think they’ve responded well to Derek. I think the understand the talent that he is and I think they’re excited about him having the opportunity to go out there and play.’’

— Schaub said he is “absolutely’’ healthy enough to play and although he appeared to get less work in practice, Allen said the plan was for Schaub to be the No. 2 quarterback against the Jets Sunday.

— Chimdi Chekwa missed practice for the second straight day. The first cornerback up behind starters Tarell Brown and Carlos Rogers is rookie seventh-round pick TJ Carrie, Allen said.

Carrie could see considerable time in the nickel, probably playing outside with Rogers playing the slot.

— Cornerback and special teams gunner Taiwan Jones returned to practice.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

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    The press are lame. Most of their offices are in New York, no wonder they are picking the Jets.

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    Exactly. Carr will not have a chance if we become one dimensional.

  • R8drTahoe in SF

    1. NFL.com has Carr tied for 31st in a QB comparison ranking. He is tied with Hoyer. (It makes sense considering he has not played a regular season game in the NFL)

    2. Jack Crawford is not on the Cowboys roster, contrary to popular belief.

    3. I can’t wait for Sunday to get here so I can watch Raiders football! J-E-T-S S-U-K!

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    I don’t understand how we didn’t take a clear cut top 5 pick in Star Loutelei. We passed on him because of his heart condition just to take ANOTHER kid with a heart condition.

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    To understate this is to not know why great organizations are great.

    Players want to win and make money so they can make love to whomever. If they think they can get that with your team they will come running.

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    I was playing polka’s because i thought they were tirwed of Pat Boone.
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