Raiders 19, Bills 10 — End of 3rd Quarter


The Raiders extended their lead to six for the second time today with a Sebastian Janikowski 36-yard field goal on their first drive of the second half.
Running back Latavius Murray did the bulk of the work on the drive, as he busted off runs of 25 and 17 yards to get the Raiders deep into Bills territory.
Derek Carr took shots in the end zone on back-to-back plays at the end of the drive. However, Carr’s throws for receiver Andre Holmes and tight end Mychal Rivera, respectively, ended up incomplete. Holmes came close to making the catch on the throw that went his way, but it was broekn up by a Bills defender.
The Raiders held the Bills yet again after Janikowski’s third field goal, which gave them an opportunity to make it a two-score game.
That’s precisely what the Raiders did, as Carr, Murray and McFadden helped the Raiders get the Raiders into field-goal range.
As he had done the first three times today, Janikowksi split the uprights, this time from 49 yards. That upped the lead to 19-10, with the Bills offense showing little signs of being able to score two more times.
Raiders rookie linebacker Khalil Mack has had one of his better games, which has forced Orton to get rid of the ball in a hurry or at least sooner than he prefers.
As the quarter ended, the Bills had marched to the Raiders 29-yard line. They face a second-and-13. Orton to Chris Hogan netted 31 yards to get the Bills to midfield.
A quick slant from Orton to Sammy Watkins got the Bills into field-goal range.
As it stands, the Raiders are one quarter away from winning their third game of the season, all at home.


Steve Corkran

  • Um, if we went for 2 and missed, Buffalo could have just tried to tie the game.

  • GotNext

    You just knew Jano would miss that kick.

  • RaidingTexas

    Tongue in cheek. But seriously, they missed a flagrant chop block on that TD play.

  • 2romes

    It’s crazy they can’t see these things that are so obvious.

  • Stabler

    Nice win against a top notch defense. I’d still rather have the #1 overall pick.

  • the astonishing dr robert

    And they could’ve just won it.

  • RaidingTexas

    We won.

  • Nice picture, nice game ­čÖé

  • Dakota

    New post



  • Up by 9 is better then up by 8 if you fail.
    I have never once in my life seen a team go for 2 in the 4th quarter up by 8.
    Never once. Buffalo could have tied the game

  • marks hair


  • Blackholepriest

    I cannot believe they won this game. Im serious thye play soo much better in the Blackhole.

  • Alex7

    that sounded fun: “As the Raiders, eliminate the Bills.”

    payback for 93!

  • 2romes

    Good day my man.

  • The “When to go for 2 sheet” disagrees with you.
    That was created by ACTUAL HC’s.

  • timetojam

    Bad, bad holding. Apparently you gotta maul someone to get a flag

  • 619raider

    Too close for comfort lol. Just glad we pulled it out.

  • LB32

    it’s definitely is within his range but hes 19/22 which is pretty good

  • the astonishing dr robert

    Yes I know. I’m just FVCKING around cuz we nearly gave up TWO scores.

  • LB32


  • Alex7

    most teams play better at home =)

  • the astonishing dr robert

    Yes dummy. I was making a crazed “fire Sparano” post.

  • Yup.

  • 2romes

    Could have injured Tuck to boot!

  • Leonel Varela

    all I want for Christmas is a real GM and coaching staff… can’t wait to see this kids being properly coached good night nation…

  • That would make sense with the first comment, and would be well played.
    But you continue don with “and they could’ve just won it”.

  • the astonishing dr robert

    Humor lost in the translation I guess.

  • 2romes

    Get an Avg or above avg GM and a good coach will follow for this team. Many coaches want in on this org at this point but a ,”I want my guy”, Reggie is a move killer.

  • No ├Ęs NewOrlen├Ęs do.