Players resolute in support of Sparano, say Raiders not ‘far off’


Tony Sparano told his players Monday that he is their coach until further notice. If his players have any say, Sparano will have the interim label removed from his title by Raiders owner Mark Davis and made the full-time head coach next season.
“The easier question to ask is why wouldn’t I, and I can’t think of any reasons why I wouldn’t,” veteran defensive end Justin Tuck said, when asked why he wants Sparano back next season.
Sparano replaced Dennis Allen four games into this season, when the Raiders were 0-4 and Davis fired Allen.
The Raiders lost the first six games coached by Sparano. However, they split their final six games, with wins over the Kansas City Chiefs, 49ers and Buffalo Bills, all teams that were in the playoff hunt at the time and finished with eight or nine victories.
Veteran defensive tackle Antonio Smith said Sparano deserves credit for taking over a team chock full of issues and getting it on the right track.
In face, Smith said, it’s conceivable that the Raiders would have gone 0-16 if Sparano didn’t assume the reins.
“Definitely,” Smith said. “It could have easily went that way. Oh, yeah. If everybody wouldn’t have bought in, if he wouldn’t have been able to relate to players enough to get them to buy in, it would have been exactly that.”
Sparano will get a crack at making his case for keeping the job. Yet, Davis said last week that the process will being in earnest this week.
A Fox Sports report earlier today said that Davis made a last-ditch effort at Jim Harbaugh, but Harbaugh spurned the overture so that he can accept the coaching job at the University of Michigan.
Left offensive tackle Donald Penn thinks the Raiders already have the right guy in place.
“You have to understand, he inherited somebody else’s team,” Penn said of Sparano. “If you give him an offseason to make his moves and bring in the guys he wants to bring and give him a year with his own team, a full year, he will make some changes and things will get better. I hope they do give him an opportunity to be the head coach. I’m a big fan.”
Penn, Tuck and Smith said the Raiders are close to being a playoff-caliber team. Don’t be fooled by their 3-13 record, they say.
“We’re not far off,” Tuck said. “Obviously you look at the record and say ‘They’re at the bottom of the league and things like that.’ I’ve played this game long enough and a lot of guys around here have played this game long enough to know that the foundation has been set here.”


Steve Corkran

  • BigBenRexor

    He’s going to need a backhoe, and i’m not talking about Rico Stiflers mom.

  • 1960AutumnWind

    I wouldn’t complain…

  • Cervantes74

    No Gruden…ok. No Harbaugh…that sucks, should have traded for him and beat Michigan to the punch…oh well. Who’s left but retreads like Del Rio…another Donkey assistant…pass. Donkey OC…pass.

    Want to make this right Mark? Bring back Hue and let’s see what he can do with an actual DC.

  • scooboy

    He did make the playoffs with them but I’d rather have Jack Del Rio coaching than Sporano

  • kenchun24

    Mark – “I need to see progress this year.”
    Cap ‘n Crunch – “Stays crunchy in milk!”

    Liars! All of them!

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    We did! What about the rest?

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    Ha! Rico is a Pacers fan, he’s used to being McKenzied

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    Ahh, good catch.

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    New post

  • scooboy

    Stop it. What has Hue done lately to get a mother shot as HC. At least DEL Rio has playoff experience

  • 1960AutumnWind

    I have been saying and trying to demonstrate proof of this for a long time.

  • disqus_yeZNegncsV

    Traded for him? Yeah, right. He had control to say no to any trade and we hardly have great picks to give.

  • marks hair

    the payroll was financially sound the payroll is taken care of by TV contracts. Davis is complete financial portfolio is another thing entirely.

  • disqus_yeZNegncsV

    Carol has a maid.

  • Cervantes74

    Co-sign in the Biggest of Ways! No more Donkey’s Not named Thomas!

  • Gdog

    Those are his only good signings…

  • Cervantes74

    Never gonna understand all the hate Hue gets around here…it’s like he’s worse than DA and RM. All he’s done is take below average and average QBs and make them above average…wouldn’t mind seeing him with Carr a couple of draft picks/fas on the wings. In the last 12 seasons how many times have we averaged over 24 points per game?

    Twice…both with Hue calling the plays and that’s still not enough. Guess you’d rather have Olson and Tony leading year 4 of the reconstruction.

  • AlDavisJr

    So cap space, check cashers and draft picks don’t count? OK then…

  • Cervantes74

    Forgive me if I WANT NOTHING TO DO WITH DONKEY ASSISTANTS after Shanarat and DA.

  • RAY – NJ

    Tom Cable’s name is coming up quite a bit as HC candidate around the league.

  • xXRaider2DaHeartXx

    Scott Bair ‏@BairCSN 25s26 seconds ago
    Wisniewski: ‘Might have been my last game as a Raider’

  • 2romes

    Well stated. I guess you see want you want to see.

  • Thec

    Cable is a cool dude…Pimp hand and all, would make a good Raid HC.

  • Theghostronin79

    He was actually the last coach I DIDN’T want to see leave here.

  • RaiderCDE

    press conference is just Sparano… no Shrek and Donkey

  • RaiderCDE

    Tony: ‘Conversations with Mark and Reggie have taught me alot’

    what a brown noser…

  • LondonAl

    He owned the AFC West at one time.
    Also he kept his assistant coaches in line….hehe

  • Mr Football

    Neither would I or most on this site

  • Mr Football

    It’s called a gravel pit. Even that wouldn’t be big enough to hide a decade of disaster. No playoffs in 12 years. Really!!!!

  • Mr Football

    Well at least we know it will be rented for a year and not put on scholarship

  • Mr Football

    That’s right any so-called fan should be called a traitor to the nation.

    Only real fans are real men. Go raiders…

    Can we please get these niner faithful clones off of this site. They are so ridiculous

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    Come on know. You are spouting nonsense

  • Boar Hunter aka TUCK YOU

    Not buying these players’ BS, they want another year’s scholarship and salary, EFF them, Reggie’s retreads are all Bums

  • Boar Hunter aka TUCK YOU

    Only an idiot would even listen

  • Boar Hunter aka TUCK YOU

    Some posters here hit it on the head, Mark cares as much about winning as Donald Sterling did. I bet his hoe is an even uglier she male.

  • Zymurge

    Not at all. This is his second time around as a HC and he has learned a lot. Part of the first year rookie mistakes I’m sure involve not enough communication up the chain. These guys are like execs in corporations. In that world, competence alone is not enough to succeed in your job. You have to know how and what to communicate to keep the people with their hands on the controls happy. It’s just part of the job.

  • masterblaster

    Tony will be the HC all this interviewing is for the media attention and make Tony squirm. If REGGIE STAYS then there is no point in getting a high profile HC. Reggie will get one more year to produce a NFL competing team. Then Mark should have a new stadium deal resign carr to extension and get his prize high profile management staff