Raiders coaching search takes flight


The Raiders search for a full-time head coach is well underway, with former NFL head coaches Eric Mangini and Pat Shurmur scheduled to interview for the opening.
Mangini has been with the 49ers the past two seasons. Last season he was the team’s tight ends coach. A Fox Sports report said the Raiders were granted permission to interview Mangini.
Mangini coached the New York Jets from 2006-08 and the Cleveland Browns in 2009-10. During that time, he compiled a 33-47 record.
Shurmur posted a 9-23 mark as the Browns coach in 2011-12. Shurmur spent the past two seasons as the Eagles offensive coordinator. PhillyMag.com said the Raiders were granted permission to interview Shurmur.
Raiders owner Mark Davis also has plans to interview interim coach Tony Sparano at some point. Sparano said Monday that he is confident in his ability and that he wants to return as the Raiders coach “very, very badly.”
Arizona Central Sports reported that the Raiders, as well as the other teams with open head-coaching jobs, contacted the Cardinals about the prospect of interviewing defensive coordinator Todd Bowles.
Bowles has been with the Cardinals the past two seasons. Coincidentally, he replaced Sparano for three games as the Dolphins interim head coach in 2011 after Sparano got fired. The Dolphins went 2-1 under Bowles.


Steve Corkran

  • tuckrulefool

    No just the guys you are raising are not GOOD ex HC…Shurmur? Mangina? right out of the box thats our BEST?


  • Born With a Patch

    Contract expires at the end of their season

  • Dan78


  • 909RaiderLifer

    Sad isn’t it?…5-11 would be progression….

  • tuckrulefool

    I do like some retreads…young with fire..(i also wanted chuckie and harbaugh for sure…both ‘retreads…GOOD ones…)

    0. Bowles (Miami interim)
    1. McDaniels
    2. Haley
    3. Billick (out too long?)
    4. Maybe Del Rio (on fence here)
    5. Maybe one or 2 more if I think some more about it…

    That’s kinda my point here…lots of media saying we are NOT a bad landing place…if so we need to stop going after Plan C guys when its plan A time…

    I also think after 12 years, we have Battered Fan Syndrome.

    Anyone coming here is a good thing..anyone at all…

  • Dan78

    Thanks Reggie…

  • veni,vidi,vici


  • 909RaiderLifer

    Vic Tafur @VicTafur 28m Suh’s dirty … but sign him and a playmaking receiver and #Raiders make a big jump, whoever the coach is #makeitrain

  • tuckrulefool

    No more generic HCs…

    After Bowles….

    What about Todd Haley? Had fire and grew up I’ve read…
    Same for McDaniels…

    And Ill start a war I know but Hue would make me very excited. Dude was brilliant on the O side…Match him up with a strong DC and we could be back a whole lot faster than the..

    “TEN AND THEN” bs some on subscribe to……

  • Orthodoxdj

    “I don’t want a ‘retread’ and I don’t want a coach who doesn’t have HC experience.”

  • TJ

    This is my order, too. I like the way you think. Someone tell Reggie and Mark that this is the order they need to go with!

  • I like Todd Haley.
    I think he is a pr1ck sometimes, but mebe we need that.

  • tuckrulefool

    we DEFINITELY need that

  • Alex

    That’s not asking too much now is it? lol

  • NavyRaider

    Does anyone find it funny that Reggie brings in Holmgren (Packers connection) to consult with after DA is fired and we are now going to interview the two coaches Holmgren had when was the President of the Browns?

    Reggie doesn’t have a clue how to hire a coach and do anything outside of evaluating college players which he is only ok at doing at best so far.

  • severeraiderz

    The same reason Bowles doesn’t have one lmao.

  • severeraiderz

    Lmao the DC calls the defense buddy. You’re not sounding like u know what ur talking about

  • DanfromVegas

    Two things, Bowles has never been a head coach and he is currently being sought out to be a head coach.

  • StrongGrogCharlie

    or, you could just buck up and admit that was unfair…as was labeling me ‘politically correct’ in an attempt to devalue my observation.

    …just an option

  • GG

    Good observation.

    It’s fleshing out like a Holmgren Prez, Reggie GM, with ex-Brown HC type of set-up. The “sweeping change” more like a “reshuffling of a plan”.

  • Jojo

  • xdirtyxpnwxraidersfan

    Looks like dr.Frankenstein and his monster

  • Da Truth

    “Reggie doesn’t have a clue how to hire a coach”

    Your incredible sample size of 1 leading to your hypothesis is laughable.

  • Mr Football

    Don’t pull the trigger

  • severeraiderz

    They have games this weekend therefore they can’t interview until they are out of the playoffs

  • Purvisman/Eternal Optimist

    You want to know what I think?

    I didn’t think so.