Raiders sign nine players, including six familiar faces


The Raiders on Tuesday signed nine players to reserve/futures contracts, including six players who ended the season on the 10-man practice squad.
Practice squads dissolve once a team’s season ends. Those teams now operate with a 90-man roster, instead of the 53-man roster used during the regular season and playoffs.
Here is a list of the nine players added to the roster: running back Terrance Cobb, wide receivers Seth Roberts and Jeremy Gallon, guard Lamar Mady, offensive tackle Dan Kistler, defensive tackle Kona Schwenke, defensive back Vernon Kearney, linebacker Justin Jackson and cornerback Jansen Watson.
Of the aforementioned players, Mady and Kearney are the only ones who weren’t rookies this season.


Steve Corkran

  • Cervantes74

    Why should rm get any credit…Penn was let go after the 1st wave of FA…rm had zero competition.

  • Reuel Smith

    boycott this crap organization

  • Nick Gancayco

    Pretty much everyone. Just bc he was a concensus top 15 pick doesnt mean teams werent scared of his size.

    Look up almost any oredraft analysis of him and i guarantee there is a mention there about him “lacking ideal size” or being a little small. Obviously a lot of teams saw the film, and the 4.68 and didnt care.

  • r8rjake
  • Back-N-Black

    had a nap and wake to find out Pete Carroll told @SiriusXMNFL that Darrell Bevell interviewed “the other night” with the Oakland Raiders for their head coaching job.

    Mark is looking at people who can develop Carr. Bevell, Hamilton, Shurmur… definitely a theme.

  • 2romes

    If Reggie is still here it will be the day before the next preseason’s game. Keeps the opponent guessing.

  • SaintKaufman

    brian55906 says: Dec 31, 2014 3:13 PM

    As a Bills fan…….. I respect the overall season record.

    But good lord……. Punting on 4th and 1 from the Patriots 43 yard line……
    I’d fire him just for that. He pulled stuff like that all season.
    For those who don’t follow the Bills, he is super conservative to
    an EXTREME x 100000000

  • PlunkforHOF

    Way to do it right boys.

  • scooboy

    Make it happen

  • ComptonRaider

    Sorry brother. This crap organization is embedded to our DNA. Raider Nation ain’t goin’ nowhere!

  • disqus_yeZNegncsV

    Sure seems so.

  • Nick Gancayco

    Here’s one

    “The former Panther isn’t the biggest prospect in the draft, but he uses that lack of size to his advantage, exploding past bigger, slower offensive linemen to wreak havoc in the backfield. He’s surprisingly quick and strong, using his height to get leverage and shove past the bigger interior linemen. He has a nose for the football and can be an absolute force on the line.

    However, Donald isn’t without risk. His size means he can be bullied around by bigger linemen, and if he gets jammed up, his arms aren’t long enough to work his way out of trouble.

    Will Donald’s explosiveness and athleticism lead to NFL success? Or will his size ultimately keep him from living up to his potential in the pros? Watch as our draft experts discuss the defensive tackle’s ceiling and what he brings to the league. “

  • JV.

    New post.

  • Theghostronin79

    Now wait a minute….You’re telling me, that SH*T happens and it DOESN’T get reported while it’s actually happening? All this time I thought the Raiders were doing nothing because I didnt read about it on twitter, or hear it on the radio…

  • Raiderguy10

    New post

  • RaidO

    or that the Raiders ranked dead last in offense.

  • disqus_yeZNegncsV

    Center is now an issue; RT is an issue.

  • JV.


  • jesusraiderjim

    Took the thought right outta my head. These people LOL

  • aig-raiders

    1. we ran all over KC the first game and Buff. You want to pull up Carr’s passing numbers in those games? At one point, Carr was 6-20 when Murray and DMAC were gashing them vs Buff. Carr had 2 20+ plays in that game. That is still 1 less than the prev crew avg of 3 per game.

    2. Our sorry QBs in 2013 led their offense to 20.1 points per game. Their big plays was almost 50% more than Carr’s supposedly better qb arm. But that lousy qb crew got ran out of town while the guy that couldnt match up the production is hailed as a franchise QB.

    For the record, I wanted the 2014 Raiders to out produce the 2013 crew. The D did just that. The O failed miserably. We were good enough to be a 7-9 or 8-8 team this year.

  • IVRaider

    So he didn’t play well against the 2nd and 3rd ranked pass defenses in the league? The same team that made Manning and Rodgers have their worst game of the year, the Bills? And that’s the argument why he isn’t good? Not to mention the receivers dropped several passes in that game. And you completely ignored the stats about rushing TDs. 12 less rushing TDs= 5 less points per game. McGloin looked terrible in his only action (2 picks in 19 attempts). You think it would have been much better if he had played all 16 games? I’m not arguing the offense didn’t fail this year. Clearly, it did. I am just saying, I think it was the players around Carr more than it was Carr. Have a happy new year my friend, I’m off to drink and be merry.

  • ahhh he turned Buffalo around in a very short amount of time with NO QB

  • aig-raiders

    1. McGloin had 1 of those ints completely goofed up by Holmes or else that’d be another td as the FS was behind holmes. In that game, MM had 2 20+ plays in 19 attempts with the same roster that Carr spent 600+ attempts on to produce 28. So the argument over the supporting cast is invalid.
    2. As for rushing TDs, Rashad Jennings ran it in 2x from the 1 yd line vs the Cowboys in the 2013 thanksgiving game after McG passed the ball down there. This is why i give the total scoring credit to the QB just like Carr didnt throw a td vs AZ but he certainly earned that td that DMC ran in after a big bomb. You guys that hang on to every passing td to determine the efficiency of the qb is so flawed and I just proved it. McGloin also called an audible vs the Jets that allowed Reece to run 63 for a td as credited by Olson afterward. Didnt hear about such this year did we?
    3. In McG’s first start, he went up against the number 1 passing D on the road in Houston and didnt have a problem putting points on the board nor did he go 6-20. The point is you guys continue to make every excuse available for Carr. When proven that Carr’s passing didnt elevate with a running game, you come up with but the D was really good.
    4. I dont care about MM’s 6 games. We know Carr playd 16 games and we know MM+TP+Flynn combined for 16. Now how did each group lead their offense? 5 points less.
    5. I didnt say dump Carr. I dont think he was the good qb that you guys seem to believe. He was very inefficient as the offensive production or lack of it backed it up, the lack of scoring and even PFF rated him as -21. I dont care much for PFF but anyone rating -21 cannot be good.

  • aig-raiders

    for the record, in MM’s 6 starts, Jennings played in 5. 3 of those games he got 30, 45 and 70 yds. yet MM still put up big passing plays and scoring. So the myth that somehow Jennings was the diff maker is debunked.

  • Raider 8

    raiders have dragged feet in the past and coming off 11-37 in 3 seasons with zero pro bowlers acquired in that time. of course there’s gonna be doubt and consternation.

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