Report: Raiders, 49ers considering Mike Shanahan as head coach with Kyle Shanahan as O-coordinator


The Raiders and 49ers are among three teams considering Mike Shanahan as head coach and his son Kyle as offensive coordinator, according to a report Tuesday in the Cleveland Plain Dealer.

Kyle Shanahan, 35, is currently offensive coordinator of the Browns and would have to be let out of his contract after one season to accept a job working with his father.

The Buffalo Bills, who according to ESPN requested an interview with Kyle Shanahan to be their head coach, are the third team in the equation. All three teams have already had discussions with Mike Shanahan.

The Shanahans worked together from 2010 through 2013 with Washington and it wasn’t always smooth.

The NFL Network reported at the end of last season Kyle Shanahan wanted to escape the “stigma” associated with working under his father and chart his own course.

When Robert Griffin III was benched near the end of the 2013 season, Kyle Shanahan told reporters he was frustrated with the decision and had nothing to do with elevating Kirk Cousins to starting quarterback.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • 1960AutumnWind

    @ChrisHansenNFL: I really like Scot McCloughan, but zero chance I hand him my top football ops job before he proves he can stay off the bottle.

  • DKnight007


  • DutchRaid
  • Raidertalk

    Looking back it was a HUGE HUGE mistake to have a rookie owner, rookie General manger and rookie Head coach ALL come in at the same time. Like you said “shooting in the dark” no way to know what you’re doing.

    This franchise has come to a complete halt. The new coach will determine if this brand survives. However, based on their 3 year record, I have no faith in their ability to make an adequate hire.

  • Reuel Smith

    it would be another barrier broken! lol

  • GG
  • The Machine

    I was at both of those games.

  • source close to shanahan says the guy wants the 9ers and is only driving up the price by interviewing elsewhere. guess we’ll talk facts if and when it happens.

  • aig-raiders

    bro, using the 0-16 as an excuse when he was the assistant HC and playing a big role of it will not work. That’s like picking between an ugly chick and a fugly chick.

  • xXJustReFreshBabyXx

    Damn i wish that check said my name.

  • WILLY91137

    He done what Mark always wanted to do LOL mark like his dad wants to win he’s got John Madden help in an interview rat face if he takes a job Mark will paid him that half $1 million from the last time he was here maybe

  • Oak R8rs

    Lloyd may have no clue. But what exactly r we supposed to remember? That Al fired him? That he beat our azzes for two decades? Pretty sure Al would appreciate shanarats competitive motivation.

  • Oak R8rs

    Yea. Follow your hero that’s never won anything and never will. Later.

  • WILLY91137

    Are you pulling the wagon

  • WILLY91137

    John Madden can ask the football questions would you go back to zone blocking is going to be defensive coordinator do we have to changes our whole offense of line for your zone blocking

  • WILLY91137

    Reggie has never been a coach he knows player personnel is a good scout and he’s good at setting up a draft board other than that he’s not all that I think the idea was that Dennis Allen was going to set the team up well that didn’t work he is interviewing a coach now that knows how to set a team up

  • WILLY91137

    John Maddrn is the Raiders so Dakoto FU

  • severeraiderz

    Time has already proven you wrong. RG3 has a problem with trusting that his wr will be where they should be. Most young qbs in a wco have that problem. They wait until they see it with their eyes and in the NFL thats too late. In college you throw to open guys, in the NFL you throw guys open. You have to anticipate where they will be and put it there. When he learns that, he will be a very good qb. He has to get better at operating from under center and become more disciplined in his drops. The fact still remains that he has tools that Cousins does not possess and as of right now is a better QB than him, with a much higher ceiling.

  • Random_White_Guy

    I cannot be a Raiders fan while the Shanahans coach them. If Mark hires them, I’m done.

  • David C. Moorman

    Two decades? Are you high? Shannarat was hired by the Raiders in 88 to replace Tom Flores. He was an outsider. Shannarat was hated the players and fought with Al about everything.Then Shannarat fired defensive assistants Willie Brown and Charlie Sumner. Al re-hired Brown. Outside of Elway Shannarat has a losing record. F8ck him.

  • Zymurge

    It’s a pipe dream to think that a guy that learned to play one of the most complex and cerebral position in all sports will suddenly just get it all and change to a pocket passer when he ran his way into the NFL. Very few have successfully made that transition. RGIII hasn’t shown much that says he can either. Strong arm and mobility don’t do a thing for expediting your learning curve for all the crazy hard things you mentioned above that he can just learn.

    When guys like Carr and McG walk in and do those things on day 1 it shows you just how much it’s a long learned skill that comes from years and years of developing in the pocket. They have a lot of learning in throwing guys open, reading the situation to find the right target, and doing all that at game speed. All RGIII knows how to do is run away from that speed when his guy isn’t wide open like he was in college.

    If getting benched for first Cousins and then Colt Frickin McCoy isn’t proof of this, then you’ll never see it.

  • Mike_Trail

    Not if that is the system you are running. Some systems require smaller quicker linemen and teams draft for it….
    All I am saying is that it’s a legitimate technique and it keeps the DL a lilttle bit on their heels. It is what it is.

  • R8erEduc8er


  • DKnight007

    Soprano not going for it in Denver territory on 4th down with nothing to lose in that last game and not even going for a FG is all I need to see as him as a HC of this team. NO! It’s a waste of time. I go with Del Rio with Koetter as OC and Smith as DC.

  • severeraiderz

    Lmao Matt McGloin? You bring up Matt McGloin as a qb that gets it!? Hahahaha im done with this lmfao

  • Charles Larson

    Shurmur as HC and Rex Ryan as DC could be good. Del Rio as HC and Shurmur as OC could be good, too. Rex will probably be hired as HC by Atlanta. Reggie McKenzie as GM is a huge liability who must go. I deserve the job since I beat them with my Raider draft “picks” every year and free agent suggestions to RM via mail, fax and on websites, but I don`t expect to get it. I only expect to keep beating them in both the Draft and with my free-agent suggestions. It`s a tiny hobby I keep improving on after 40 years.HaHaHa…I`m sorry that the Raiders` front office sucks and is the NFL`s laughing stock. I`m beyond fed up with their losing. What more can a Raiders fan do than to lobby for the job I was born for ? WTF ? It would be my easiest job ever at doing well. I`ll start out at minimum wage, for God`s sake,just give me the job and check up on the team at midseason, Mark Davis.