Raiders coaching odds (revised)


Assessing Raiders coaching candidates through seven interviews and one reported assistant coach of interest still involved in the postseason:

Odds: 2-1
Current job: Raiders interim head coach
Age: 53
Head coaching experience: Raiders, 2014, Miami Dolphins 2008-11
Appeal: Had recent sit-down with Mark Davis but has remained in contact with the owner all through the process as interim head coach. There are advantages to working on the inside.
Downside: As much as Davis likes Sparano, he expected better than 3-9 and the one-sided road losses that ended the season.

Odds: 3-1
Age: 49
Current job: Philadelphia Eagles offensive coordinator
Head coaching experience: Cleveland Browns 2008-11.
Appeal: Would come in with a mandate to energize one of the NFL’s most stagnant offense with experience in Chip Kelly’s up-tempo system in Philadelphia.
Downside: Offensive system doesn’t match up with general manager Reggie McKenzie’s vision of the Raiders as a ground and pound team that plays to its defense.

Odds: 4-1
Age: 51
Current job: Denver Broncos defensive coordinator
Head coaching experience: Jacksonville Jaguars 2003-11.
Appeal: His 68-71 record in Jacksonville with two playoff appearances merits a second look given the Jaguars’ 11-42 record since his departure in 2011.
Downside: The longer the Broncos stay alive in the postseason, the longer the Raiders have to wait while top-notch assistant coaches find jobs elsewhere.

Odds: 5-1
Age: 44
Current job: Seattle Seahawks offensive coordinator
Head coaching experience: None.
Appeal: Record coaching quarterbacks is solid with Vikings (2006-10) and Packers (2000-05) and did excellent work with Russell Wilson with Seahawks.
Downside: Early interview was largely preliminary as owner Mark Davis was not present.

Odds: 6-1
Age: 40
Current job: Indianapolis Colts offensive coordinator
Head coaching experience: None.
Appeal: History suggests the Raiders had success in 1998 by taking a young, promising offensive mind in Jon Gruden and allowing him to energize a struggling franchise.
Downside: Had Andrew Luck on his side at Stanford and with Indianapolis Colts, which could mask deficiencies.

Odds: 7-1
Age: 62
Current job: Unemployed.
Head coaching experience: Los Angeles Raiders 1988-89, Denver Broncos 1995-2008, Washington Redskins 2010-13
Appeal: Experienced offensive coach who knows how to implement his system and accurately gauge the weakness of an opponent.
Downside: Did his best work in the 1990s with 49ers (as offensive coordinator) and Broncos and is used to the kind of roster control he probably won’t have under Reggie McKenzie.

Odds: 10-1
Age: 43
Current job: 49ers tight ends coach
Head coaching experience: New York Jets 2006-08, Cleveland Browns 2009-10.
Appeal: Has learned the hard way with the Jets and Browns and presumably has a plan in place to make the third time a charm.
Downside: Considered a bit of a control freak and not the kind of personality which would necessarily mesh with returning veterans.

Odds: 12-1
Age: 51
Current job: Dallas Cowboys passing game coordinator.
Head coaching experience: St. Louis Rams 2006-08.
Appeal: Once upon a time, Al Davis had his eye on Linehan as a play-caller. Is flourishing now with a run-first offense that has Cowboys in playoffs.
Downside: Seems an unlikely candidate at this stage given there has not been a preliminary interview.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

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