Raiders owner Mark Davis on hiring a coach: `It could be tomorrow. It could be three weeks from now.’


How close are the Raiders to choosing a head coach?

“It could be tomorrow. It could be three weeks from now,” Raiders owner Mark Davis said Thursday night.

The Raiders held their second interview with interim coach Tony Sparano Wednesday, Davis said. Sparano and Davis spoke for more than two hours before the regular-season finale against Denver and have spoken often since the end of the season.

Included in the session Wedneday with Sparano was Raiders Hall of Fame coach John Madden, as well as general manager Reggie McKenzie and team executives Marc Badain, Dan Ventrelle and Tom Delaney.

Candidates who have interviewed so far besides Sparano include Seattle Seahawks offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell, Philadelphia Eagles offensive coordinator Pat Shurmur, Denver Broncos defensive coordinator Jack Del Rio, Indianapolis Colts offensive coordinator Pep Hamilton, former NFL coach Mike Shanahan, and 49ers tight ends coach and former NFL coach Eric Mangini.

The Raiders were also reportedly interested in Dallas Cowboys passing game coordinator Scott Linehan, although there has not been an interview conducted.

Bevell, Del Rio and Hamilton are off-limits until the week before the Super Bowl at the earliest if their teams remain in the playoffs. All become available immediately after a loss. Linehan, since he hasn’t been interviewed, is not available until after the Super Bowl if his team makes it that far.

Davis said that he was interested in hiring a coach with experience as an NFL coach but wasn’t wedded to the idea and declined to say whether there is a candidate as yet unidentified by the media who could emerge.

Although Shanahan was fired by Raiders owner Al Davis in 1989 and the two remained bitter enemies over a contract dispute, Mark Davis defended the decision to touch base with Shanahan in this coaching search.

“This is something I learned from my Dad,” Davis told Mercury News columnist Tim Kawakami. “You listen to everybody because you can learn from anybody.”

Davis, who mostly sat out the process in 2012 while McKenzie conducted the search which landed Dennis Allen as head coach, called the process “educational” and disputed a Bleacher Report story which said candidates were hesitant to join the Raiders because of their unsettled front office structure.

“I’ve never heard that,” Davis said.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • LondonAl

    You took the words right of my mouth. I didn’t mind Icky Woods dance. I didn’t mind a good spike of the ball or throwing it into the crowd but all this me me is silly.
    Sanders and Irvin. I could vomit at those two.

  • Gdog

    Which makes this entire process even more disturbing. Reggie is tied to MD’s hip for life I’m afraid. Regardless of record. Unless Psarano takes a one year “prove it” contract or something. I don’t see Del Rio or anyone else doing that.

  • JH

    Seems some of that was because coaches with teams in the playoffs had a small window of time where they could be interviewed.

  • ugh.

  • marks hair

    if you take a first time head coach he will probably be a little more likely to get pushed around by the GM or owner.. He most likely feels lucky to have the job.

    if you take someone who’s been recycled more than once he probably feels lucky to have the job as well..

    a coach on his second job is more likely to want to do things his way & win lose or draw go out on his own terms this time around.

    Shurmur or del rio are probably the safest choices. one guy would help the defense. The other guy would help carr and the offense.

  • marks hair

    it sounds like tressmen and kotter are already making plans.

  • LondonAl

    The only reason I can think of is a dysfunctional management structure.

  • marks hair

    Hire Del rio draft Williams.
    Hire Shumur draft Cooper

    FĂșck tony.. Nice guy, but no.

  • Oak R8rs

    Tweet said they requested permission right? Doesn’t mean they r available or willing I guess.

  • marks hair

    I think some of the early interviews on skype or just with Reggie we’re kind of like recruiting trips. See what the coaches like see if he would even be interested before we call him back to Oakland for the real interview.

  • disqus_yeZNegncsV

    new post

  • RaiderLen

    Stalin was not afraid to erase any perceived threats to his power.

    Some place it in the millions. People with power have this habit of wanting to keep it. By any means.

  • Rolo

    Take the interim tag off Sparano, Olson gets released/ fired/ expired. Match the money if not pay more, to promote DeFillippo to OC and Saunders will have his muse to work with. Find a new qb whisperer. Get rid of Bobby April, his ST coaching was horrid in every aspect – KR, KO coverage, PR, punt coverage. DC – Tarver was horrific in the first half but actually good in the second half except for the 3rd down zone coverage issues. Williams is lucky he got a job at UF, he had to go. DL had not performed in his tutelage.

  • Rolo

    Oh, and to take Sparano’s OL coach position, track down Frank Pollack (current asst OL coach, Dallas Cowboys) and bring him back. Under him during the Cable-HueJax era, look how well the Raider OL functioned in man-to-man run blocking. And if Tarver is out, sign Perry Fewell, the former Giants DC. Fewell couldn’t have gone bad overnight, talent deficiency wrecked his last season as Giants DC. And he also did yeoman work as Bills DC before joining the Giants. Think of what he did with that Giants DL – Strahan, Tuck, JPP. Uminyora, etc, until they got old and were retired/ released or left.

  • Rolo

    To replace Sparano the OL coach, go re-sign Frank Pollack. Look at Pollacks resume under Cable-HueJax as OL coach. McFalldown had his only 1000 yard season and running game rushed for 2000+ yards per season. If Tarver is gone, get Perry Fewell a.s.a.p. Was Bills then Giants DC. Fewell didn’t go bad from one season to the next, Giants defensive talent level in the crapper. Fewell oversaw the Giants D when they had Strahan, Tuck, JPP, Uminyora, etc, and that front four won them a superbowl or two.

  • the comedy genius dr robert

    wilson is great and that’s no shame.

    DA is a complete moron and made a horrendous decision.

    the bills said when they signed him that he was temporary injury insurance.

    bottom line: if u say that his 27 total attempts for another team discounts all that he’s done with GB, then ur a total football moron.

  • the comedy genius dr robert

    injury insurance signee. said it at the time.

    likely didn’t take a practice snap.

  • Zymurge

    Sparano is on his second time, FYI

  • Zymurge

    Almost sounds like the description for Shanahan, yet he was considered in demand?

  • Zymurge

    Absolutely. Because you’re not telling the whole story. The state of the team now is orders of magnitude better than at the end of the last 8-8 season because of the state of the cap, the draft picks and scouting department and the current core of young players.

    For the last time (not really, I’ll have to keep repeating it) the W-L record during a rebuild series of years is completely irrelevant. It’s almost less meaningless than the record during continuous years of mediocrity and being able to sniff but never enter the playoffs because your roster and cap were in such bad shape year after year.

  • Al

    Long time reader just recently started posting, ok?

  • the comedy genius dr robert

    I was kidding.

  • Al

    Not a problem just voicing my opinion for a change around here instead of just readin : )

  • Chuck

    Unless you like losing which it seems,our roster was in fine shape that’s why you have several of our young guys starting for playoff teams.Reggie had 50 million in cap room and look what he did.In 2025 he will finally get to 6 wins and you will be saying we are on the right track

  • SnBG

    I will be glad when this HC search is over. To many folks hear put too much stock in coaches. Yes you want good if not great coaches but the real issue with the Raiders is talent. If you want good special teams you need to put a bunch of starters on it. April is considered on of the best ST guys in the league. Bada had some success with the dysfunctional Dolphins. Olsen had great success with previous QB’s and O’s. If you get me talent I could be a good HC.