Raiders go stealth regarding scheduled Tuesday interview with head coaching candidate Jack Del Rio


Multiple reports had the Raiders meeting with Broncos defensive coordinator Jack Del Rio Tuesday in a second interview for the head coaching job, but information regarding the meeting was nonexistent.

Del Rio, according to an ESPN report, flew to the Bay Area Monday night, but things appeared to be quiet throughout the day at the club facility and it’s possible some or all of the interview was conducted off-site.

The decision of the Denver Broncos to mutually part ways with coach John Fox added an extra level of intrigue to negotiations with the Raiders.

During the press conference explaining Fox’s departure, Broncos vice president John Elway confirmed that Del Rio, along with offensive coordinator Adam Gase, were candidates to be the Denver head coach.

“They are both candidates,” Elway said. “I’m not talking about interviewing anybody. We’re talking about candidates and whether they get interviewed or not, I’m not going to get into that right now.”

It was originally reported that all Denver assistants had been fired, while in reality they remain under contract. Elway said the coaches had not been released from their contracts, but were given the freedom to explore other job opportunities.

Del Rio and interim coach Tony Sparano are considered the finalists to be the Raiders head coach in 2015.

Sparano has been talking with owner Mark Davis and general manager Reggie McKenzie since the end of the season and recently had an interview with both men as well as Hall of Fame coach John Madden and other members of the Raiders front office.

As of Tuesday, Raiders assistant coaches were free to seek deals with other teams as their contracts have expired. The only coaches who remain under contract in 2015 are Sparano and special teams coordinator Bobby April.

It is not known whether the deal Sparano made when he became interim head coach Sept. 29 includes the opportunity to opt out of the contract should someone else be named head coach in 2015.

With the New York Jets reportedly hiring Todd Bowles Tuesday night, the Raiders, 49ers, Chicago Bears, Atlanta Falcons and Denver Broncos are still in the market for a new head coach.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • Al

    We have lots of money lots of cap space which has to be used by league rules so go out and sign a top defensive free agent and a top offensive free agent

    DT Suh
    WR Thomas from Denver

    Than go sign or draft a hard hitting safety and make sure u hit on most of your draft picks

  • Al

    If Mrk Davis gets this team respectable and start winning I don’t care what hair cut or where he goes for chicken wings, as much as I loved Al Davis he’s woad dro was nothing fancy just win baby

  • Al

    Or hopefully Reg knows that he needs to do what he was brought in here for to find talent Reg wasn’t hired for he’s general manager skills but for being a good talent evaluator, Mark Davis needs to get all these people working together make sure that everyone know what their job responsibilities are
    Reg now needs to find players to add to this roster that fits what JDR needs that’s on Reg now and JDR needs to teach these players what he needs out of them

  • tuckrulefool

    Is he considered to be someone in his right mind?

  • Jack Hammer

    RRS here. Boom, Baby!!

  • Roronoa Zoro

    I don’t think any of the players will openly call for Sparano’s head, and I’m sure more than a few love him, but at the end of the day the team needs the best available guy to lead them. If it were a restaurant I’d listen to what the cooks and dishwashers say, but I wouldn’t choose a chef based on that. Fox was doing reasonably well but even that wasn’t good enough for horse face donko prez.

  • FDB__

    I agree but what’s passion without talent? Clearly del rio is not built for a hc, let alone a dc position. What makes u think he can turn around the raiders, when he couldnt lead a team full of superstars to a sb in his 3 yrs in denver?.. I rather take a sb winning oc, dc that has zero coaching experience than this proven loser called del rio.

  • r8dercain

    Just saying I wasn’t alone in my thoughts. .