Reports: Del Rio Raiders new head coach


Here is beat writer Jerry McDonald’s early story about the Raiders reportedly hiring Jack Del Rio to succeed interim coach Tony Sparano as the Raiders next head coach:

The Raiders hadn’t yet made it official, but all signs point to Jack Del Rio as the 21st head coach in franchise history.

Del Rio met with Raiders owner Mark Davis, general manager Reggie McKenzie and Hall of Fame coach John Madden for more than four hours Tuesday in a second interview.

Both the Associated Press and cbssports.com’s Jason LaCanfora cited sources saying a four-year deal had been reached.

An announcement could come as soon as Wednesday, with an introductory press conference press conference scheduled for Thursday or Friday.

Del Rio, 51, gets the job over interim coach Tony Sparano, who was a popular choice among team members and who openly campaigned for the job following the regular season.

According to an Associated Press report, Sparano was told he was out of the running, clearing the way for Del Rio.

The head coach of the Jacksonville Jaguars from 2003 through 2011, Del Rio was a three-sport star athlete at Hayward High who grew up a Raiders fan.

The Jaguars were 68-71 with Del Rio as head coach with wild card playoff appearances in 2005
coach with wild card playoff appearances in 2005 and 2007. He was fired with a 3-8 record in 2011 and hired the next season as the defensive coordinator of the Denver Broncos.

The Broncos had the NFL’s third-ranked defense in 2014. The Broncos and coach John Fox agreed to part ways Monday, and vice president John Elway said Del Rio was a candidate to become the Denver coach, although no interview had been scheduled.

According to the ESPN report, Madden signed off on Del Rio’s hiring.

In Jacksonville, Del Rio’s teams stressed defense and the running game. A defensive coordinator in Carolina for a season before taking over in Jacksonville, Del Rio’s teams were considered fundamentally sound but did not blitz heavily.

Del Rio is considered tough and uncompromising, qualities former Raider and Hall of Fame defensive back Rod Woodson believes will be beneficial.

“He won’t be easy on the guys, and maybe that’s what they need right now,” Woodson told 95.7 The Game.

Former Raiders linebacker Bill Romanowski told 95.7 he doesn’t know Del Rio personally, but thinks he brings a presence to the sideline.

“There’s a toughness about him,” Romanowski said. “I look at Jack Del Rio and I think, that’s a tough guy.”

A third-round draft pick out of USC, Del Rio played 11 seasons in the NFL for the Rams, Chiefs, Cowboys and Vikings. He played in 160 games, starting 128, with 13 sacks, 13 interceptions and 12 forced fumbles.

When Del Rio left Hayward for a scholarship at USC, it was the same season the Raiders moved to Los Angeles.

“My team followed me to college,” Del Rio said.

Much of the focus during the search was on head coaches with NFL experience.

Del Rio, Sparano, Mike Shanahan, Pat Shurmur and Eric Mangini had all been NFL head coaches. Other candidates who interviewed were Seattle offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell and Indianapolis offensive coordinator Pep Hamilton, whose teams are participating in championship games Sunday.

The last four hires before Sparano — Lane Kiffin, Tom Cable, Hue Jackson and Allen — had no NFL head coaching experience.

Other coaches still under contract include offensive coordinator Greg Olson and special teams coordinator Bobby April. Mike Smith, the former Atlanta Falcons coach who was Del Rio’s defensive coordinator in Jacksonville, is available and a possibility to assume that post for the Raiders.


Steve Corkran

  • Ronin559

    Okay, I like Reggie and I think he does a great job in the draft, but I hope he makes some better choices with the Free Agents. I would like to submit my Wish List.
    1 – Ndamukond Suh (Going to come at a high price, but he is worth it. There will be a lot of team offering him big money so I know the chances of him coming are slim)
    2-Demaryius Thomas (probably asking for top WR money but Carr needs a top WR, if he is not set at returning to Denver for less I think there would be a good chance of signing him)
    3-Mark Ingram (Need a quality RB to team with Murray, he has shown he can be productive. should be able to sign him at a resonable cost)
    4-Jason Peirre-Paul (would take presure off Mack, Should be able to get him and Suh with the amount of cap space available making a formitable front 7)
    5-Randel Cobb (same as Thomas)
    Others posabilities: Ryan Mathews, Jeremy Maclin, Jordan Cameron, Jerry Hughes, Nick Fairley, BJ Raji, Rey Maualuga, Tramon Williams, Byron Maxwell, Louis Delmas Michael Roos.

  • Lenny Kravitz looks to be the Assistant HC that night.

  • StrongGrogCharlie

    boom boom boom
    Even brighter than the moon moon moon

    those are actual lyrics
    how does this person even have a career in music?

  • Purvisman/Eternal Optimist
  • disqus_yeZNegncsV

    Oh, yeah, forgot about him.

  • Big ta-ta’s haven’t hurt

  • Raideraholic

    I will gladly team up with her.

  • StrongGrogCharlie

    Dude, that is about the size of it (pun intended)

  • Raidman

    Asst to the Asst. HC?

  • RediaR, Ignorant Bastard

    Most lyrics are dumb as crap.

  • Elliot

    According to slusser it will simien at short

  • Ronin559

    Oh gawd!?! the only thing that made me more sick the hearing she is preforming at halftime is hearing whe is preforming with Lenny Kravitz.

  • ElkGRaider

    Maybe 1 of those top five will be available for ALL 32 teams?

  • StrongGrogCharlie

    Only because we let them be man, only because we let them be.

  • txraider

    No Ingram, he never seems that productive when I see him play.

    Move Cobb to #2 and everyone else down a slot and it sounds good.

  • PlunkforHOF


  • disqus_yeZNegncsV

    I guess you can do that, but it won’t change the rules.

    Too bad we couldn’t have exchanged Tony, a O-line coach, for Tice, an O-line coach.

  • seymour bush

    You lost me at ” I like Reggie and I think he does a great job in the draft,”. McKenize EASILY could have lead the second winless team in league history. There is simply no excuse for that. He has to go!

  • gogo0

    she is hot, thats all that matters

  • So you are not singing “Again” right now to Jack Del Rio?

  • aig-raiders

    Lenny Kravitz bro.

  • Raidman

    Ok, asst coach to the asst hc and ol coach…step up, plus give him another $100 more per month. Problem solved. Bring him in…lol.

  • PlunkforHOF

    But I’d fvck her at the drop of a hat.

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  • Maybe to start the year, doubt he will have a long leash.
    Zobrist isn’t great defensively.

  • aig-raiders

    After thinking it over, I dont think we want Trestman as our OC. Trust me on this guys. Dude runs a very complicated system and my buddies from the Niners used to hate him. I believe Trestman’s best years were with Gannon and Gannon is a very advanced QB.

  • StrongGrogCharlie

    Yeah, but I’d be thinkin about Zooey Deschanel the whole time though

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    New post fellas.

  • “Drop of a hat”
    The prophylactic joke potentials here are unlimited.

  • 512 fellas

  • Elliot

    Billy is up to something what I am not sure adding clippard to a stud staff. .I thought before upton. A’s have no lineup and no power

  • jesusraiderjim

    Dude you’d fvck a bush if someone threw a hat over by it LOL

  • Carr is advanced and dedicated , I think he can handle it

  • The Machine

    Perpetuating Raider dysfunction based on one unsubstantiated tweet, so much fail here. #hatersfail #losersmentality

  • RaiderRo

    #losersmentality thanks for describing Grimace.

    Krapp, Denise, yup, he doesn’t love yes men does he? Probably just a coincidence that Mark took control of the HC hiring this time instead of what Fat Albert has pulled for 3 years…But yeah, I’m basing this ALL on one tweet.

  • The Machine

    Vic Tafur @VicTafur · 46m 46 minutes ago

    Davis had final say, obviously, but idea that only McKenzie was
    serious about bringing Sparano back is ridiculous. They are on same page.

    Yep, you are perpetuating dysfunction like a true hater, you fail.

  • Ronin559

    They won those game pretty convincingly, and almost had at New England and agant San Diego early in the season. I think you are overstating when saying EASILY. You might think an orginization can simply turn it around after a season or two, but not only were the Raider in Salary cap hell, but they were further crippled by the lack of early draft picks. At least now they are some pieces to work with and build off.

  • Yes you are a failure it is why you wet the bed….as you were Jame Gumb

  • KT

    Agree, Carr showed up to camp with the playbook memorized. Bet he can do it with a new play book again too, he’s ready.

  • Ronin559

    Ingram never fit the style of offense he was in, the pass happy Saints did not use him right until this year and if he did not get hurt he would have easily had over 1,000 yard. The games he did not produce were the game he was not used much because they were down by a lot and had to abandon the run.

  • He said She said OMG!! You want a Blog medal

  • RaiderRo

    Oh, a Reggie apologist in Vic Tafur?

    BTW, why is that not an “unsubstatianted tweet” like the chick in Washington?

    I’m not perpetuating dysfunction, I’m perpetuating that Mark took control of the HC decision unlike the last time around. You know, something that is common knowledge

  • Ronin559

    The only guy on that list I see getting tagged is Thomas, but that is not likely unless they can restructure some other contracts on the team. Otherwise they will all be UFA.

  • Ronin559

    I thankfuly do not know that song.

  • Zymurge

    Greg Papa

  • xXJustReFreshBabyXx

    Oh? RT @fvckueroa @JustBlogBaby they already have mike Smith and Marc trestman as Raider coaches for 2015 on Wikipedia haha

  • The Machine

    Yes you are, haters going what haters do. Perpetuate that dysfunction, bring on the hate.

  • The Machine

    That’s the point, haters running with unsubstantiated, conflicting tweets to perpetuate that Raiders dysfunction. Nobody can just be glad the process is moving forward, must push a agenda, promote discord and conflict, even if it perpetuates dysfunction within the franchise. Some of our fans are worse than the haters in the media.

  • David Afraimi

    Any of you brethren know where I can get an authentic Carr or Marcus Allen jersey?
    I searched a Raider Image and fanatics….

  • Zymurge

    Carr and Gannon are advanced in different ways.

    Carr is very mature for a rookie due to his seasoning with his brother as a teen. Gannon is one of the smarter starting QBs to play the game. Don’t mix up Carr’s preparation ethic and early exposure to the NFL ways as an experience quickener as having the same mental ceiling Gannon did.

    Those two different attributes call for different types of systems. Carr’s is better suited for a stronger arm and the ability to run a reasonably advanced system where quick recognition of rehearsed keys can lead to identifying big play opps. Gannon’s is more about a highly complex system that requires deeper reads and intuition that is harder to defend because of it’s depth, much like a Manning run system.

    Stylistically, if Gannon is in the mold of Montana, then Carr might be in the mold of someone like Phil Simms.