Raiders make it official: Jack Del Rio is head coach


What was common knowledge became official Thursday morning when the Raiders announced Jack Del Rio would be their head coach in 2015.

Del Rio, 51, will be introduced at a news conference at the team facility Friday at approximately 1 p.m.

“After a thorough interview and evaluation process, we are excited to announce Jack Del Rio as the head coach of the Oakland Raiders,” owner Mark Davis said in a statement. “I have no doubt that he will make a significant impact and help reach the goal of everyone in the building, which is to win championships.”

Del Rio, born in Castro Valley and raised in Hayward, won out over interim coach Tony Sparano following a Wednesday interview with Davis, general manager Reggie McKenzie and Hall of Fame coach John Madden.

“Jack Del Rio brings a strong leadership presence to the organization,” McKenzie said in a statement. “He has developed an excellent reputation as a coach in this league and we are happy that he is a Raider.”


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

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    @LeviDamien: Actually my first thought regarding this whole ‘who called and who didn’t’ thing is that it doesn’t belong in the sports section


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  • disqus_yeZNegncsV

    For all we know he lives a 2hour commute from Raider facilities if he lives down the peninsula.

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    There has to be a reason Florio has devoted two full articles the last two days blasting the Raiders. We’ve got the conf title games this weekend coaching hires all over the place and yet he chooses to devote most of his efforts nit picking on the Raiders.

    He realizes Raiders are one of the more socially (on-line) active fan bases, and that this kind of stuff gets him hits on his articles..and that is what it’s all about…or else why waste his time. I doubt it’s only because of his massive hatred of the franchise; this is his career.

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  • iRock

    First and foremost, Florio is a douche.
    Now, I’ve read a few times about how promoting the idea that then Raiders are a broken toy is a great business for some writers. It turns out Raider fanbase, being so vocal and protective of the team go out and complain and retweet about this stuff more than many other fanbases. So that gives them a lot of exposure. On the other hand, the Raiders are the team most other teams love to hate. So if someone like Florio takes a cheap shot on the Raiders, only us, raiders fans will be offended. If things go wrong for the team, “You see? i was right all along”. if things go right for the team “Yeah, it’s good to have the raiders back, now let’s talk of how much we hate them”. Either way they get loads of exposure.

  • iRock

    New HC Jack Del Rio has not selected his OC or DC yet per sources. He has a list of candidates. #Raiders— Dianna Marie Russini (@NBCdianna) enero 16, 2015

  • iRock

    Mr. Davis is my idol.

  • just some quick takes on FA and what they might cost
    1. pass rush, and it would appear cutting Antonio SMith , then signing Jason Pierre-Paul would make sense, however, he is likely franchised.

    2. Byron Maxwell – if Tarell Brown isnt favored, Lord Byron could command a 3 year 20- mil deal

    3. Mike Iupati – if DR goes with the power scheme, and the Raiders get Mike Solari as OL coach …maybe Tice, why not?
    20 mil, 8 guaranteed deal

    4. Greg Hardy – the Krakken is still young, and effective, but is looking at a lengthy suspension, and yeah, the HATED Raider label is worthy if we sign – 2 year 15 mil deal, but big question mark, considering mark Davis stance on Domestic violence

    5. Ndamukong Suh could command as much as 100 mil, but it would almost be worth it, as he would cement oakland status as 11 angry men all over again. SIGN HIM!!!!

    6. Demaryius Thomas – after the disaster that was Eric Decker going to a team with a bad qb , i think dude is a lock to follow Del Rio – Del Rio OC hire is CRUCIAL. , i think Chiefs make a run at Jeremy Maclin and Thomas would cost 75 mil with 25 mil guaranteed.

    i think only 1 or 2 of above FA would be available.

    other include
    DE Jerry Hughes, Bills
    CB Antonio Cromartie, Cardinals
    S Chris Clemons, Cardinals
    DT DaQuan Bowers, Bucs
    WR Kenny Britt, Titans
    CB Chris Culliver, Niners
    CB Walter Thurmond, Giants
    ILB Mark Herzlich, Giants
    DT Kenrick Ellis, Jets
    C Jonathan Goodwin, (in case Wiz 2.0 not franchised tag)
    C Samson Satele
    CB Darius Butler, Colts
    OLB Brooks Reed, Texans
    ILB Nate Irving, Broncos
    S Rahim Moore, Broncos (those two would rejoin Del Rio)
    G/T Jah Reid, Ravens
    DE/OLB Pernell McPhee, Ravens
    DT Dan Williams, Cardinals

    *recommend draft for other holes

  • iRock. You do, indeed. That was excellent, and as i have heard from many fans, we travel well..ive been to a few stadums and theyve always said they love our fan base, and their players love playing and going back and forth against us.

  • Charlie

    Hopefully you remember what happened from 2003-2011 regarding FA in Oakland. It took us two years to unravel that mess.
    Do you remember Haynesworth?
    Then more recently Cutler and Palmer.
    Injury history and attitude are huge especially if guaranteed money is involved with FA or resigning one of your own.
    You just do not bring in anyone at any cost.