Report: Bill Musgrave added to mix of rumored candidates to be Raiders offensive coordinator


Philadelphia quarterbacks coach Bill Musgrave is a “hot candidate” to be Raiders offensive coordinator under Jack Del Rio, according to ESPN’s Chris Mortensen.

Musgrave worked under Del Rio in 2003 and 2004 for the Jaguars as offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach. He joined the Eagles in 2014, and unless Musgrave signed only a one-year contract, he would have to be released by Philadelphia to take another job.

The Eagles fast-paced offense intrigued the Raiders enough this offseason that Philadelphia offenisve coordinator Pat Shurmur was one of the first candidates interviewed for the head coach job.

In 1997, Musgrave got his start in coaching as the quarterbacks coach with the Raiders on Joe Bugel’s staff.

No announcements regarding assistant coaches have been made by the Raiders.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • Plunk-It

    Our needs going into next season

    HB obviously don’t resign McFadden; that was a stupid decision by pancakes last offseason

    HB cut Jones-Drew and pick up a decent veteran 3rd down back

    C pick up one through the draft or free agency; perhaps Hudson from Kansas City

    TE upgrade over Rivera or a decent #2 guy which is better than Kasa, Simonson, Leonhardt

    WR need a stud here

    WR need a stud here

    DE cut Woodley and get an edge pass rusher

    DT Suh?

    ILB is Roach history? if so, we need a replacement

    OLB replace Sio who is coming off an injury plagued season?

    CB Reggie usually picks up a veteran 1 year wonder

    S can Woodson or Branch be relied on to play an entire season effectively?

  • The Inimitable Alex7

    The fascination with trivial details.

    Like middle school girls

  • Sure does feel like it doesn’t it?

  • RTF916

    Howie Long is a 49er fan as far as people like you are concerned. Let any Raider fan or former Raider form an opinion using their brain, they’re a 49er fan.

  • Marley Bob

    And he even made Ponder a Playoff QB in his 2nd year…

  • Gdog

    Its ok… I always laughed at Eddie Haskell as a kid too…

  • Good news that he didnt accept a role yet..

  • Kaepernick’s fan (aka Raider O


  • xraided

    well, Peterson made them both look like world beaters… lol

    but yes, he made him respectable. I’d LOVE that hire

  • Marley Bob

    Yo soy fiesta

  • Paper Tiger


  • RTF916

    You need help.

  • …and look at what “whack a Mole” pops up to defend him….

  • Goldie7

    He has enough history for NFL coaches not to want him.

  • RTF916

    That we might lose 13 games in each of the next two season.

  • R8der4evr

    You are riding his d:ck also.
    Guess there isn’t enough action on their blog so you fvckheads have to come in here and FVCK with us.
    You guys are the sick ones…..

  • RTF916

    And you’re saying you wouldn’t be a Raider fan if Shanahan was hired? Some loyalty.

  • Marley Bob

    Still…quite the accomplishment to make the playoffs with Ponder, but yes it was mostly AP

  • The Inimitable Alex7

    To be fair, before signing mcfadden, we had James Stewart, sheets, and a hobbling Latavius.

    Good list though

  • The Inimitable Alex7

    New post regarding Justin tuck

  • R8der4evr

    No I didn’t
    If you read what I said earlier I said I would be a Raider fan no matter what even if I didn’t agree with a hire.
    Nice try fool….

  • PlunkforHOF

    Really nice day today, but I’ll be inside watching football.

  • R8der4evr

    Hell ya
    Going for season tickets the year.

  • R8der4evr

    41 wins in his 3 year career
    Most ever.
    Very underrated QB in my opinion.
    Top 5 in my book
    Big Ben

  • raiderwarlord

    No doubt.

  • no way. have you watched him play closely? He’s good. he’s not top 5 tho. Beast mode and that defense hide his flaws very well.

  • Terrence Healy

    Harbaugh leaving proves the York family is interfering with the coaching of the team and they don’t know what their doing. They are completely a distraction and disrupting the 49rs. Welcome to the bottom for a while. The New coach, was comical in the fact he does not have a vocabulary to speak to the press and is undoubtedly been hired as a yes man for the yorks.

  • tuckrulefool

    That Seattle ‘win’ was hard to stomach…Felt like GB was supposed to win. Epic collapse for sure…Thankfully that wasn’t Oak…Even so hard to watch that one unfold…much rather have a GB-NE SB.

    I dont like either team now. Of course NE is worse but still…

  • tuckrulefool

    HORRIFIC today…thievery…