Safety Tyvon Branch says his days as a Raider are over


Safety Tyvon Branch said on his Twitter account Thursday night his seven-year career with the Raiders was over.

Branch played only five games over the past two seasons with leg and foot fractures had the highest salary cap number of any player on the roster at $9.657 million.

“It was a blessing to play for the Raiders wearing that shield was special to me. Thanks to the Davis family for giving me a chance!,” Branch said in a tweet.

The move should come before free agency and the start of the new league year on March 10. The Raiders have made no announcement, but general manager Reggie McKenzie hinted to local reporters at the NFL scouting combine that Branch’s roster status was in question.

“That’s going to be a situation we have to monitor, because the injury situation has been an issue the past couple of years,” McKenzie said.

From 2009 through 2012, Branch played in 62 out of 64 games and identified as a player to build around in the McKenzie/Dennis Allen regime as he was awarded a $26.6 million contract with $10 million guaranteed, making him one of the NFL’s highest paid safeties.

In Branch’s absence last season, Brandian Ross, scheduled for restricted free agency, was vastly improved over his 2013 performance and could be the incumbent starter should he re-sign with the Raiders.

When Branch is released, the Raiders will have an additional $3 million in cap space, giving them $58 million in cap room to sign their own players as well as free agents.


Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • Mira Mesa Ma-Raider

    Fair enough. I tuned in around ’08 too, and I feel like then (when Jerry was in charge) the writers had more respect for it and more responsibility to it.

  • Ronin559

    Yes I see your point, but he would sign him and put the cap in fiscal trouble. As great as Suh is, it will take more then one player to make it to the top. You see my point?

  • Ronin559

    the 1st day of the legal tampering period. FA are able to start negotiation deals for the up coming March 10 date.

  • Ronin559

    Not spitting, I love Al and he built a great orginization and some great teams. I just think he got a bit too desperate in is final years. Lets be honest there are about 10 player he over payed for in those last years he was in charge.

  • Cervantes74

    Goodie for you. We’re all very proud.

  • Carson R8rs

    You’re like some sort of slow, illiterate child. What’s wrong w you? Mommy didn’t love you enough? Maybe suck a tít and you can stop crying and whining? In the meantime, go away child.

  • Cervantes74

    Ok I’ll go away because you said so. This is me going away.