Raiders live chat set for Friday at noon

Oakland Raiders head coach Jack Del Rio watches Oakland Raiders quarterback Derek Carr (4) throw during warm ups before their NFL game against the Baltimore Ravens at O.co Coliseum in Oakland, Calif., on Sunday, Sept. 20, 2015. (Jose Carlos Fajardo/Bay Area News Group)

Oakland Raiders head coach Jack Del Rio watches Oakland Raiders quarterback Derek Carr (4) throw during warm ups before their NFL game against the Baltimore Ravens at O.co Coliseum in Oakland, Calif., on Sunday, Sept. 20, 2015. (Jose Carlos Fajardo/Bay Area News Group)

Join Jimmy Durkin for a Raiders live chat on Friday at noon as he breaks down their showdown with the Broncos.

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Jon Becker

  • the krunk dr robert

    of course u did. AFTER u saw the pff rating.

  • the krunk dr robert

    i like it.

    referencing priest’s “bird brain” comments.

    or is it ur “old person” attempt at a “tweet”?

  • Gdog

    Watt was invisible yesterday compared to Clowney… like I said, not watching very closely, but every time I looked up, Clowney was around the play…

  • Guest123

    In this plan, Chargers stay in SD, Rams move to LA in 2016, and the Raiders move to Groenke’s stadium in 2017 as a tenant. Oh and the Raiders have to pay a $500 million expansion fee.

  • disqus_yeZNegncsV

    I am happy with Mack.

  • the krunk dr robert

    this is the in depth analysis i count on from u.

  • Gdog

    No, I watch the games and look at PFF to BACK UP my opinions.

    He was a load last night…

  • disqus_yeZNegncsV

    I watched him play. The camera spotlighted him all night and Simms often praises players, including Raiders, when they don’t deserve it. I thought he looked very good last night. This is his rookie year.

  • disqus_yeZNegncsV

    Luck has placed his “b-” to “c” team to the playoffs how many times? In how many years?

    If you offered me Luck for Derek, I’d make that trade in a minute.

  • the krunk dr robert

    and strangely enuff, u NEVER have disagreed with a pff rating.

    and i have seen u say MANY times that u didn’t watch the games BUT u IMAGINE things went along the lines of the ratings.

    please just admit what we all know: u don’t understand the game beyond what they tell u.

  • Thec

    Did I not call it on this blog!!!!

    Chip Kelly to USC…..ROFLMAO


  • disqus_yeZNegncsV

    Meanningful stats are those which are predictive. Period.

  • Thec

    Chip Kelly…sark and Kiff both suck.

  • Gdog

    Is this where you brag about your football credentials again? Were you an NFL scout now?

  • rifflicks

    rifflicks Gdog • an hour ago

    How many WR’s scored

    Gdog rifflicks • an hour ago

    Ok, I missed most of the second half.

    The clown-car jailbreak against their ones gave me the heeby jeeby’s…

    rifflicks Gdog • an hour ago

    you are a moron……Rams only scored 3 points

    Gdog • a minute ago

    I admitted I didn’t watch much of the second half which is actually an indication of intelligence.

    I am not surp

  • Gdog

    INSULT-BOT is here with some weird evidence that he thinks proves something! WHat? Who knows?

    I think he was trying to prove how GREAT our secondary is because they didn’t allow a TD in a PRACTICE GAME!

    But I guess nobody knows what is going on inside his head… besides anger!

  • rifflicks

    Tehran free of Iranian control yet???

  • DutchRaid

    Here’s the full Raiders injury report from Thursday:
    – DT Denico Autry (Concoussion), DNP
    – DB TJ Carrie (Chest), DNP
    – WR Michael Crabtree (Ankle), Full
    – DT Justin Ellis (Ankle), DNP
    – LB Ben Heeney (Hamstring), Full
    – RB Taiwan Jones (Foot), DNP
    – DE Benson Mayowa (Knee), Full
    – S Taylor Mays (Ankle), DNP
    – CB Keith McGill (Foot), Full
    – RB Latavius Murray (Shoulder), Limited
    – DE Justin Tuck (Knee), Full
    – DT C.J. Wilson (Calf), Full
    – S Charles Woodson (Shoulder), Full

  • Gdog

    I STILL have no idea what this means! But it obviously means something to Insult-Bot!

    Go Insult-Bot go!

  • the krunk dr robert

    turning it around on me doesn’t do anything to dispel what i said about u.

    i didn’t bring up my credentials.

    but i am what i am. i played, coached, and yes, scouted (for colleges).

    sorry that bothers u.

  • Gdog

    OF COURSE! And I don’t know the game because I just watch games and review them… sometimes frame by frame!

    Carry on!

  • Purvisman/Eternal Optimist

    Is this the definition of a scatterbrain?

    MaddenRaider916 • 11 hours ago
    Well, look at this. Someone who hates commies suddenly has a feminist zeal when it comes to confronting Jesus’s blackness.

  • Guest123

    that’s just insane anyone could connect those words into a sentence. tried reading it twice but my brain hurt.

  • RAY NJ

    Glad Mayowa’s finally back.

  • Paper Tiger

    Just saw the 1st half Hail Mary from the Colts game. 4 DJ Haydens in coverage on that play.

  • the krunk dr robert

    u don’t know the game cuz it’s obvious in ur posts.

    u simply don’t know what to think without pff telling u.

    i have never seen u break down a play or scheme.

    u still have never displayed that u know what a MLB even does.

    u have a very hard time having a decent convo without devolving into hysterics.

    u also get really upset if someone actually knows the game, like myself.

    ur reliance on pff is comical, and ur angry and hyper reactions to anyone and everything says a lot about u and ur lack of knowledge.

  • the krunk dr robert

    well give him credit for trying to get as many of his idiotic thoughts into one sentence as possible.

    saving us from multiple ones.

    maybe one day he will just think them and not post them.

  • Chip is going to the east coast to coach the Hurricanes. Pat Haden wont let Chip in

  • the krunk dr robert

    i hope ur aware that u are well known as a guy who immediately flips out and starts insulting everyone who has a different opinion.


  • Paper Tiger

    My buddy in college used a website to translate an essay for him for his Intro Spanish class, so naturally his roommate took the text and retranslated it into English to see if the essay would stay the same.

    The first lines:
    When I was the boy, she had much energy. I ran to all part and loved player all times. My breast the weather spoke.

    MR’s post reminds me of that.


    Yea Solano College.

  • Paper Tiger



  • Dakota

    All these years and you finally called something! Congrats my man!

  • Dan78

    There are a bunch of Rams cheerleaders that would be happy with part of that outcome in Nor Cal….

  • Gdog

    I guess you were gone the day when I identified Norton’s defense as a 3-4 under switched from a 4-3 under huh?

    You were busy working for a college team scouting or something that day?

  • the krunk dr robert

    i don’t know what that is.

    i did scouting for a service. what colleges they provided it to was up to them, but they worked with the entire pac 12 and all majors.

  • the krunk dr robert

    i was probably actually watching games.

    i haven’t scouted in a few years.

    see how upset u are?

  • Gdog

    Do you know what the 3-4 under is first? Or are you still pretending Mack plays strictly in a 4-3 as DE?

  • Gdog

    There was NO purse swinging until you and Insult-bot showed up.

  • Dakota

    new post

  • the krunk dr robert

    when was i “pretending” that?

    u confuse a lot of people with other people.

    as a former DC, i’m well aware of the fluid nature of defense, as i’ve coached it.

    u have some weird idea that u and u alone see the truth” of what’s going on.

    ur just a guy on a couch with a pff subscription.

  • Thec

    Its a tradition to get 1 right out of 50,000.