Raiders long-snapper Jon Condo may be out for season after injury sustained while recovering fumble vs. Broncos


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ALAMEDA — It appears the Raiders will be holding auditions this week for a new long-snapper.

Raiders coach Jack Del Rio said Monday at his weekly press conference that veteran snapper Jon Condo had tests on his injured right shoulder and it wasn’t encouraging.

“It’s not great news coming back,” Del Rio said the day after a 15-12 win road win over the Denver Broncos. “We’ll see how it goes. I think there’s a strong likelihood that we’ll have to bring another guy in.”

Condo was injured recovering a muffed punt by Emmanuel Sanders at the 11-yard line and the result pile up left him with an injured shoulder with 14:42 left in the fourth quarter.

When the Raiders scored on a 16-yard pass from Derek Carr to Mychal Rivera, Condo was in the locker room having his shoulder looked at. With backup snapper Lee Smith having had wrist surgery less than a month ago, the Raiders opted to go for two points and the pass attempt by Carr was incomplete.

Del Rio said it was unrealistic that any team would have a back-up snapper anywhere near as good as the starter, and in the Raiders case Smith’s injury made it even more problematic.

“Nobody has another guy like that,” Del Rio said. “We have a guy, it just happens our guy had surgery on his wrist a couple of weeks ago so he’s still wearing a cast. But that be addressed going forward.”

Condo told reporters afterward he was having his shoulder popped back in to place, indicating a separation or dislocation.

Remarkably, Condo returned to the game to snap for two more punts and one 43-yard field goal attempt. His snap on the field goal attempt was high and away from holder Marquette King and Sebastian Janikowski missed the attempt.

Right tackle Austin Howard, who left after 20 snaps with a  knee injury, will be day to day, Del Rio said. Veteran Khalif Barnes replaced Howard and played 38 snaps, by far his most extensive playing time of the season.




Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • Go, tell her you only live once.

  • JLofty

    Might not be alive upon my return…. 😉

  • DJ will be our Amerson. Book it.

  • I mean there is definitely more flight options to LAX.
    But LA is not necessarily cheap or really close or closer. Not like I would be driving.
    What is it like 25 minutes less of flight time? LMAO

  • GreatWhiteRaider

    question for bay area guys – other than the Coliseum site, where else could the Raiders get a stadium done in Oakland or the bay area?

    Reason I ask is that while it looks alright in theory on a map, Santa Clara seems to have fallen flat and so I don’t want the Raiders to make the same mistake as the 49ers.

    While I think the Raiders would be a huge success in an LA reboot….IMO Mark needs to roll up his sleeves and utilize the existing benefits that are already right at his doorstep.

  • Um we stopped the run vs denver and have lookd good lately. Why will GBs weak rushing attack suddenly dominate us at home? Not happening…

    GB goes down.

    Our players smell playoffs….

  • RaiderCODE

    Of course b/c Mark/Raiders situation is *all about* money – if someone came forth with the funds it would be a done deal – there is *no impedence* other than money to get a new/remodeled stadium done – not the A’s lease, not the land. no political votes needed, no EIR, nothing. Its money and nothing more.

    Stan doesnt *need* a measly (to him) $100 million (and its a *loan* btw you know has to be paid back with interest?) – he wants to own an NFL team and stadium outright in Los Angeles … he bought the Rams, bought the land in LA, has the design, the land has been prepared to build, has the financing setup and the all the construction contracts have been signed, and legally he *can* move the team b/c the SL lease was broken.. yes there is the league vote yet to make it clean according to relocation rules- but since he doesn’t want or need their loans it really just about the formality…

    but its not about the money for Stan. Its all about the money for Mark/Raiders

  • Bring her home a souvenir cup from the stadium.

  • Being home will help. STOPPING their run will be the factor you are overlooking.

    We win Sunday. This team is going to catch fire here on out.

  • The G4 loans are done with no interest or very, very little interest.
    Pretty well known.

  • Theghostronin79

    Can’t win sometimes.

  • RaiderCODE

    Coli site is the best site by far of any of the others. the size, location and all the money already poured into it for public transportation over the decades .. its been written in the local media several time if they had to rebuild all that infrastructure today would be in the tens of billions to recreate … so frankly there is no other legit location other than the Coli site nor does there need to be – its never been about the site, its about the money to build the actual stadium itself – and the city/county will not pay for that – and frankly no other public entity in California would either…

    Bottom line is the city paid for and supplied a complete design, including financing for a new stadium for the Raiders on the Coli site, with *everything* in that proposal negotiable, and Mark did nothing, not even a consideration let alone a counter offer or come to the table to discuss anything ..

    Mark has not tried to find *any* local sources of financing when there is more money in the Bay than anywhere else in the country… Mark has in fact done nothing other than get on his knees for fuggn Dean Spanos and the chargers – what a joke…

  • Actually not true. If Pitt and Chiefs and Jets all win we are eliminated (10 wins each)…. 🙁

  • RaidingTexas

    Playoffs. LMAO

  • Gdog

    That is reserved for anybody that dares pointing out how pizz poor Carr has been playing lately. Even if its pointing out the three quarter bellyflop over the last two games (Fourth quarter KC/first two quarters Den) and ignoring the rest! (Detroit.)

    If CP had done that right now, there would be people arming themselves with sniper rifles.

  • GreatWhiteRaider

    interesting, thanks for that. I’ve never been to the bay area so it’s hard for me to get a realistic feel for what would work there, what wouldn’t. TV market, corporate base, lots of $, great fans….even though LA is a big market, I’d think twice about giving that up.

  • once your azz is laughed off how do you get it back?

  • That GIF up top is simply awesome…

    Playing football really is like going into battle (minus the death, maming, and family upheaval). These guys definitely put it all out there for each other and I bet some of the friendships that are developed (over a relatively short amount of time) last a lifetime.

  • Raider Rocker

    Only. lol!

  • Raider Rocker

    Do your calculations take into account that we are 2-4 at home? I guess so since you started by saying we have to win out. The Raiders MUST find a way to win at home two weeks in a row.

  • Raider Rocker


  • Ronin559

    You are a little harsh on MD, he has stated publicly that he is willing to put up $400m-$500m in his teams money, and can get $200M from the NFLs G4 program. The city and county co own the land that the current stadium sits on and has been hesitant to give up the land. So they expect the Raiders to lease the land and put up all the funds to improve the facility. Why would MD do that? The city/county refuse to put up any public funding for the new stadium and on top of that are unwilling to provide the infrastructure upgrades that will be needed. Part of there plans is to fund the improvements with “investors” that have yet to be found, and the plan calls for MD to sell part of the team shares to fill in the funding gaps. Of course MD will go to Carson and Spanos to at the vary least use them as leverage to get Oakland to get off their buts and propose a better offer.

  • Ronin559

    But the league doesnt want 3 team in one city either, it would be worth it to them to leave SoCal to the Rams/Chargers and NorCal to Raider/Niner.

  • 1960AutumnWind

    SD is not viewed as part of LA market by NFL. It is a seperate media market.