Poll: San Diego doesn’t want the Raiders


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Click here for a recent UT San Diego poll on the NFL in San Diego.

Here is the key question for Raiders fans:

If the Chargers leave San Diego, would you sup-port an attempt to bring the Oakland Raiders here? Would you support an at-tempt to bring another NFL team here? Or would you not support an attempt to bring another NFL Team here:

Raiders: 18 percent
Another Team: 34 percent
No Team: 45 percent
Not Sure: 3 percent

One more key question:

If the Chargers leave San Diego, would you sup-port or oppose using public financing to build a new stadium to bring another NFL team here?
Support: 31 percent
Oppose: 58 percent


Matt Artz

  • PARaider


  • I read Vinny say they have to reapply, but it will be a layup because they were already approved.
    Just a bit of paperwork.

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  • willy91137

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  • willy91137

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  • Kenny Stapler

    Idk about a trouncing but the potential is there. Keuchly vs Palmer. Game on!

  • Alex

    Or a elementary school music teacher. Same thing I suppose.

  • Jon.R

    That poll doesn’t reflect everything I’ve been reading on the internet.

  • Charlie

    Mark is doing everything he can to create leverage in his negotiations with Oakland.
    The NFL is also propping up these alternatives in an effort to make them seem viable.
    The reality is that the best option for the Raiders is Oakland. Period.

    The San Diego Raiders??????
    First, getting a stadium deal done will be just as difficult for the Raiders as it has been for the Chargers. Secondly you have a fan base that has been raised to hate the Raiders since 1961. Third, you now have competition with TWO other NFL franchises two hours away.
    Never will happen. Guaranteed.

    San Antonio Raiders??????
    Texas is all about the Cowboys. Everyone else is a distant second. The Chiefs could not make it work and left for KC back when the Cowboys were just an expansion team. Houston is on its second team. San Antonio is a smaller market that can support a winning NBA franchise. That is it.
    No way Mark moves to Texas.

    In Oakland, Mark has as close to a legacy team as you can get starting in 1960. The Blue Blood teams like the Bears, Packers, Steelers, Giants, Redskins and Eagles are the only franchises that simply sell out regardless of performance. Teams like the Browns, Colts, Rams, Cardinals have thrown away that heritage and are pretty much like every other NFL team today. Win and attendance is good, lose and attendance is down.

    Leave Oakland again and the Raiders will simply be another NFL team. Nothing special. Mr. Davis saw this with the first failed experiment in LA. He won a super bowl there and still had difficulty building support. That is why he moved back.
    LA is a BAD NFL market. They have lost three teams and now expect to support TWO? Not happening.