Report: Walford injured in ATV accident

Raiders' tight end Clive Walford reportedly injured his knee in an ATV accident.. (Jose Carlos Fajardo/Bay Area News Group)

Raiders’ tight end Clive Walford reportedly injured his knee in an ATV accident.. (Jose Carlos Fajardo/Bay Area News Group)

Raiders tight end Clive Walford suffered a knee injury in an ATV accident earlier this offseason and will miss some spring practices, Fox Sports reported Tuesday.

Walford, the Raiders’ third-round pick in 2015, is expected to participate at training camp during the summer, according to Fox, which also reported his injury “may not be as bad as originally thought” when he was injured weeks ago.
Walford caught 28 passes for 329 yards and three touchdowns during his rookie season last year and was expected to fill a larger role in Oakland’s passing offense in 2016 after sharing time with Mychal Rivera. There was even a recent ESPN report that Rivera was on the trade block because of Walford’s emergence.

A pair of a leg injuries cost Walford most of training camp in 2015, setting back his early-season development a little. That makes this injury a deeper blow because he could use as much time as possible with quarterback Derek Carr this offseason.

According to ESPN, Walford’s injury was only “a big gash”¬†and backed up the Fox reporting that he’s expected to be fine and it well ahead of schedule.

While that’s good news for the Raiders, it’s still at least somewhat troubling to see a player injured in an off-the-field activity, especially one who the team is counting on big time in a season in which they expect to contend for the playoffs and a division title.


Jimmy Durkin

Sports writer for the Bay Area News Group, covering the Raiders.

  • KevinDodd_DROY

    where the other 30% of the passing yard come from? the ground?

  • KevinDodd_DROY

    co-sign that!

  • marks hair

    We have all those positions covered.

  • R8erEduc8er

    I know you guys think he s***s. That’s the whole point of my post…that I’m not ready to say he s*** because I haven’t seen enough of him as a Raider. And I think he was cut because he had a big contract and stayed hurt. Reggie said he was after Allen for years. He brought him back because he still likes him imo. Why bring a guy back that s***s, even if to be a backup? I wouldn’t.

  • marks hair

    Rac yards.

  • YAC?

  • KevinDodd_DROY

    It really isn’t a joke though. NFC East is probably the most visible division in football. And while it had a down year, typically 1-3 teams will be formidable in the playoff races as a noted contender every year.

  • Who is Home Alert? UDFA?

  • marks hair

    Why risk cutting a guy you can afford if he can play up to that level of pay? It’s because he couldn’t play up to the level that he was being paid. That’s why.

    Why did we draft his replacement in round one? Again you know the answer why

  • LittleKing

    Love your optimism. But more covered than McGloin has us at QB2? Not sure I agree.

    Seth Roberts – Jury’s out, but I like him. Carrie at CB3 – torched at the end of the year, consistently. MLB – Heeney/Ball? Not sold.

  • SnBG

    Whatever, 70% is 70%. I likey the pick of Cook. What greater need is there than an upgrade to the back up QB position. He potentially can win us more games than a back up what ever that would have been drafted in the 4th.

  • timetojam

    new post, raiderfans

  • KevinDodd_DROY

    This is where stats lie. If a QB puts perfect air under it, the RAC yards pile up. Or if the QB makes every ball a jump ball the “air” yards pile up. This is faulty analysis either way. 57% is the dead on accurate number.

  • marks hair

    Carrie was never torched as the 3rd cb…
    Only when he started.
    Roberts is fine.
    Heeney Ball and Smith have proven themselves way more than any middle linebacker we could have got in rd 4.
    MM isn’t that great and he’s gone next year and we need three quarterbacks.

  • marks hair

    It’s not faulty analysis. It separates the yards you get passing through the air. And the yards you get after the receiver catches it.

    And his 57% completion percentage is what it is a separate stat that’s how often he completes passes at Michigan State.

  • marks hair

    Run after catch yards-after-catch yes same thing.

  • marks hair

    And like clockwork we get a new post as soon as the blog actually starts talking.

  • LittleKing

    I think the other weird part was trading up to get him. You and I share similar opinions on Reg, so I question everything until we have a winning record. But if Cook is indeed better than McG, then it’s a good move.

    Roberts is fine…agreed, but WR3 is huge when your WR2 is a little older and has significant injury history. We still feel a little thin out on the wing.

  • RaidingTexas

    Not as quick straight downhill, but has the same lateral quickness that makes him able to elude would-be tacklers.

  • rml

    That is what we need. We should try him returning punts as well

  • definitely do. not convinced by amerson at all. But Amerson is a totally different case. He was misused coming in and in a terrible situation for barely 2 years then got released.
    Nate Allen is entering his 7th season and has always sucked. we were laughed at when we gave him that contract, and it was for good reason.

  • we’ve already seen.


    Vann is also one of my favorites, and along with Rod Woodson wearing it, it’s why I think Karl would look great wearing 26. Can’t wait to watch this kid make his mark.

  • Oak R8rs33.01

    As in, not YAC. You know, here 60% of Carrs yards came from.

  • Oak R8rs33.01

    Only because you want it to be. One can twist a stat pretty much any way they want to fit their agenda. Point is, Michigan state WRs suck and that partially attributed to Cooks completion percentage being low. Read whatever else into it to prove whatever negative point you like.

  • Rik-Da-Raider…


  • Oak R8rs33.01

    Me either. There’s only one bad thing that can happen w this pick and about a half a dozen good things.

  • Oak R8rs33.01

    It was a swap of 4ths and a 5th. Big deal…

  • Oak R8rs33.01

    Coach. D’antonio is an azzhole.

  • R8drTahoe in SF

    when you posted that, yes.

  • disqus_yeZNegncsV

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    Most males use phenotypes to determine how attractive they find a woman. Youth is one, yes, because youth correlates with fertility. “Fitness” is correlated with youth as well, but again, because we are evolutionarily hard-wired to seek fertility in a mate.

    Most males don’t associate well-defined trapezius and deltoids as attractive in females. They prefer females much smaller than themselves.

    MO is woman who works hard in the gym as she has said, and to begin with, she’s a very large woman, as are many females whose ancestors come from Western subSaharan Africa. That’s why they were prized by other African tribes and by other non-Africans as slaves– they were large and physically strong (except in cold weather territory–they couldn’t survive the pathogens that they met up with in New England colonies. Most people forget that New Englanders did buy slaves, only to see them killed off by the respiratory viruses that thrived in the fall and winter months of New England. )

    “Fashionable” and “intelligent” are not traits males are hard-wired to seek in mates. (We are talking “attractiveness” and mating, after all.) This blog alone, the comments and pics posted by many, is proof enough of that, as if you haven’t lived long enough to know it.

    I guess when you say MO is “younger” you mean “younger [than]” someone else, and I can only assume you mean younger than Melania Trump. Uh, no. MO is older by 6 years, but no matter, neither is considered “young” when it comes to asking males which age group of women they find most attractive. That said, of course, women in their forties (or in MO’s case, fifties) can still be seen as attractive individually, of course.

  • disqus_yeZNegncsV

    But Mark does not WANT to remove the tarps. Guess why? With this team, assuming they don’t lay an egg, he’d sell out Mt. Davis too.

  • just sayin

    lol thanks

  • disqus_yeZNegncsV

    Ahem, the “fans rooting for another team” to whom I refer ARE locals…but they are transplants. Most local borns find the economy of Las Vegas limit their job and career choices —a very high % of those born there no longer live there. The reason Charger games have fans of so many OTHER teams at their games is because San Diego is a town of transplants, in their case many of them temporary residents of the Navy. Vegas has a small native population.