Consistency is next step in Khalil Mack’s All-Pro game

Khalil Mack can still improve from his All-Pro season. (Bay Area News Group)

Khalil Mack can still improve from his All-Pro season. (Bay Area News Group file photo)

Khalil Mack’s jump from his rookie to sophomore season was impressive, but he can still reach another level.

“Consistency,” defensive coordinator Ken Norton Jr. said when asked what the next step is for his All-Pro pass rusher.

“We expect him to play at that level all the time,” Norton said. “The really good players know how to make players around them better. It can’t just be Khalil. It has to be Bruce (Irvin), it has to be all the guys up front. The group, as a whole, has to take the same leap that Khalil does. Khalil has to learn how to bring everybody with him.”

Mack’s sophomore season saw him nearly quadruple his sack total, going from 4.0 as a rookie to 15.0. He earned first-team All-Pro status at two positions at both defensive end and outside linebacker, a nice bonus assisted by the fact that the team declines to define which of those interchangeable positions they consider him to play.

He went from a promising defensive player and potential building block to a legitimate star in the conversation among the league’s best quarterback harassers, but he agrees with Norton about becoming more consistent.

“Oh yeah, most definitely,” Mack said. “Being more consistent in the pass and the run, doing all I can to help my teammates, just being a great teammate.”

Meanwhile, Mack is champing at the bit. The Raiders final organized team activity session is Thursday, following by next week’s mandatory mini-camp. Then it’s a month and a half off until training camp and the real football action begins in late July.

“Very, antsy, man, very antsy,” Mack said. “Can’t go all the way there. We’re looking forward to training camp, but we’re grinding right now.”


Jimmy Durkin

Sports writer for the Bay Area News Group, covering the Raiders.

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    Why wouldn’t Mark want to give up shares of ownership if it were in his best financial interest? Seems like a strange sticking point.

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    Why wouldn’t Mark want to sell if it were in his best interest?

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    He and Mark are in two totally different financial situations.

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    Lott’s group wants a MINORITY SHARE, not a controlling share, which means they would own a small percentage of the Raiders, so they would profit wherever the team profits under terms negotiated by the owner. They would have no power or control in the franchise, the most they could do is make suggestions, but Mark would have the final word. So if Mark does decide to build with the Lott group, the only thing that will change is the stadium. I honestly hope this happens, but I doubt it will. Sin city just has too much going for it, plus Mark won’t be forced to sell another chunk of his beloved franchise. Not to mention the A’s are doing everything in their power to get the Raiders to leave, despite the fact they are building a stadium at a different location, so they don’t even need the Oco site. They just want Oakland to themselves, which would only increase their attendance by maybe 1%, most ppl don’t switch from football to baseball just because their team moves. Desperation and greed by the A’s combined with a mayor who couldn’t care less about the Raiders equals too many hurdles in Oakland.

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