Raiders GM Reggie McKenzie grateful for support of Mark Davis while reconstructing salary structure, roster

General manager Reggie McKenzie signs for fans the morning after signing a contract extension (Jerry McDonald photo)

General manager Reggie McKenzie signs for fans the morning after signing a contract extension (Jerry McDonald photo)

NAPA _ For a guy who has yet to have a winning season as a general manager, Reggie McKenzie is living large.

The morning after owner Mark Davis announced at a Raider alumni dinner that McKenzie had signed a four-year contract extension, the architect of what is expected to be a silver and black renaissance signed autographs for grateful fans, many of whom probably wanted his head on a platter three years into a reconstruction phase.

“Mark Davis was committed to my plan,” McKenzie told reporters Saturday before the Raiders’ second practice of training camp. “I’m sure he had a lot of phone calls, a lot of people talking to him and saying, `Is Reggie the guy?’ ”

“It wasn’t going to be a quick fix. I’m not into quick fixes. It’s a process and it worked the way we planned. No we still haven’t had a winning season, but we feel good about the direction we’re going.”

Terms of McKenzie’s extension were not disclosed.

The Raiders were 11-37 in McKenzie’s first three seasons after he dismantled an 8-8 team coached by Hue Jackson and jettisoned bloated contracts to get the Raiders salary cap in order.

Last season brought a breakthrough of sorts under Jack Del Rio, who replaced McKenzie’s first head coach, Dennis Allen. McKenzie put together two good drafts, found a pass rusher in Khalil Mack and a quarterback in Derek Carr, and in the past offseason got rave reviews for his work in bringing in free agents at positions of need.

The next step for McKenzie is an entirely different dilemma, but a good problem to have for any general manager. He must figure out a way to maintain a sound salary structure while retaining key players. Within the next two years, Mack and Carr could become $20 million per season players.

“The plan is to keep good players,” McKenzie said. `Y’all could come beat me across the head if I let a Hall of Fame-type player leave this building.”

McKenzie said there has been a constant dialogue with the representation for both players, and believes the better the Raiders play, the more likely it is they’ll want to stay.

“I’ll take (their agents) out to dinner any time I see him,” McKenzie said. “We’ve fostered good relationships. The No. 1 thing is to get the good players that want to be here. You present a good vibe, coaching staff, good relationships with the players, and then you win.

“When you get a winning team, you don’t have to work has hard. Winning cures all. That’s what’s expected and that’s what we’re going to do.”

— McKenzie echoed Del Rio’s support for suspended linebacker Aldon Smith, who reportedly has sought treatment again for a substance issue.

“Our deal is to support Aldon from the standpoint of the person,” McKenzie said. “Whatever he does to insure his health, we’re going to stand behind him. We know his situation. It’s not like we had blinders. We knew a suspension was possible and it would be an uphill battle for him.

“He’s just going to have to fight the good fight. we’re not going to bail on him, but he has to do his part.”





Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

  • My blood pressure shot up yesterday, pulse rate sky high, adrenaline flowing, too much caffeine.

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    Heeney and Hayden

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    That was when
    Will Kiss Ass,t lost his assistant title and wasn’t fun to post about anymore.

  • DJ Hayden with a pick six off Matt McGloin in team drills. Think Ben Heeney had one off Carr a minute ago (we have bad view).

    McGloin comes back with a nice deep sideline completion to Andre Holmes.

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    That was his actual listing in the Media Guide.

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    Go get it Hayden!! And Ben Heeney!!

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    Happens when I go to to the dentist.
    i tell them IA’M USUALLY QUITE CALM.

  • Humphrey Bogus

    Reggie gets the pieces and puts them on the field. It’s up to the coaches and players to put the pieces together. Reggies slow and steady as she goes approach is here. We have arrived. Show Time.

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    Looks like Levi has all the updates this year

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  • Purvisman/Eternal Optimist


  • He and Durk are tossing them out.

  • I counted at least 10 RM Koolaid lemmings from the last post…

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    The Cookers had McGloin gone before Cook threw two-nearly- in a row yesterday.

  • I do it all the time. Conferences, seminars, media. Whats the issue?

  • Jimmy Durkin
    Heeney’s wasn’t a pick six. Guess Cooper made a nice catch and ball was popped out and Heeney snatched it.

    Khalil Mack gets around Donald Penn for Would be sack on Carr.

  • I see what you did there….

    Besides us who would watch?

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    Heeney seems to be around the ball all the time..
    And Macks is going sack alot of QBs

  • Joseph had one too.

    Our QBs suck. lol

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    Cook strugglin eh, another drafted qb bust?

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    It’s all me, I guess.

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    Cook has a lot of work ahead of him.

    Chris McClain


    Another rough team drill for #Raiders rookie QB Connor Cook. Errant, wobbly throws.

  • 4th round. It’s the QB jinx round

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    Screen to DeAndre Washington met immediately by Ben Heeney. Who of course goes for the strip.

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    Yes. You’re right. A QB drafted in the fourth round can be judged a bust on the second day of Training Camp practices.


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    Damn Heeney again!!!

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    He did?

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    Heeney is going to be good imo..

  • 6th round talent with 3rd round production

  • Mix up the topics. Or if same topic say the same thing different ways.

    For example, sometimes I speak at schools. The topic is science so I have to speak much differently to 6th graders than I do PhD colleagues at a workshop.

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    Thats good news. Knock on him was his coverage needed work but he had 4 picks before getting hurt last year

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    Yeah i think so man.. He just has a nose for the ball, and he’s mean with speed.. Those are the kind of players you want on the field..

  • Saul Good(man)!

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    Reminded me of Chris boreland last year just good instincts for the ball

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  • inonewordraider
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    Pretty much how I see it as well. Good post

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    Yeah he looks like him a bit.. Our D was just better as a whole with Heeney starting..