Raiders training camp quick hits


Some quick hits from the third day of Raiders training camp Sunday:

Kelechi Osemele missed practice Sunday for undisclosed reasons. (AP Photo/Eric Risberg)

Kelechi Osemele missed practice Sunday for undisclosed reasons. (AP Photo/Eric Risberg)

— Notable absences were quarterback Connor Cook and left guard Kelechi Osemele. Coach Jack Del Rio confirmed that Cook was at a funeral service and that he expected Osemele to be back at practice Monday. He declined to specify why Osemele did not practice.

— No noteworthy big hits during the first day in pads as the Raiders adhered to the protocol of keeping players off the ground whenever possible. It was best illustrated by cornerback Neiko Thorpe, who had a clean shot at Taiwan Jones on a swing pass, but backed off after initial contact.

— The Raiders are hopeful of second-year tight end Clive Walford being more of an every-down presence this season, but it was fourth-year tight end Mychal Rivera that kept breaking free and making plays. On one medium range pass, Rivera reached back to catch a Derek Carr pass that was thrown behind him.

— Johnny Holton, an undrafted free agent wide receiver out of Cincinnati, twice got open behind Nate Allen and hauled in big plays from backup quarterback Matt McGloin.

— DeAndre Washington, a fifth-round draft pick out of Texas Tech, will be given every opportunity to be a second lead back to go along with Latavius Murray. Washington, at a compact 5-foot-8 and 208 pounds, looked quick on some inside runs and also got outside on a nicely-executing screen from McGloin.


— Defensive lineman Jihad Ward arrived as a second-round pick out of Illinois with a reputation for being rough around the edges, but the Raiders had him working early with the first-team nickel defense with a front that also included second-year end Mario Edwards and Khalil Mack and Bruce Irvin at the edges.

— It looks as if the current pecking order for punt return specialists is T.J. Carrie, Washington, Joe Hansley, Antonio Hamilton and Jayden Mickens.

— A good half-hour after practice ended, as players had already gotten out of uniform and were leaving the field house after a short session lifting weights, first-round pick Karl Joseph remained in full uniform, helmet and all, and caught footballs from a jugs machine. Then he caught tennis balls with one hand shot from another jugs gun.

— Another nice play for cornerback DJ Hayden, hoping to for a breakthrough year as a slot corner. This time, Hayden broke up deep pass from Carr intended for Andre Holmes.






Jerry McDonald - NFL Writer

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    No problem, I’m always here for ya

  • Very realistic, but time is of the extreme importance, and that is an issue.
    This thing should probably take a year or so to get done, but they don’t have a year. They got like, 6 weeks now.

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    Probably me and Smith have been hanging a lot lately lol

  • Post to the Ghost

    With about 3,000 more passes before the regular season, I think he’ll get that worked out.

  • I have been a critic not as much of Carr himself, but of the people that have made him a hero of sorts already, when he hasn’t really accomplished much.
    But practice throws? LMAO….not to be concerned about.
    Carr has a whip of arm and great mechanics, effort, arm talent, accurary, none of that is an issue.
    Can he be the toughest mental hombre on the field on in the 4th quarter for the months of November and December (and then January)?
    Only question, and a very, very real one.

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    How bad was his day today

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    Talk about threading the needle, this dude is one badass mofo. Carr will be next.

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    Saw that on the news earlier. Crazy sh–!

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    I read an article written by one of our sports writers talking about bloated contacts and a coach that was let go. I don’t believe restructuring contracts and dismissing a better coach head have to go hand in hand. I believe both of those to things can be interchangeable to achieve a common goal.


    Looks like Arnold just got through visiting his housekeeper

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  • Dakota

    She was uuuuugly too.

  • R8der4evr

    Biggest concerns I have this year
    RT, don’t think we can rely on Watson and I am good with Howard
    Penns durability through 16 games
    Interior of the Oline may be the best in the NFL
    Marios health
    MLB but as you all know I am a Heeney fan but he needs to prove he can
    make plays consistently and cover recievers and backs
    Joseph’s emergence as a possible franchise type playmaker in the backfield
    Musgrave allowing Carr to take on a bigger role with more freedom
    Washington coming thru as a very good complimentary back

  • R8der4evr

    That’s a fair debate, but I believe he has shown he can at times already.
    Third year will tell a lot

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    Dray Green snapchatted a pic of his koch…….

    This kid is a train wreak.


    Cain put on a decent show

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    Is he excited about Favre going in the HOF?

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  • why six weeks, whats the rush?

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