Raiders cut running back Roy Helu Jr.

The Raiders released running back Roy Helu Jr. on Tuesday. (AP Photo/Charles Rex Arbogast)

The Raiders released running back Roy Helu Jr. on Tuesday. (AP Photo/Charles Rex Arbogast)

The Raiders announced Tuesday that they’ve released running back Roy Helu Jr., who last week had been placed on injured reserve.

Helu, a product of Danville’s San Ramon Valley High, struggled during his only season in Oakland. He played in just nine games and had only 39 yards on 17 carries, plus another 75 yards on nine receptions.

Helu, who missed most of last year’s training camp with injuries, add offseason surgery on both of his hips that was designed to increase his flexibility. 

Del Rio, when speaking about Helu following his placement on IR last week, made it clear the Helu’s decision to go under the knife was his own and that he was disappointed with the 2015 production of the player who had once been a valuable third-down back in Washington.

“We hoped to get a little more last year out of him,” Del Rio said Friday of Helu. “He elected to have some things done this year in the offseason and at this point we’re going to move forward with the team.”

At the of his IR placement, it was largely expected the team would come to an injury settlement with Helu and release him. The two-year deal Helu signed before last season came with no guarantees and thus his release will not have any salary cap ramifications.


Jimmy Durkin

Sports writer for the Bay Area News Group, covering the Raiders.

  • RaidingTexas

    These kind of stories actually crack me up. It’s the whole “life’s not fair” bitching.

    You know what? I had to actually go through 8 weeks of driver’s education (which I had to shell out good money for) before I could even get a gd learner’s permit to drive with a licensed adult in the passenger seat, and wait another six months before I could even think about taking the driver’s test. Nowadays, the kids don’t even have to do that. But I don’t go around telling everyone how much I hate the people in the government that made that change in the process.


  • RaidingTexas

    Yep, same here! Helps that I work in a bank. Lol

    If you’re going to any blogger’s tailgating, let me know. I’m hoping to hit up hwn’s if not some others. Or could always meet for a beer another time that weekend.


  • R8RCatDave

    According to a recent article in the Fort Worth Star Telegram, the Oakland Raiders are the most unfairly penalized team in the NFL. Each week, teams submit what they feel to be questionable calls and missed calls to the Competition Committee. The NFL responds within the week, affirming or denying any wrongdoing. The mean rate of error for the league is roughly 7%, the Raider’s rate, as admitted to by the league is nearly five fold at 33%, followed by Tampa Bay at 21%. This is the first empirical evidence that decades long complaints from Raider faithful do indeed have merit, is creating quite a buzz in Oaktown.

  • Purvisman/Eternal Optimist

    Whole bunch of guys died in a far away jungle that were just barely older than me.
    Damn straight life isn’t fair.

  • Dan78

    Don’t forget the 4point FG…

  • SlvrnBlck478

    Don’t think he would of been available. Another team would of traded up or Jags/Browns would of grabbed him.

  • That’s why I wait for the marbles to fall

  • Mr Football

    I used to do alot of blogging with a decent following but could never let the audience no the raider ties..