Raiders first-round pick Karl Joseph sitting out practice

First-round pick Karl Joseph is sitting out Thursday's practice. (AP Photo/Eric Risberg)

First-round pick Karl Joseph is sitting out Thursday’s practice. (AP Photo/Eric Risberg)

Safety Karl Joseph, the Raiders first-round pick, is sitting out the team’s practice on Thursday for undisclosed reasons.

Joseph missed the Raiders entire offseason program rehabilitating from a torn anterior cruciate ligament injury suffered as a senior at West Virginia. Joseph had been on the field participating for the first five days of training camp, including the first three sessions in pads.

Joseph came to the field briefly during the early portion of Thursday’s practice wearing shorts, a jersey and holding his helmet. He then retreated and spent some time stretching on a back field near the team’s locker room.

• Tight end Clive Walford also appears to be sitting this one out. He was on the field in lads at the start but later returned to the locker room.

• Running back/kick returner Taiwan Jones and defensive tackle Leon Orr are also not at practice while cornerback SaQwan Edwards and tight end Colton Underwood are out for a second straight day.


Jimmy Durkin

Sports writer for the Bay Area News Group, covering the Raiders.

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