Report: Mario Edwards Jr. injury not long-term, but Gabe Holmes could end up on IR

Oakland Raiders tight end Gabe Holmes suffered a "significant" ankle injury Friday. (AP Photo/Rick Scuteri)

Oakland Raiders tight end Gabe Holmes suffered a “significant” ankle injury Friday. (AP Photo/Rick Scuteri)

The Raiders may have dodged a bullet regarding the hip injury of defensive end Mario Edwards Jr., with ESPN reporting Saturday that it’s not believed to be a long-term issue.

Edwards will likely still miss some time considering how much he struggled to hobble out of the Raiders locker room after Friday night’s game. And it’s worth pointing out the organization didn’t think linebacker Neiron Ball’s injury was a long-term deal last year and he ended up having a second surgery and missing the whole season and offseason program.

But the news isn’t as good on tight end Gabe Holmes, who reportedly has a “significant” ankle injury that could end up landing him on season-ending injured reserve. In a way, that could be good news in terms of the Raiders keeping him on the roster as they have a logjam at the position. But for a player they thought highly enough to sign to their active roster late last year when another team expressed interest, it’s a blow to potentially lose him for the year.

ESPN also offered an update on running back Jalen Richard, the promising undrafted free agent who sat out Friday’s game. Richard reportedly has a knee injury and is week-to-week. He’s expected to miss Thursday’s second exhibition game against the Green Bay Packers.


Jimmy Durkin

Sports writer for the Bay Area News Group, covering the Raiders.

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