Raiders vs. Packers: Keys to the game

Amari Cooper and the Oakland Raiders face the Green Bay Packers on Thursday night.  (Aric Crabb/Bay Area News Group)

Amari Cooper and the Oakland Raiders face the Green Bay Packers on Thursday night. (Aric Crabb/Bay Area News Group)


5 p.m., Thursday, Lambeau Field

TV: KTVU (Beth Mowins, Matt Millen, Nicole Zaloumis, John Tournour)

Radio: 95.7 (Greg Papa, Tom Flores, Lincoln Kennedy)


Packers by 3


Derek Carr vs. the Packers defense. It’s only the preseason and the numbers don’t really matter at all. But after going all last preseason without a touchdown pass and not finding the end zone in two drives last week, it would be nice to see Carr and the starters motor down and score a touchdown. That early-game efficiency always helps during the regular season so it would be nice to get some good practice in.


The Raiders averaged 7.9 yards per carry in the preseason opener against the Cardinals, a 31-10 win. George Atkinson III’s five carries for 97 yards, especially his touchdown runs of 53 and 35 yards, gave that a terrific boost. … Raiders quarterbacks, however, completed just 52 percent of their passes (15 of 29), with only rookie Connor Cook exceeding the 50 percent mark. He was 7 of 11 for a team-high 71 yards.


Raiders general manager Reggie McKenzie returns to Green Bay for the second time since he joined the Raiders in 2012 after a long run in the personnel department with the Packers. He also was back for another preseason game in 2014, but this trip comes with an extra pep in his step after recently signing a four-year extension. … Derek Carr gets to reunite with former Fresno State teammate Davante Adams. The Packers receiver is also a Palo Alto High product.


The Raiders and Packers met in Oakland in Week 15 of last season, with Green Bay winning 30-20. Oakland held Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers to just 204 yards passing and one touchdown, but Carr was victimized by an early pick-six that put the Raiders in an 14-0 hole. Oakland rallied to take a 20-17 third-quarter lead but Rodgers found former Raider and San Jose State star James Jones for a 30-yard touchdown pass that regained the lead and helped drop the Raiders to 6-8, ending their shot at a winning season. Amari Cooper had six catches for 120 yards and the only two-touchdown game of his rookie season in the loss.


The Raiders won’t have defensive end Mario Edwards Jr., who injured his hip last week. They are also without tight end Gabe Holmes (ankle), who will soon likely go on injured reserve. Running back Jalen Richard (knee) isn’t likely to play either after missing the week of practice and last week’s game. Linebacker Ben Heeney could also be out after sitting out team drills Tuesday with a minor leg injury.


A warm, humid day in Green Bay will feature a temperature of 80 degrees at kickoff with 67 percent humidity. It will stay in the mid-to-low 70s throughout the game.


Jimmy Durkin

Sports writer for the Bay Area News Group, covering the Raiders.

  • Oak R8rs33.01

    Raiders would leave Oakland in a heartbeat. Glad you approve of the sale.

  • Ken SnakeLer

    He’s such a POS. Always knew it from past transgressions, but damn. What a dumbazz. His buddies ought to put a good beatdown on him when they see him.

  • Dan78

    No, was what Florio said a few months ago on a radio show.. This was when the whole Jerry wants Mark to sell topic came up… Said league would want new owner with deep pockets that can handle Vegas or split with Kroenke in LA.. His words not mine…

  • RaiderCODE

    Some interesting tidbits from 957 interview with Florio:
    * thinks RaidersToLV less viable now NHL is there – less appetite for $750M public fund
    * NFL owners still want Mark to sell team
    * Thinks Raiders should share Levis but harder now due to colors layout/branding

  • RaidingTexas

    Extradite him.

  • Ken SnakeLer

    I love this dudes heart. He plays the game like few others. Never takes a play off, plays every down as it could be his last.

  • RaiderCODE

    *Kroenke does not want the Raiders in LA nor any other team for that matter

  • Dan78

    Doesn’t want to wake that sleeping giant…

  • RaiderCODE

    spend a few months in a Brazilian prison might set him straight…

  • Ken SnakeLer

    Not to mention the fact that the Olympic coverage has been spending WAAAAYYY to much time talking about this whole fabricated story.

  • Fugazi
  • Skewlboy

    I’ll have to wait till Saturday at 7 am. Thanks bro

  • DutchRaid

    Depends on who the new owner is…please don’t tell me the Bay Area/California isn’t wealthy enough to build a stadium…

  • Oak R8rs33.01

    I’d like to say I’ll just watch in the morning. But I’ll likely be up all night watching after listening live on 95.7 app.

  • Ken SnakeLer

    I’d like to see Washington get a few plays with the ones tonight.

  • ForHundred8

    Just share, baby!

  • Oak R8rs33.01


  • Cool. Oakland still has no intention of keeping the team if it takes an ounce of effort.

  • R8erEduc8er

    Yep. Refused to retire after suffering a pretty bad injury last year. Every one would have understood if he had called it quits.

  • RaiderCODE

    New ownership would build a stadium in Oakland – Bay is one of the richest places in the country… don’t let these clowns tell ya otherwise..

  • Oak R8rs33.01

    Seems nobody is interested in Oakland now. Haven’t been for years. Not sure why that would change anytime soon.

  • ForHundred8

    DO IT!

  • Oak R8rs33.01

    Lmfao. Not w chance. Oakland is dying as far as sports r concerned. City can’t handle it.

  • They aren’t getting 750m.

    Question is whether the developers balk if they get 550 (like the SNTIC chairs alternate proposal) or 600m

  • Skewlboy

    If he doesn’t get in. Terrell Owens doesn’t deserve to

  • RaiderCODE

    whats the total cost gonna be?

  • Dan78

    It’s a tech city now and some of those guys just don’t like sports…

  • Larry Ellison was interested in investing if they moved to LA according to Florio

  • Dan78

    Ha… Thanks for letting him know..

  • Skewlboy

    Keys to the game: Just win injury free baby

  • Depends on land cost and infrastructure and all that.

    Not like any of these projects throughout the country propose at a number and hit it on the button.

    There is always around a 10-15% sliding scale of cost.

  • RaiderCODE

    you’re saying he’s not interested if they stay in Oakland?

  • Dan78

    Santa Clara Raiders..

  • He could be interested in Bay too, just not on the record like he was on LA

  • RaiderCODE

    What are you expecting – $2.1 billion? So that means the developers need to come up with around $1 billion?

  • We don’t know, he hasn’t indicated publicly like he did on LA.

  • 1.9 or so. So developers around 800 or so.

  • Dakota

    I say Fark off to anyone who wants Mark Davis to sell the team. Makes me pull even harder for Mark to get his stadium, and to flip the bird to all those other owners (a lot of whom also had everything handed to them) and the fans that want him gone. Mark has grown on me.

  • RaiderCODE

    Didnt that all come from our friend Jason Cole? in the midst of the NFL2LA ‘competition’?

  • Dan78

    Yes my point was that deep pocket guy would be interested in moving team to LA or Vegas… Wynn or Adelson are probably the front runners for Vegas ownership

  • JLofty

    Why would they do that?

  • Dan78

    Florio, bro..

  • RaiderCODE

    So you have a link that says Larry Ellison himself went on record saying that?

  • North of 2.25 billion when the dust clears

  • RaiderCODE

    referencing Jason Cole?

  • They want the development rights around the stadium and the TIF.

    Have shown no interest in team ownership so far. NFL could force them to sell casino controlling interest to do so which they wouldn’t.

  • The more money the developers put up, the more money they will demand back in tax rebates

  • JLofty


    Sorry just being a smart @$$…

  • Duct tape

    I agree. He’s really growing into his role of being the owner of the Raiders. Hope he holds on and proves everyone wrong by hoisting Lombardis.

  • R8RCatDave

    Endorsements POOOOOOF