Bob McNair Clears The Air – Bush “No Pick” Not Related To Budget


I’m writing this behind the din of New York Giants fans. It’s now the 24th pick and the giants are on the clock. The jets fans have had their day. Now, it’s the Giants turn. But I’ve got so much to write…Here’s Bob McNair

Once the Houston Texans personable owner Bob McNair took the podium in place of his organization’s newest employee (not counting unknown front office moves), he immediately hit with the obvious set of Reggie Bush
related questions.

Mr. McNair, as I call him, realizes that it’s going to be hard to avoid some “”PR hit as far as fan reaction” as one person put it. “I think that’s going to be a temporary situation. It’s up to us to go out and win football games. We win football games, they are going to say ‘you made the right decision.” If we don’t win football games, they say ‘you’re stupid.’ anyway, so what difference does that make?

McNair slammed down the perspective of people like me, who immediately thought Bush’s rejection by the Texans was a because he wasn’t “signable.” “They are mistaken because we could have signed either one.
We made the same offer to both of them.

Giants trade 25th pick to Steelers. Giant’s fans are going nuts. Steelers take WR Santonio Holmes from Ohio State. Pittsburgh gave the Steelers their first round, third round, and forth round pick for …as my Row mate put it, “One person.”

While McNair wants a player that will be in camp, he says to me that it wasn’t the reason Bush wasn’t selected: “No, I don’t think Reggie would have held out. I think we were close enough in the discussions with his agent in terms of the money and everything that we would have been able to reach an agreement. We felt like that Reggie Bush would have a tremendous impact on our offense and would be very exciting. But that
Mario Williams could have the same impact on defense.”

Chicago traded it’s 26th pick to Buffalo, which is now on the clock. Chicago gets second round and third round selection.


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