The never-ending Aldon Smith wait continues — even for Raiders brass

(D. Ross Cameron/Bay Area News Group)

(D. Ross Cameron/Bay Area News Group)

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ALAMEDA — Raiders general manager Reggie McKenzie is just like everybody else — waiting for any news on a potential reinstatement of outside linebacker Aldon Smith.

McKenzie spent a half hour with Raiders beat writers on Thursday morning and said he’s still heard nothing from the NFL on Smith, who is now two weeks removed from the one-year anniversary of his banishment from the league. He reportedly applied for reinstatement on Oct. 3 and the league is supposed to make its best attempt to reply within 60 days, which would be Friday.

“Those guys, they’ll let us know in due time,” McKenzie said of the NFL. “I’m sure they’re in communication with each other with that. They don’t fill us in on anything in that process.”

McKenzie wouldn’t rule out Smith playing an impactful role for the Raiders this season. Videos posted recently by Smith show him to be in good physical shape, although getting into football shape could be a different story.

“If he’s cleared,” McKenzie said, “we’re going to go through the proper channels and see where he’s at physically and mentally and all that. So to totally discount this year, no, we wouldn’t do that.”

What’s your take? Is no news bad news for the Raiders?

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