Handicapping Raiders coaching candidates (revised)

Handicapping Raiders coaching candidates . . .

Odds: 2-1
Current job: Raiders interim head coach
Age: 53
Head coaching experience: Raiders, 2014, Miami Dolphins 2008-11
Appeal: Is already on the job, has the support of the players, helped develop young talent and has a relationship with owner Mark Davis.
Downside: The more candidates the Raiders interview, the more it looks like they’re moving in another direction.

Odds: 5-1
Age: 49
Current job: Philadelphia Eagles offensive coordinator
Head coaching experience: Cleveland Browns 2008-11.
Appeal: The thought of quarterback Derek Carr flourishing in the cutting edge Chip Kelly offense Shurmur ran with the Eagles. Has interviewed for job.
Downside: General manager Reggie McKenzie is a defensive man at heart and will push for a more conventional, work-the-clock offense.

Odds: 5-1
Age: 51
Current job: Denver Broncos defensive coordinator
Head coaching experience: Jacksonville Jaguars 2003-11.
Appeal: Local product had some success with small-market Jaguars and is a confident, forceful leader. Scheduled for weekend interview.
Downside: Quarterback situation while head coach in Jacksonville was seldom settled.

Odds: 5-1
Age: 44
Current job: Seattle Seahawks offensive coordinator
Head coaching experience: None.
Appeal: Seahawks play-caller has been an NFL O-coordinator since 2006 (Vikings from 2006-2010. Good reputation with quarterbacks, including Packers 2000-2005. Has interviewed for job.
Downside: Hasn’t been a head coach at any level and has no background in defense.

Odds: 8-1
Age: 51
Current job: Arizona Cardinals defensive coordinator
Head coaching experience: Miami Dolphins (interim) 2011.
Appeal: The architect of a defense which put Arizona in the playoffs and worked in player personnel in Green Bay with Reggie McKenzie in1995-96.
Downside: Considered one of this season’s hot candidates and could have lots of more appealing options.

Odds: 8-1
Age: 43
Current job: 49ers tight ends coach
Head coaching experience: New York Jets 2006-08, Cleveland Browns 2009-10.
Appeal: Has watched and learned in two successful organizations with the Patriots and 49ers. Reportedly to interview Monday.
Downside: Bill Belichick disciples haven’t exactly flourished as NFL head coaches.

Odds: 8-1
Age: 40
Current job: Indianapolis Colts offensive coordinator
Head coaching experience: None.
Appeal: Considered a bright, young offensive mind who has coached locally at Stanford and will get his share of interviews. Interview has been requested.
Downside: No experience as a head coach and the good fortune of working with Andrew Luck could mask any deficiencies.

Odds: 8-1
Age: 51
Current job: Dallas Cowboys passing game coordinator.
Head coaching experience: St. Louis Rams 2006-08.
Appeal: Play-caller for Dallas offense under which running back DeMarco Murray, wide receiver Dez Bryant and quarterback Tony Romo have flourished. ESPN and NFL Network report Raiders may seek interview.
Downside: During tenure with Rams, defenses were among the NFL’s worst each year.

Odds: 20-1
Age: 44
Current job: Seattle Seahawks defensive coordinator
Head coaching experience: None.
Appeal: Has done great work with Seattle defensive and has a smash-mouth, hard-nosed intensity as a former defensive line coach.
Downside: Has no experience running his own program and remains to be seen if he can build around a young quarterback. Rumor mill hasn’t included link to Raiders.

Odds: 25-1
Age: 66
Current job: Retired
Head coaching experience: Green Bay Packers, 1992-98, Seattle Seahawks 1999-2008.
Appeal: Presided over development of Brett Favre — who just happens to be the idol of Derek Carr. It’s why Carr wears No. 4.
Downside: Is six years removed from every-day grind of coaching in NFL, last jobs were as a general manager and president. May be more suited for advisory role.
Odds: 25-1
Age: 38
Current job: New England Patriots offensive coordinator
Head coaching experience: Denver Broncos, 2009-10.
Appeal: Considered one of the bright offensive minds in coaching and first go-round in Denver gave him plenty to learn from.
Downside: Away from the protective cocoon of Patriots coach Bill Belichick and quarteback Tom Brady, is still an unknown commodity. Rumor mill has not included contact with Raiders.

Odds: 25-1.
Age: 55
Current job: Unemployed
Head coaching experience: Atlanta Falcons 2008-14.
Appeal: Took Falcons from 4-12 to 11-5 in first year, had four double-digit win seasons in first six years. Won with young quarterback in Matt Ryan.
Downside: Odd that his name hasn’t surfaced anywhere after turn-around he did with Atlanta. Could be D-coordinator candidate for a Del Rio coached team.

Odds: 25-1
Age: 52
Head coaching experience: New York Jets 2009-14
Appeal: A big Raider-like personality who can command a room as well as a team and one of the top defensive minds in the NFL.
Downside: Didn’t do much in the area of quarterback development with Jets and has other reported options plus an opportunity to do TV.

Odds: 35-1
Age: 58
Current job: Unemployed
Head coaching experience: Montreal Alouettes 2008-12 (CFL), Chicago Bears 2013-2014.
Appeal: Was play-caller for best Raiders offensive season ever in 2002 and would be delighted to have Derek Carr after dealing with Jay Cutler.
Downside: After success in the Canadian Football League, Bears experience was a drama-filled disaster on both sides of the ball.

Odds: 1000-1
Age: 51
Current job: ESPN Monday Night Football analyst
Head coaching experience: Raiders 1998-2001, Tampa Bay Buccaneers 2002-2008.
Appeal: Don’t kid yourself. Nothing would energize the fan base more than Gruden coming back to Oakland.
Downside: If he ever returns, wants to win immediately or is not interested. Signed up with ESPN through 2021 instead.

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Raiders seek permission to interview coordinator of hot offense

The Raiders have requested permission to speak with Dallas Cowboys offensive coordinator Scott Linehan, according to an ESPN report Sunday.
Linehan, 51, posted an 11-25 record as the St. Louis Rams coach from 2006-08. He got fired four games into his third season, just as Dennis Allen did with the Raiders this season.
Linehan is in his first season with the Cowboys, and he has received a lot of credit for turning the Cowboys offense into one of the league’s most explosive units.
Running back DeMarco Murray led the league in rushing, wide receiver Dez Bryant caught 88 passes for 1,320 yards and 16 touchdowns and quarterback Tony Romo led the league with a 113.2 passer rating.
Overall, the Cowboys finished fifth in the league with an average of 29.2 points per game, a figure the Raiders didn’t reach even once in 16 games.
The Raiders already have interviewed Seahawks offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell and Philadelphia Eagles offensive coordinator Pat Shurmur.
Raiders interim coach Tony Sparano, Cardinals defensive coordinator Todd Bowles, 49ers tight ends coach Eric Mangini. Colts offensive coordinator Pep Hamilton and Broncos defensive coordinator Jack Del Rio also are being targeted by the Raiders.

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