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Afternoon nap

By dcacho
Thursday, November 16th, 2006 at 2:59 pm in Gieson Cacho.

Can you fall asleep in the middle of city traffic? What about when a disc jockey is blasting rock music from fifty yards away? Apparently, sleep is finding some folks who stayed up all night.


Above, Concepcion Solis is the first girl in line for the PlayStation 3 at the Metreon. She rests her eyes in the mid-afternoon.

I’m just one of them. I fell asleep in the line and woke to the people in front doing an interview. When they talk about waiting in line, Chris Toribio and his friends Preston Lee, Josh Motta, Edgar Alcala and Val Aldana mention the notebook they used to keep everyone’s name.

The quintet used the notebook to help keep order in a line that sometimes needed a calm hand when tempers flared. Often, it was difficult to keep track of where people should be when friends from different parts of the line visited each other. BFor the most part, the notebook helped keep people in order and weeded out those who cut or were otherwise in the wrong place in line.

All in all, it prevented a lot of confrontations from turning from bad to ugly.

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