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A week without a car

By rmyers
Monday, December 11th, 2006 at 1:33 pm in Randy Myers.

For nearly 15 years, I’ve gotten to the Walnut Creek office by hopping into a car.

That all changes tomorrow (Dec. 12). I’m ditching my wheels Tuesday through Saturday and commuting to work by bike, by foot, by bus or a shuffle mix of the three.

I know. I know. The weather is expected to be nasty and mean. But this boy was born and bred in the country – sort of. I also know there are much braver East Bay souls going car-less on a daily basis. Of course, these folks probably do it without the whining. Expect some whining from this camp.

I assume the East Bay “car-less” do it out of necessity (can’t afford a car/can’t drive/car is in the shop) or like being fit and/or helping the planet out. There are other noble and not-so noble reasons, and I hope you’ll e-mail yours at

Good old-fashioned guilt nudged me into action. That feeling surfaced when I was talking to some “car-less” friends about what they thought of Al Gore’s “An Incovenient Truth.” After the conversation, I felt like I was one enormous Hoover vacuum sucking up every natural resource around me. I realized then that I could show Mother Nature a little love by ditching the car for, at the very least, a week. Seemed painless at the time, and the editors bought into the idea.

But as it draws closer, this cold turkey approach is making me a little nervous. How will I get to my interviews? How am I going to lug around the groceries? And then what about that holiday party?. How am I going to get from the W.C. to Point Richmond? Dunno yet.

Driving into work today, I realize I’m gonna miss a lot about my car, from cranking up the volume of my CD player to levels that the rear view window shakes like it’s in a 6.5er to that powerful car heater that makes me toasty warm.

Beginning tomorrow, all that will be gone, gone gone. So stay tuned as I post daily about my misadventures navigating the potholes of modern life – sans the hot wheels.

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