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Three hugs at end of Day 3

By rmyers
Thursday, December 14th, 2006 at 6:42 pm in Randy Myers.

Here’s a near-perfect way to end a commute: Have three enthusiastic women say they want to bestow big hugs on you. That was the scene at Rockridge BART as a most friendly trio -displaying “Free Hugs” signs – congregated below the stairs and then hugged away. They had many takers.

Each asked politely before proceeding. I got three embraces, and all were more than above average.

I tried to warn them that I was a little stinky, but they were all about the unconditional hug.

Before that I stopped to listen to a fine group of carolers performing next to the BART ticket machine. Nice touch.

Overall my commute went smoothly considering I didn’t make it home in record time. My bike-BART combo was accomplished in just little over an hour.

The cycle on the trail home, however, turned out to be a little “Blair Witch” scary (I’m referring to the first film, not that hideous second one), and almost resulted in a kitty pancake. Luckily, the cute tabby that was flopping from side to side in the middle of the trail got spooked by my flickering light and that incredibly loud UH-OH! I belted out. Smart cat. Everyone escaped free of injury.

With two more days to go – my editors and I decided to stick in a weekend day just so I could I attempt to do my weekly grocery shopping – I feel I’m geting the hang of this. True, I’m more tired at night and in need of a new botttle of Advil, but I’m feeling good.

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