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a confession

By rmyers
Friday, December 15th, 2006 at 6:53 pm in Randy Myers.

I cheated, but only a little. Instead of finishing my commute tonight (Friday) with a bus ride from BART, I walked. The judges decided to issue me a warning, but ruled I’m still eligible to play.

But I’m done – D-O-N-E – with the bus. Let me repeat again – done!

That’s because earlier I caught a bus and then hopped on another and then climbed aboard yet one more just so I could get from Walnut Creek to Concord for an interview. If you’ve driven from the W.C. to Concord, you know it’s not exactly like travelilng to Tahoe.

I set out at 11 to get to my appointment, and arrived on Willow Pass Road just after 12:10. My interview went till 1:30. I caught a bus back that took me to Concord BART where I then took a train to Pleasant Hill and waited to board another bus to Shadelands.

The time suck spent getting from Walnut Creek to Concord and back: Roughly 3 hours and 40 minutes. Minus the interview: 2 hours, 20 minutes of travel. To be fair, it all went like clockwork. But just imagine doing this every day? Some have to.

I’m seriously glad it’s Friday. And wondering how I’m going to make it to the Parkway tonight to see Borat? Maybe I’ll just bag it and rent a DVD.

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One Response to “a confession”

  1. Alicia Santos Says:

    I am avid public transportaion taker. To work, to play, and to get home. Not by complete choice, I just don’t have a car. But I have to vent that since moving to Pleasant Hill I never knew how good I used to have it on the other side of the hill in El Cerrito. At least with AC Transit even on a Saturday or Sunday if you miss the bus 20-25 min. later another one would appear. Well I guess in a place where you are the underdog if you don’t have a vehicle, expect at least another hour wait for a County Connection. Which is kind of funny for the bus line here- the connection you get will take at least 3-4 hours till you reach your destination. Nor does County Connection run overnight unlike AC Transit. For some people who don’t have a choice, run a few more routes (especially on weekends) it makes all the difference for us underdogs. Thanks for your time.

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