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Oscars fashion continues

By Jessica Yadegaran
Sunday, February 25th, 2007 at 3:50 pm in Jessica Yadegaran.

Omigod. Jennifer Lopez is a goddess. She’s eschewed her typical harsh slicked back look for a soft, throwback bob that matches her gorgeous gown: a vintage lavender empire waist dress with broad diamond collarbone and back. Marc Anthony, her hubby, is wearing Dolce & Gabbana, of course. He always looks so rat-like and scrawny compared to J. Lo.

4 p.m.: Lead actress nominee Penelope Cruz looks stunning in a beige Versace dress with a detailed bodice, full feather skirt and enough diamonds to pay off my student loans, and probably my sister’s, the PhD. Why is her hair slicked back though? It makes her manly and completely the opposite of her voluptuous vibe in “Volver,” with those big bangs and mess of hair. Girl, hire Almodovar as your stylist!

4:05 p.m.: Oh dang. Rachel Weisz is here. She’s in a coppery bronze Vera Wang, and her figure is back since she gave birth to her boy 8-months ago. Best quote of the night so far: “My baby’s delicious.” Weisz said it.

Now they won’t stop coming. Jessica Biel is here wearing a hot pink Grecian dress by Oscar De La Renta. She tells Ryan why she chose it: beautiful color, comfortable and chic. Ryan was on a roll until he put his mic in his mouth and asked Biel who was watching her dog Tina. Who cares dude! Ask her about her next movie, if she can even get any decent roles these days.

4:10 p.m.: John Travolta and Kelly Preston waltz up to Ryan. Kelly’s wearing a dark brown Dolce & Gabbana and her hubby’s wearing Armani. They’re really tight with Forest Whitaker and want him to win bad.

4:12 p.m.: Jennifer Hudson!! Dang, girl’s got it going on! She’s glowing. She worked out with a trainer to slim down, two workouts a day starting with a 4 a.m. run and then another at 1 p.m. Ryan scans to a video message from Simon Cowell. It’s perhaps the most heartfelt thing he’s ever said: “Jennifer, we are rooting for you and I have a feeling you’re going to win tonight. What you have done is literally extraordinary.”

What’s not extraodinary is that God-awful metallic geometric jacket that hides her beautiful figure and takes away from her stunning soft features. As my editor Ardua says: It’s space age.

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