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Oscars fashion continues

By Jessica Yadegaran
Sunday, February 25th, 2007 at 3:38 pm in Jessica Yadegaran.

3:40: Al and Tipper Gore arrive. She’s wearing refined Bill Blass; he’s in Ralph Lauren. Thanks, Ryan! The camera scans to Jennifer Lopez, who looks a lot less harsh than she usually does at these shindigs. Instead of intensely slicked back hair, she’s got a throwback bob and a lavender empire waist vintage dress with a broad

3:45 p.m.: Supporting actress nominee Rinko Kikuchi has a translator, but what you don’t need to translate is hottie! Her blonde hair is as risque as her role in “Babel,” but both put her on the map. I doubt she’ll get the award but I do heart her. Hollywood needs way more Japanese actresses.

3:50: Omigod. Juliana Depandi, Ryan’s fellow red carpeter, just asked Michael Buble how much he charges to do weddings. His answer: A couple beers and free food. Yeah right! Call him up, wedding season’s coming up.

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