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iPhone line vs. PlayStation 3 line

By dcacho
Thursday, June 28th, 2007 at 7:00 pm in Gieson Cacho.

Hanging out for the firs six hours in the iPhone line, I’ve noticed a couple of things that are different. This time around, the crowd seems to be more mellower. People are helping each other out, pointing out where the nearby bathrooms are (Barnes & Noble and Safeway). They’re also offering to do food runs.

iphone line walnut Creek

There’s not the same hysteria that surrounded the PlayStation 3 lauch. Perhaps, the fact that Apple hasn’t announced how many units will be in each store affects this. Fears of PS3 shortage made people desperate and downright crazy. There were robberies, shooting and all sorts of mayhem. There doesn’t seem to be much of that here.

The biggest thing that sticks out to me is that everyone here has a MacBook computer. These are the hardcore Mac geeks. But in addition, we have our share of eBay and Craigslist sellers.

Surprisingly, the demographics are the same. The same people here are the same people I’d expect to see at the launch of a video game console. Most of them are young men with a lot of time on their hands. A lot of them come from the East Bay and when I asked them, why they picked Walnut Creek. They mostly mention location — it’s close to home – or the neighborhood (They feel pretty safe in this ritzy part of town.).

On the other hand, Chris Silva, a guy who sold his spot for $500, said that he’s here because Walnut Creek is where he was hired to sit.

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